UVA Suspends Medical Lawsuits In Wake Of KHN Investigation

By Jay Hancock and Carmen Heredia Rodriguez, Kaiser Health News. -

Charlottesville, Va. — Under pressure after Kaiser Health News reported Monday that it sues thousands of patients a year and sends many into bankruptcy, University of Virginia Health System [...]

How Greedy Hospitals Fleece The Poor

By Libby Watson, Newrepublic.com -

The pundit class collapsed back in its chair last week, exhausted and spent, from a furious wonk-off session over Bernie Sanders’s rhetoric on medical bankruptcies. The Washington Post’s in-house [...]

To Save Rural Hospitals, Pass Medicare For All

By Andy Spears, Otherwords.org -

Medicare for All is a popular idea — 70 percent of Americans say they support it, including 52 percent of Republicans. Why? Because in red and blue states alike, they see the costs of a [...]

The Hospital Under Medicare For All

By Adam Gaffney, Jacobinmag.com -

More than 24 million people require hospitalization annually in the United States, and many more see their doctors or other providers, or have tests and procedures, in these institutions. Yet as [...]

Thousands Strike At Five UC Hospitals Today, Alleging Unfair Labor Practices

By Cathie Anderson, Sacbee.com -

Thousands of unionized workers statewide will hit the picket line Wednesday at five University of California hospitals in a one-day strike over what they allege is a coordinated campaign of [...]

Out Of Patience: NYC Nurses Take On Hospitals For Better Staffing

By Peter Rugh, Indypendent.org -

How do you know when your employees are unsatisfied? When they vote by a 97 percent margin to authorize a strike. And if you think these workers are displeased, you should talk to their customers [...]

Rural America Needs Medicare For All, And Fast

By Barb Kalbach, Otherwords.org -

We’ve got a rural health care emergency on the horizon. Rural hospitals are closing or teetering on the brink of closure at an alarming rate. More than a hundred have closed since 2005 and [...]

Public Hospitals Don’t Exist, Land & Future For Sale + Stateside Rebel For Life

By Eleanor Goldfield, Occupy.com -

As Medicare for All legislation heads towards Congressional hearings, here's a look at why even well-meaning projects and reforms inside our for-profit system are doomed from the outset. Next up, [...]

The Problem With Institutional Provider Profit In A Medicare For All System

By Lambert Strether, Nakedcapitalism.com -

I’ve avoided writing about hospitals and other institutions, because my focus has always been on the patient, and whether they get, or don’t get, health care under our horrid mixed system of [...]

Democratic Consulting Firm Teams Up With Hospital Industry To Battle Nurses Union

By Rachel M. Cohen, Theintercept.com -

THE HOSPITAL INDUSTRY has partnered with a major Democratic consulting firm in an unusual alliance against Massachusetts’s nurses and the bulk of its progressive infrastructure. At issue is a [...]

‘This City Needs This Hospital’: Advocates Protest Major Changes At Northeast’s Providence Hospital

By Elly Yu, Dcist.com -

A group of doctors, nurses, and community advocates held a rally outside Providence Hospital in northeast Washington Thursday to demand the hospital remain open as is. Ascension, the organization [...]

Police-Inflicted Injuries Send 50,000 To ER Annually In U.S.

By Robert Preidt, www.health.usnews.com -

By Robert Preidt for HealthDay - WEDNESDAY, April 19, 2017 (HealthDay News) -- More than 50,000 Americans are treated each year for injuries inflicted by police, a new study says. While deaths at [...]

4 Nonprofit Hospitals Pocketed $1.7 Billion In Profits In 4 Years

By Lynn Petrovich, www.endtheillusion.com -

By Lynn Petrovich for End The Illusion - Cumulative surplus for these four nonprofit entities totaled over $2.2 Billion, cash in the bank and/or Wall Street investments/brokerage firms. In [...]

VA Employees, Veterans, Fight Hospital Closures

By Staff, www.afge.org -

By Staff of AFGE - They march. They chant. They hold signs that read "Keep the promise to our vets" and "VA cares about vets." Veterans and VA employees are furious that Congress is considering [...]

It’s Official: The US Has Worst Health Care System

By Lynn M. Petrovich, www.commonsense2.com -

Since the publication of my report, Sticker Shock, in 2010 on non-profit hospital accounting detailing the abusive accounting mechanisms in place (read: policies) which reward a select few at [...]