Chile: Political Parties Urge Dissolution Of Carabineros

By Telesur English. -

Chile's political parties and social leaders on Monday demanded the dissolution of the Military police (Carabineros) three days after an agent shot dead juggler Francisco Martinez, 27, during an [...]

Radical Neoliberalism Was Born And Will Die In Chile

By Patricio Zamorano, Council on Hemispheric Affairs. -

A wave of Indigenous peoples supporting the Luis Arce-David Choquehuanca presidential ticket defeated the main right-wing candidate, Carlos Mesa by 20 points, restoring democracy to Bolivia. Just [...]

Chile: Approval For A New Constitution Wins Massive Mandate

By Telesur English. -

Sunday, Oct. 25, 2020 - Chileans today overwhelmingly approved, at the polls, the doing away of the Constitution drafted and approved under the military regime of Augusto Pinochet and gave the [...]

Chile: Left-Wing Forces Seek New Start With The Plebiscite

By Telesur English. -

Chile's Communist Party (PC) will do everything it can to guarantee a victory in the upcoming referendum on Sunday 25, as the country gets ready to decide whether it remains with the current [...]

Chile To Mark First Anniversary Of Its Social Outbreak

By Telesur English. -

Chile's Constituent Unity Pact (CUP) called on citizens to commemorate the first anniversary of the social outbreak with pot-banging, honking, cycling, caravans, and cultural [...]

‘Extreme Option: Overthrow Allende’

By Peter Kornbluh, Portside. -

Washington, DC - On September 15, 1970, during a twenty-minute meeting in the Oval Office between 3:25 pm and 3:45 pm, President Richard Nixon ordered the CIA to foment a military coup in Chile. [...]

Racism In Chile

By Andre Vltchek, Orinoco Tribune. -

Recently, when a retired Chilean U.N. employee tried to enter ECLAC (United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, based in Santiago de Chile) to claim her pension in a [...]

Chile: Night Of Fury To Demand The Withdrawal Of Pension Funds

By Telesur English. -

From Tuesday night until early Wednesday morning, Chilean citizens took to the streets to support a pension-related bill and protest against President Sebastian Piñera. Today the Lower [...]

Chilean Arpilleras Sustain Political Momentum During Lockdown

By Nathalia Santos Ocasio, NACLA. -

After five months of continual mass mobilizations, the Chilean estallido, or uprising, came to a sudden interruption in mid-March due to the coronavirus pandemic. President Sebastián Piñera [...]

Chile: Teachers Reject Resuming School Year Over COVID-19

By Telesur English. -

Chile's Professors College refused Sunday to resume the educational year in May. The union expressed its disagreement with the Chilean president's administrative decisions. Sebastian Piñeira, [...]

Pandemic And Economic Crisis In Latin America

By Revista El Porteño (Chile) - Corriente Socialista Militante (Argentina) - CMI-Chile, -

The coronavirus pandemic is the catalyst that just pushed the economy into a global recession. The capitalist crisis that has shaken the foundations of the world since 2008 is on its way to [...]

New Wave Of Protests Sweeping Across Chile

By Betsey Piette, -

Chile has witnessed a week of renewed protests demanding the resignation of billionaire President Sebastián Piñera and calling for a Peoples’ Convention to scrap former dictator Augusto [...]

Chile: Despite Harsh Repression Of Thousands In Dignity Square Protestors Prevail

By Carlos Aznárez and Maria Torrellas, -

Neither the carabineros with their usual violent repression, nor Piñera, the dictator-puppet of US policies for the continent, nor even the hegemonic media with their lies or concealment of what [...]

Chile: Regaining Dignity Is Priceless

By Carlos Aznarez, Resumen Latinoamericano, translation North America bureau -

Yesterday was another day of mobilization in several points of the city of Santiago and surroundings. As it happened on the first day of the revolt, in October 2019, the high school [...]

Chile’s Struggle To Democratize The State

By J. Patrice McSherry, -

The social uprising in Chile has now reached its fourth month. Masses of people continue to protest and demand structural change despite ferocious repression—mainly at the hands of the [...]