Who Was Dag Hammarskjöld?

By Joe Lauria, Consortium News. -

Dag Hammarskjöld set the standard for integrity and independence that all United Nations secretaries-general are judged against. He pioneered direct diplomacy by a secretary-general to defuse [...]

Likely Assassination Of United Nations Chief Happened 60 Years Ago

By Joe Lauria, Consortium News. -

United Nations -The United Nations is considering reopening its investigation into the mysterious 1961 plane crash that killed then-U.N. chief Dag Hammarskjöld after new evidence of possible foul [...]

Under Imperialism, Multiple Crises Deepen In Haiti

By G. Dunkel, Workers World. -

Haitian authorities have arrested Colombian mercenaries and Haitian-Americans and charged them with participating in the July 7 assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse. But murky [...]

US History Of Neocolonial Intervention

By Aaron Maté, The Grayzone. -

A growing number of suspects in the assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse have US ties. At least one is a former DEA informant and several have received U.S. military training. Scholar [...]

US Out of Haiti!

By Margaret Kimberley, Black Agenda Report. -

The recent assassination of Haiti’s president Jovenel Moise has created a great deal of confusion, not only about the crime itself but about the role that the United States might play in that [...]

What’s Behind The Assassination Of Haitian President Moïse?

By Dan Cohen, Mintpress News. -

The assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse sent shockwaves through the tiny Caribbean island nation and beyond. While little is known about what happened overnight Wednesday, it appears [...]

Haitian Movements Caution Against Foreign Intervention

By People's Dispatch. -

In the early hours of July 7, unidentified armed men attacked the house of Haiti’s de-facto president Jovenel Moïse and shot him dead. In the attack, his wife was also severely injured and [...]

Colombian Group Arrested Linked To The Assassination Of Moise

By Telesur English. -

At least 28 people assassinated President Jovenel Moise, Haitian police said Thursday, adding that 26 were Colombian and two were Americans of Haitian origin. Eight of them, all Colombians, [...]

Scheer Intelligence: The FBI’s Crusade Against MLK Was Darker Than You Think

By Robert Scheer, ScheerPost.com. -

“You are done. There is only one way out for you. You better take it before your filthy, abnormal fraudulent self is bared to the nation.” That’s the shocking ending to the infamous letter Civil [...]

New Documents Suggest J. Edgar Hoover Was Involved In Fred Hampton’s Murder

By Flint Taylor and Jeff Haas, Truthout. -

In March 1976, we sat in a cavernous Chicago courtroom while FBI agent Roy Martin Mitchell testified in the federal civil rights case that we and our partners at the People’s Law Office had [...]

Canada Knew About The Plan To Assassinate Gen. Soleimani Before It Happened

By Ese, The Canada Files. -

Canada’s former top military commander says that the U.S. gave Canada a heads-up on its plan to kill top Iranian general Qassem Soleimani, according to his interview with the Globe and Mail this [...]

Trump’s Support For Israel’s Killing Of Iranian Scientist Could Lead To War

By Marjorie Cohn, Truthout. -

In the weeks remaining before Joe Biden’s inauguration, Donald Trump is taking actions — including aiding and abetting murder — to prevent his successor from pursuing diplomacy with Iran. On [...]

US Role In Assassination Of Iranian Scientist

By Sara Flounders, Workers.org. -

The targeted assassination of top Iranian physicist and nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh on Nov. 27, and Donald Trump’s immediate approving Tweet, confirm the determination of U.S. and [...]

Assassination Strengthens Iranian Hardliners

By Medea Benjamin and Ariel Gold, Consortium News. -

Israel used all four years of Trump’s presidency to entrench its systems of occupation and apartheid. Now that Joe Biden has won the U.S. election, the assassination of Iran’s top nuclear [...]

Nuclear Scientist Is Assassinated Inside Iran

By James North, Mondoweiss. -

A nuclear scientist was just assassinated inside Iran, probably by Israel with Trump administration connivance — but, so far, the New York Times is distorting the news and ignoring the probable [...]

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