New York Bans Glyphosate Use On Public Property

By Sustainable Pulse. -

The move is an important recognition by the nation’s fourth most populous state that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is not adequately protecting people and the environment from [...]

On His Way To Prison, Activist Advocates For COVID-19 Prisoner Release

By Yonat Shimron, Religion News. -

On Thursday (Jan. 14), Patrick O’Neill will report to the Federal Correctional Institution near Elkton, Ohio, to serve a 14-month sentence for breaking into a nuclear submarine base as part of a [...]

Tribes Mount Organized Responses To COVID-19

By Lisa Hardy, Gwendolyn Saul and Kerry F. Thompson, The Conversation. -

As the months roll by, the pandemic continues to hit Indigenous nations hard. But this phenomenon is not new. Epidemics have been part of colonialism since settlers arrived. Health inequities [...]

Black Inmates Begin 2021 With Uprising In Saint Louis Justice Center

By Huey Dessalines, Peoples Voice. -

Saint Louis, MO - It is a custom in the City of Saint Louis and other predominantly New Afrikan cities to welcome a new year by firing into the air. The coming of the New Year 2021 saw the most [...]

Mohawk Families Being Sickened By New Dump

By Christopher Curtis, Ricochet Media. -

Quebec - What would you do if you thought you were being poisoned? What if, for the past year, a rancid smell woke you up in the dead of night and sent you rushing to the bathroom so you [...]

Demonstrators Besiege California Prison Headquarters

By Judy Greenspan, -

Sacramento, CA - Under the banner “From Balloons to Bullhorns,” an angry group of protesters converged on the steps of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation to demand mass [...]

Prison Staff Force Prisoners to Accept Liability For Their Own Deaths

By No Justice Under Capitalism, Popular Resistance. -

Prisoners at San Quentin State Prison are reporting that, over the past week, San Quentin medical staff have been pressuring prisoners to sign waiver forms accepting legal responsibility for [...]

Losing Jobless Benefits Is Not Only Stressful

By Avie Schneider, NPR. -

The coronavirus pandemic has thrown millions of Americans out of work — and over the past nine months, up to 20 million have filed for unemployment. Supplemental federal unemployment benefits of [...]

United Nations Removes Marijuana From List Of Most Dangerous Drugs

By Zack Budryk, The Hill. -

A United Nations panel has voted to remove medical cannabis from a list of dangerous drugs. In the Wednesday vote, the Commission for Narcotic Drugs voted on several World Health Organization [...]

Report: Aerially Sprayed Pesticide Causes Significant Environmental Issues

By Ashley Curtin, Nation of Change. -

A new study concluded that high levels of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances compounds used in pesticides aerially sprayed on millions of acres of land across the United States have contaminated [...]

Greek General Strike Against Attacks On Right To Demonstrate

By Katerina Selin, WSWS. -

The mood in the international working class is strained to the breaking point. As millions of people were demonstrating against the government across India on Thursday, tens of thousands of [...]

Over 100 Rebellions In Jails And Prisons Over COVID19 Conditions

By Ella Fassler, Truthout. -

U.S jails and prisons, already death traps, have been completely ravaged by COVID-19. Crowded quarters, a lack of PPE, inadequate medical care, an aging population, and unsanitary conditions have [...]

Inmate Kitchen Workers Forced To Serve Expired Meat In Prison

By Jimmy Jenkins, KJZZ. -

Arizona - Incarcerated people who work in the kitchens at the Eyman, Lewis and Yuma state prisons claim they were forced to serve expired meat to their fellow inmates, resulting in foodborne [...]

Atomic Veteran Says The US Must Never Resume Nuclear Weapons Testing

By Jim Dangerfield, Union of Concerned Scientists. -

I was an Army specialist fourth class in 1957 when I was bused to the Nevada Test Site with other servicemen for an operation we were told nothing about. We soon witnessed a series of nuclear [...]

Inmate Sues Prison Over Lack Of COVID19 Precautions

By Nick Muscavage, Central New Jersey. -

Union, NJ - An inmate at the state's only prison for women has filed a lawsuit alleging the state Department of Corrections is failing to take proper precautions against the COVID-19 [...]