Refusing To “Snitch,” Whistleblower Chelsea Manning Becomes Two-Time Political Prisoner

By Alexander Rubinstein, -

ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA — Chelsea Manning was thrown in jail on Friday for refusing to comply with a grand jury subpoena related to sealed charges against WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange. She is [...]

The Brazen Detention Of Marzieh Hashemi, America’s Newest Political Prisoner

By Stanley L. Cohen, -

Any discussion of the detention of journalist Marzieh Hashemi must begin in the historical context that all presidents have used the Department of Justice for constitutionally prohibited personal [...]

Philly Prosecutors Discover Mysterious ‘Six Boxes’ Connected To Mumia Abu-Jamal In Storage Room

By Bobby Allyn, -

Days after Christmas, Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner and some of his assistants went rummaging around an out-of-the-way storage room in the office looking for some pieces of [...]

Unity Protests To Free Julian Assange Held All Over The World

By Kevin Zeese, Popular Resistance -

More than 20 protests in support of Julian Assange were held around the world on June 18th and 19th calling for freedom for Julian Assange. Assange entered the Ecuador Embassy six years ago to [...]

Ahed Tamimi Agrees To Eight Month Plea Bargain In Military Court

By B'Tselem, Popular Resistance -

The conviction rate in Israel’s military courts in the West Bank is almost 100% - not because the military prosecution is so efficient, but because Palestinian defendants reluctantly sign plea [...]

Please Help Us To Get Yanto Out Of Jail

By Staff, -

On the 31st May 2017, as hundreds of people in Timika were gathered peacefully to hold a prayer and thanksgiving ceremony for the thousands of signatures in the Bomberay region of West Papua, [...]

‘Freedom For The Political Prisoners’: March In Barcelona

By Staff, -

By Staff of Common Dreams - "Wearing yellow ribbons on their lapels to signify support, they filled the length of the Avenue Marina that runs from the beach to Barcelona's iconic Sagrada Familia [...]

Honoring Oscar Lopez Rivera, Now More Than Ever

By Johanna Fernandez And Carlito Rovira, -

By Johanna Fernandez And Carlito Rovira for Counter Punch - Recently released Puerto Rican political prisoner Oscar Lopez Rivera has announced that although he will march at the Puerto Rican Day [...]

Mumia Abu-Jamal Fights For New Trial And Freedom

By Jeff Mackler, -

By Jeff Mackler for Counter Punch. Pennsylvania - On Mumia Abu-Jamal’s birthday, April 24, about 125 demonstrators mobilized outside Philadelphia’s Court of Common Pleas in solidarity with [...]

Mumia To Finally Receive Hep C Treatment

By Staff, -

By Staff for the Campaign to Bring Mumia Home. On March 31, 2017, Mumia Abu-Jamal received a cruel mix of bad and good news from a prison doctor. The doctor shared the results of his recent lab [...]

Manning: Thank You To Those Who Kept Me Alive

By Chelsea Manning, -

By Chelsea Manning for The Guardian. To those who have kept me alive for the past six years: minutes after President Obama announced the commutation of my sentence, the prison quickly moved me [...]

Mumia Abu-Jamal Denied Hepatitis C Treatment

By Renée Feltz, -

By Renée Feltz for The Guardian - The internationally known imprisoned former Black Panther and journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal has had his request for a life-saving hepatitis C treatment denied by a [...]

Former Mailman Gets 4 Months In Prison For Gyrocopter Protest At U.S. Capitol

By Ben Montgomery, -

By Ben Montgomery for Tampa Bay Times - WASHINGTON — For 13 years, Doug Hughes delivered the mail for the United States Postal Service without issue. Now he's being sent to live in a prison cell [...]

Families Of Imprisoned Journalists Begin Open Ended Sit-In

By Staff, -

By Staff of Daily News Egypt - Families of imprisoned journalists began an open ended sit-in at the Press Syndicate headquarters on Sunday, according to an announcement on the Facebook page [...]

Hearing Held To Remove Pro Bono Lawyer For Innocent Lifer

By Mark Lance, -

By Mark Lance for Free Corey Walker - The OAG’s action to get long-time political activist and attorney Rachel Wolkenstein out of this case is retaliation against the efforts of Corey Walker to [...]