SEP (Australia) To Hold Election Rally And Meetings In Defence Of Assange

As part of its campaign in the federal election, the Socialist Equality Party (Australia) is holding a rally and meetings demanding freedom for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and for Chelsea [...]

Julian Assange: Call for International Days of Action May 1 and May 2

By Kevin Zeese, Popular Resistance -

We urge people to take action at British embassies in the United States, at US Department of Justice and US Attorney's offices and other appropriate locations on May 1 and 2 and if you are in [...]

The WikiLeaks Gaps In The Mueller Report

By Daniel Lazare, Consortium News -

As official Washington pores over the Gospel According to Saint Robert, an all-important fact about the Mueller report has gotten lost in the shuffle.  Just as the Christian gospels were filled [...]

US Preparing More Charges Against Julian Assange

By Kristina Betinis, WSWS   -

US federal prosecutors confirmed there is an “ongoing criminal investigation” of Julian Assange, the 47-year-old founder of WikiLeaks. Prosecutors also indicated “affiliates” of Assange are under [...]

Barr Exonerates Wikileaks In Press Conference Regarding Mueller Report

By Staff, -

In a Press Conference today about the Mueller Report on Russian collusion, AG William Barr not only announced Trump was not guilty but made an incredible statement regarding Wikileaks’ innocence. [...]

If Your Country Were Committing War Crimes Would You Want To Know?

By Staff, -

A close reading of both the indictment and the criminal complaint against Assange show that journalism is indeed being criminalized. Assange is accused merely of trying to help Chelsea Manning, [...]

Julian And Martin: Reflections On The Arrest Of Assange

By Richard Rubenstein, -

Will someone please explain to me why Martin Luther King, Jr. is considered a hero for violating laws sustaining the system of racial discrimination, while Julian Assange is considered a villain [...]

Defending Julian Assange; Defending The Truth

By Robert J. Burrowes, -

On 11 April 2019, WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange was dragged from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London by UK police and arrested for breaching a bail condition. See ‘Arrest update – SW1’. Upon [...]

The Prosecution Of Julian Assange Is A Threat To Journalists Everywhere

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, Popular Resistance   -

The arrest of Julian Assange not only puts the free press in the United States at risk, it puts any reporters who expose US crimes anywhere in the world at risk. As Pepe Escobar wrote "Let’s [...]

UK Judge Calls Assange “A Narcissist,” Sets Extradition Court Date

By Shafi Musaddique, The National. -

As news broke of plain-clothed officers arresting WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on Thursday morning UK time, the world's media converged to Westminster Magistrates Court rapidly. While Mr [...]

Daniel Ellsberg: Assange’s Arrest Is The Beginning Of The End

By Sharmini Peries, The Real News. -

Whistleblower associated with WikiLeaks Julian Assange appeared to be making a statement as he was shuffled out in handcuffs from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. He was carrying a book, a book [...]

If We Lose WikiLeaks, We Lose A Whole Stratum Of Freedom — Pilger

By Staff, -

The US attempt to prosecute WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is a spiteful assault on civil freedoms conducted by an ailing superpower that is struggling to preserve its dominance, UK-based [...]

Protesters Call On UK To #FreeAssange Outside British Embassy In DC

By Alexander Rubinstein, -

“It’s totally backwards and we’re calling for him to be freed. And I would like the people who got us into the wars to be the ones behind bars.” – Codepink co-founder Medea Benjamin Demonstrators [...]

10 Reasons Assange Should Walk Free

By David Swanson, -

Governments’ (monstrous and criminal) behavior should not be secret. People should know what their government is doing, and what a powerful foreign government is doing to their own countries. The [...]

Defending Rights And Dissent On Julian Assange Indictment

By Chip Gibbons, -

Earlier this morning, London police entered the Ecuadorian embassy and arrested Julian Assange. This was in response to a US extradition request. Assange is expected to be extradited and stand [...]