Western Governments Chided At Arms Conference For ‘Enabling’ Arab Regimes

By Nur Ayoubi, Middle East Eye. -

Western nations and arms companies are complicit in aiding regimes in the Middle East to spy on their citizens, speakers at an international conference shedding light on the human rights [...]

Afghanistan War Outcome

By Gilbert Mercier, News Junkie Post. -

The Iraqi geopolitical analyst, Ali Fahim, recently said in an interview with The Tehran Times: “The arrival of [newly elected Iranian President] Ebrahim Raisi at the helm of power gives a great [...]

Tell Biden: Stop Bombing Syria!

By Workers World Party. -

It has taken only 36 days in office for the Biden administration to show the world, through a bombing attack on Syria, that it is belligerent, aggressive and hell-bent on war. There was only a [...]

The Future Of War, American-Style

By Danny Sjursen, Tom Dispatch. -

Hard as it is to believe in this time of record pandemic deaths, insurrection, and an unprecedented encore impeachment, Joe Biden is now officially at the helm of the U.S. war machine.  He is, in [...]

How To Stuff The Middle East With Weaponry

By William Hartung, Tom Dispatch. -

The United States has the dubious distinction of being the world’s leading arms dealer. It dominates the global trade in a historic fashion and nowhere is that domination more complete than in [...]

Lebanon: Bellwether, Battleground, And Bastard Child Of The Mideast

By Maj. Danny Sjursen (USA-Ret.), AntiWar.com. -

When I was a kid, "Beirut" became a cultural shorthand for any chaotic and violent urban setting. In the 1990s, my hometown rappers – the Wu Tang Clan – repeatedly shouted out the Lebanese city [...]

Scheer Intelligence: The Cynical Forces Behind America’s Forever Wars

By Robert Scheer, Scheer Post. -

American interventionism in the Middle East has resulted in two of the longest wars in U.S. history, and led to countless deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as widespread instability in the [...]

In Letter To American People, Iranian President Raps Sanctions

By Hassan Rouhani, Tasnimnews.com -

On behalf of the great Iranian nation, I write to the people of the United States of America on the occasion of the Iranian New Year (Nowruz). The coronavirus outbreak has endangered the health [...]

Locust Swarms Are Eating Their Way Across Two Continents

By Bob Berwyn, Insideclimatenews.org -

As giant swarms of locusts spread across East Africa, the Arabian Peninsula and the Middle East, devouring crops that feed millions of people, some scientists say global warming is contributing [...]

Fears Rise As Two COVID-19 Cases Confirmed In Besieged Gaza Strip

By Yumna Patel, Mondoweiss.net -

It was an announcement Palestinians were hoping they would never have to hear in the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic. On Sunday, the first two cases of the novel coronavirus were confirmed [...]

12 Ways The US Invasion Of Iraq Lives On In Infamy

By Medea Benjamin and Nicolas J. S. Davies, Mronline.org -

While the world is consumed with the terrifying coronavirus pandemic, on March 19 the Trump administration will be marking the 17th anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq by ramping up the [...]

China Calls For Lifting Of U.S. Sanctions Against Iran

By Betsey Piette, Workers.org -

Amid the fight against the coronavirus COVID-19, China called on March 16 for the immediate lifting of U.S. sanctions on Iran, one of the countries hardest hit by the pandemic. China’s call came [...]

Iraq’s Resistance Reveals How U.S. Troops Will Be Removed From Its Country

By Staff, Moonofalabama.org -

Yesterday the U.S. attacked five sites in Iraq and killed 3 Iraqi soldiers of the 19th Division, two policeman and a civilian. The strikes came after some 10+ rockets, fired by unknown people, [...]

Afghanistan: ICC Appeals Chamber Authorises The Opening Of An Investigation

By Staff, Icc-cpi.int -

Today, 5 March 2020, the Appeals Chamber of the International Criminal Court ('ICC' or 'Court') decided unanimously to authorise the Prosecutor to commence an investigation into alleged crimes [...]

U.S. Breaks Its Just Signed Agreement With The Taliban

By Staff, Moonofalabama.org -

Today a U.S. fighter jet bombed a Taliban unit which was fighting with an Afghan government checkpoint. The air attack came just a day after U.S. President Trump had a telephone call with the [...]