‘Major Co-Option’: Without Action, Hospitals’ BLM Statements Are Performative

As the fight against racial inequality in the US has become a national, pervasive movement following the killing of Minneapolis, Minnesota, resident George Floyd, many corporations have argued [...]

Doctors Demand Hospital Industry Stop Funding Dark Money Lobby Group

A progressive organization of 23,000 physicians from across the U.S. demanded Thursday that the American Hospital Association (AHA) divest completely from a dark-money lobbying group that has [...]

Coronavirus Shakes The Conceit Of ‘American Exceptionalism’

By Calvin Woodward, AP News. -

Washington, DC - What if the real “invisible enemy” is the enemy from within — America’s very institutions? When the coronavirus pandemic came from distant lands to the United States, it was [...]

Hospital Food Workers And Janitors Are Stuck In A “Death Trap”

By Kari Lydersen, In These Times. -

The hospital where Kim Smith works is supposed to be a “safe haven,” says the patient care technician at Northwestern Memorial in Chicago. But now she feels it has become a “death trap.” Like [...]

The US’s Wave Of Hospital Closures Left Us Ill-Equipped For COVID-19

By Margaret Flowers, Truthout. -

A couple of weeks ago, as countries scrambled to protect their citizens from the COVID-19 pandemic by closing borders and quarantining travelers, the Norwegian University of Science and [...]

Private Hospitals Will Be Made Public For Duration Of Coronavirus Pandemic

By Orla Ryan, Thejournal.ie -

Some 2,000 beds, nine laboratories and thousands of staff have been drafted into the public system, Leo Varadkar said at a press conference today. Speaking at the same press conference, Health [...]

Are Hospitals Near Me Ready For Coronavirus? Here Are Nine Different Scenarios.

By Annie Waldman, Al Shaw, Ash Ngu, and Sean Campbell, Projects.propublica.org -

Though the U.S. health care system is projected to be overwhelmed by an influx of patients infected with the novel coronavirus, the pressure on hospitals will vary dramatically across the [...]

Survey Of Nation’s Frontline Registered Nurses Shows Hospitals Unprepared For COVID-19

By Staff, Nationalnursesunited.org -

A nationwide survey National Nurses United (NNU) conducted of registered nurses, the country’s frontline health care staff, reveals that the vast majority of United States hospitals and health [...]

Built In 10 Days, China’s Virus Hospital Takes 1st Patients

By Staff, Huffpost.com -

BEIJING (AP) — The first patients arrived Monday at a 1,000-bed hospital built in 10 days as part of China’s sweeping efforts to fight a new virus that is causing global alarm. Huoshenshan [...]

Police Suspect Hospital Bomb Linked To Hong Kong Protests, As Telegram Message Warns Of ‘More To Come’ And Demands Border Closure Amid Wuhan Virus Crisis

By Tony Cheung and Christy Leung, Scmp.com -

Hong Kong police are investigating whether a bomb explosion at a public hospital on Monday is linked to anti-government protest violence, according to sources, suspecting the home-made device may [...]

Safety Net Hospital Sues Poor Patients For Unpaid Bills

By Blake Farmer, AP. -

Nashville, TN - Nashville General is the city-funded, safety-net hospital. For a patient without insurance, this is supposed to be the best place to go. But its emergency room has been taking [...]

100+ Doctors Demand Assange Go To Australian Hospital ‘Before It Is Too Late’

By Doctors for Assange, Medium.com -

We, the undersigned medical doctors, wrote to the UK Home Secretary on 22 November 2019, and to the Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice on 4 December 2019, expressing our serious [...]

UVA Suspends Medical Lawsuits In Wake Of KHN Investigation

By Jay Hancock and Carmen Heredia Rodriguez, Kaiser Health News. -

Charlottesville, Va. — Under pressure after Kaiser Health News reported Monday that it sues thousands of patients a year and sends many into bankruptcy, University of Virginia Health System [...]

How Greedy Hospitals Fleece The Poor

By Libby Watson, Newrepublic.com -

The pundit class collapsed back in its chair last week, exhausted and spent, from a furious wonk-off session over Bernie Sanders’s rhetoric on medical bankruptcies. The Washington Post’s in-house [...]

To Save Rural Hospitals, Pass Medicare For All

By Andy Spears, Otherwords.org -

Medicare for All is a popular idea — 70 percent of Americans say they support it, including 52 percent of Republicans. Why? Because in red and blue states alike, they see the costs of a [...]

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