Professor Mounts High-Altitude Protest Against Pipeline

By Liam Britten, CBC.CA. -

Tim Takaro is by himself but insists he isn't alone. Takaro, 63, is protesting the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project by camping out in a cluster of trees in Burnaby, B.C. Takaro is [...]

Billionaires Push To Reopen Schools Without A Plan

By G. Dunkel, -

Schools in the U.S. provide students with much more than an education. They provide child care, meals (for 14 million students), medical services (mostly for students with disabilities), [...]

Atomic Bomb Survivors Transformed Our Understanding Of Radiation’s Impacts

By Dennis Normile, Science Magazine. -

Hiroshima, Japan - Kunihiko Iida wants the world to know that the atomic bombs the United States dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki 75 years ago next month are still claiming lives and causing [...]

How The Harvard Covid-19 Study Became The Center Of A Partisan Uproar

By Marianne Lavelle, Inside Climate News. -

The researchers found that Covid-19 patients who lived in polluted areas were more likely to die than those in less polluted areas, with a small increase in PM 2.5 associated with a large [...]

Using Chemical Agents On Peaceful Protesters In A Pandemic

By Benjamin G. Davis, Jurist. -

Remember the protestors with guns walking into statehouses and protesting the stay at home orders? Do you remember a single case where teargas or pepper spray was used against those nearly all [...]

Israel Demolishes Palestinian Coronavirus Testing Centre

By Akram Al-Waara and Mustafa Abu Sneineh, Middle East Eye. -

Israeli authorities have demolished a Palestinian drive-through coronavirus testing centre in the city of Hebron, south of the occupied West Bank. The West Bank is struggling to contain a [...]

Bolivia, A Devastated Country

By Primera Linea, Resumen English. -

Bolivia has surpassed the 61,000 person barrier of Covid-19 with more than 2,200 deaths in four distressing months of the pandemic. However, the official data only shows a small part of the [...]

As COVID-19 Stalks Florida’s Inmates, So Does Another Plague

By Shirso Dasgupta and Samantha J. Gross, McClatchy DC. -

“They are dying in the heat,” said the distraught mother of an inmate at Dade Correctional Institution south of Miami. “What have we done to deserve this. … How is it possible, knowing how hot it [...]

The Human Cost Of Nuclear Tests

By John Letman, The Diplomat. -

July 16 - Seventy-five years ago today, the United States conducted the Trinity test, the world’s first nuclear detonation. In the ensuing years, the U.S. ultimately conducted more than 1,000 [...]

Millions Don’t Have Access To Safe Water In The United States

By Holly Secon, Havovi Cooper, and Hannah Jiang, Business Insider.  -

A study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that in 2015 the water supply for about 21 million Americans — more than 6% — violated nationwide health standards, but [...]

Larry Brilliant On How Well We Are Fighting COVID-19

By Steven Levy, Wired. -

It seems like a century ago that I first interviewed Larry Brilliant about the novel coronavirus. But it’s been just a little over three months since I spoke to then-75-year-old Brilliant, an [...]

Trump Threatens To Cut Funding For Schools That Don’t Reopen

By Marlee Kokotovic, Nation of Change. -

President Donald Trump and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos are threatening to cut off federal funding to schools that do not open their doors this fall due to coronavirus concerns.  In a [...]

San Quentin Inmates On Hunger Strike

By Dominique Mosbergen, HuffPost. -

Several men incarcerated in California’s San Quentin State Prison who have tested positive for COVID-19 have gone on a hunger strike to protest what they call “dismal” living conditions, KNTV in [...]

Release The Prisoners: Ohio Jail 100 Percent Positive For Covid

By Martha Grevatt, Worker's World. -

In a recent report, the Ohio Immigrant Alliance stated that the Morrow County  Correctional Facility in Mt. Gilead is the first county jail in the state to be 100 percent COVID-positive. The [...]

As COVID19 Spikes, Blackfeet Leaders Close Entrances To Glacier Park

By Chris Aadland, Montana Free Press. -

Blackfeet Nation leaders, citing the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, have decided to keep the eastern entrances to Glacier National Park closed for the rest of the tourism season. The Blackfeet [...]