Iranian Diplomat Charges US With Inciting Protests

Iran has accused the US of "inciting" anti-government protests that have gripped the country, and said the Trump administration had "flouted" international law and the principles of the UN [...]

Iranian Protests: Deep State’s Unfinished Business

By Tony Cartalucci, -

The article – a review by the CIA’s own history staff of a book regarding Operation AJAX – admits that US policy regarding Iran merely picked up where the British Empire left off in an effort to [...]

Kathy Kelly Says Let Yemenis Live

By Kathy Kelly, -

On May 2, 2017, before becoming Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman, as Minister of Defense, spoke about the Saudi-led coalition’s war in Yemen, a war he orchestrated since March of [...]

Collapse Of Israeli-Saudi-American Alliance Against Iran And Resistance

By Miko Peled, -

By Miko Peled for Information Clearing House - December 04, 2017 "Information Clearing House" - From the earliest years of the Zionist project, the leaders of the movement - which then morphed [...]

Rohingyas — Jihadists?

By Chandra Muzaffar, -

By Chandra Muzaffar for TRANSCEND Media Service - 1 Sep 2017 – The Rohingyas — or at least some Rohingyas — are now being projected as terrorists, as “Jihadists” out to kill Myanmar soldiers and [...]

Yemen To Probe Alleged Interrogation Abuses By United Arab Emirates, U.S.

By Ahmed Al-Haj, -

By Ahmed Al-Haj for Associated Press - SANAA, Yemen (AP) — Yemen’s internationally-recognized government on Saturday ordered the creation of a committee to investigate allegations of human rights [...]

Are Demands On Qatar By US Arab Allies A Sign Of Coming Attack On Iran?

By Staff, -

By Staff of BBC News - The stakes have just been raised, dramatically. The sanctions imposed by Saudi Arabia, the UAE and others two weeks ago had failed to produce the result they wanted. Qatar [...]

Newsletter – The People’s Memorial Day

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, -

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese. War culture runs deep in the United States. You can see the glorification of war consistently once you are aware of it - it is expressed in entertainment, the [...]

When Peace Is A Commodity: Trump In The Middle East

By Robert Fisk, -

By Robert Fisk for Counter Punch - In Riyadh, Trump couldn’t mention where most of the the 9/11 hijackers came from or whose Sunni cult-faith was the inspiration for Isis – nor which country [...]

Islamic State: The Genesis Of A Sectarian Frankenstein

By Nauman Sadiq, -

By Nauman Sadiq. Looking at the Islamic State’s astounding gains in Syria and Iraq in 2014, a question arises that where does its recruits get all the training and state-of-the-art weapons that [...]

Middle Eastern Surgeon Speaks About The ‘Ecology Of War’

By Andre Vltchek, -

By Andre Vltchek for Counter Currents - Dr. Gus Abu-Sitta is the head of the Plastic Surgery Department at the AUB Medical Center in Lebanon. He specializes in: reconstructive surgery. What it [...]

US ‘Deep State’ Sold Out Counter-Terrorism To Keep Itself In Business

By Gareth Porter, -

By Gareth Porter for Middle East Eye - After it quickly became clear that the US war in Iraq was already motivating young men across the Middle East to wage jihad against the US in Iraq, the [...]

NJ Against US War On Syria And In The Middle East

By Staff, -

By Staff of NJ Against US War on Syria and in the Middle East and Central Jersey Coalition Against Endless War - The event attracted several non-traditional protesters in addition to the “usual [...]

Has Trump Launched Next Mid-East Disaster With Syria Attack?

By Jefferson Morley, -

By Jefferson Morley for AlterNet - It was that rarest of occasions when Barack Obama and Donald Trump were thinking very much alike. In September 2013, President Obama was besieged by demands to [...]

More Mideast Madness As Trump Prepares To March

By Eric Margolis, -

By Eric Margolis for Eric Margolis - We are now moving rapidly into stage II of Levantine Madness as the US boosts its intervention in the war-torn Mideast. Five thousand US troops are back in [...]