WikiLeaks Says The Senate Intel Committee Wants Assange To Testify On Russia Interference

By Alex Ward, -

The Senate Intelligence Committee has asked WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to testify privately about Russian interference in the 2016 election. We know this because WikiLeaks, well, leaked the [...]

Wikileaks: Rwandan Reconciliation Is A Lie

By Ann Garrison, -

On Sunday I joined the three-day YouTube vigil for imperiled Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. The next day I realized that I must have sounded obsessive because I’d kept returning to a single [...]

VIPS Plead For Humanitarian Asylum For Julian Assange

By Staff, -

For six years, WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange has been effectively imprisoned without charges at Ecuador’s London embassy. In that time, two international courts and dozens of respected legal [...]

Lenin Moreno Sees ‘A Way Out’ In Assange’s Case

By Staff, -

It has been six years since WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange first entered the embassy to avoid extradition on sexual assault charges, which have since been dropped. Ecuador's President Lenin [...]

The Gray Lady Thinks Twice About Assange’s Prosecution

By Ray McGovern, -

Though The New York Times itself has not reported it, it’s No. 2 lawyer told a group of judges that the prosecution of Julian Assange could have dire consequences for the Times itself, explains [...]

A Letter Regarding The Immediate Release Of Julian Assange To The US And The UK

By Angel Fox, -

Now that Sweden has dropped all inquiries in the Julian Assange case, how can you arrest him for missing a bail appointment on charges that were never filed?  Please take a closer look at your [...]

Inside WikiLeaks: Working With The Publisher That Changed The World

By Stefania Maurizi, -

Italian journalist Stefania Maurizi has worked with WikiLeaks for nine years on the Podesta emails and other revelations. Here’s an insider’s view of the publisher, which has incensed rulers [...]

Breaking: Possible Handover Of Assange To UK May Be Imminent

By Elizabeth Vos, Disobedient Media. -

What happens in a world without Julian Assange? It seems we may be in the unthinkable position of facing such a reality, after WikiLeaks Tweeted regarding the recent statement of Margarita [...]

Persecution Of WikiLeaks Editor Julian Assange Continues

By James Cogan, -

Today is the 100th consecutive day of the denial, by the Ecuadorian embassy in London, of the democratic right of WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange to communicate with the outside world, or receive [...]

The Murder Of Julian Assange

By Kurt Nimmo, Information Clearinghouse. -

On the day Donald Trump was elected his supporters asked him to pardon the founder and frontman of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange. They flooded social media demanding Assange be allowed to leave the [...]

Why Did James Comey Issue “Stand Down” Order On Imminent Deal With Julian Assange?

By Tyler Durden, -

A "stand down" order given by James Comey to kill an imminent deal between the US Government and Julian Assange preceded the largest leak in CIA history, known as "Vault 7," reports John Solomon [...]

Assange Is A Journalist, Should Not Be Persecuted For Publishing The Truth

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, Popular Resistance -

Last week, rallies in support of Julian Assange were held around the world. We participated in two #AssangeUnity events seeking to #FreeAssange in Washington, DC.  This is the beginning of a [...]

For Our Rulers, Smearing A Dissident Journalist Is As Good As Killing Him

By Caitlin Johnstone, -

As I write this, demonstrations around the world are taking place in protest of WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange’s arbitrary detention and silencing by the US-centralized power establishment that [...]

Unity Protests To Free Julian Assange Held All Over The World

By Kevin Zeese, Popular Resistance -

More than 20 protests in support of Julian Assange were held around the world on June 18th and 19th calling for freedom for Julian Assange. Assange entered the Ecuador Embassy six years ago to [...]

Online ‘Unity4J’ Vigil Reveals The Strength Of Support For Assange Among Journalists, Activists, Whistleblowers

By Elizabeth Vos, -

The Unity4J online vigil, which took place over the weekend, saw the participation of renowned activists, journalists, whistleblowers and even filmmakers who came together – despite vastly [...]