CVS Workers Say Enough Is Enough

By Michael Sainato, The Guardian. -

Thousands of workers at CVS stores across California are demanding better pay, increased safety standards, healthcare improvements and more security for workers in new union contract [...]

Update On Strikes And Walkouts

By Mike Elk, Payday Report. -

Earlier this week in Savannah, Georgia, 54 of the 200 bus drivers in the Savannah-Chatham’s school district went on a wildcat “sick out” strike over pay and other issues.  Workers said they [...]

The Productivity–Pay Gap Has Been Growing Since 1979

By Lawrence Mishel, Economic Policy Institute. -

The growth of inequalities is the central driver of the widening gap between the hourly compensation of a typical (median) worker and productivity—the income generated per hour of work—in recent [...]

Family Dollar Employees: ‘We All Quit’

By Jared Austin, KOLN. -

Lincoln, Neb. - A Family Dollar store in Lincoln is back open Monday, after having a sign on its door the previous day indicating everyone had quit. The store located near 48th Street and [...]

$15 Wage Becoming New Average In Some Industries

By Sharon Zhang, Truthout. -

New data show that, as wages have risen across much of the economy, the average pay for restaurant and supermarket workers has risen above $15 an hour for the first time, reports The Washington [...]

Identifying The Policy Levers Generating Wage Suppression And Inequality

By Lawrence Mishel and Josh Bivens, Economic Policy Institute. -

Inequalities abound in the U.S. economy, and a central driver in recent decades is the widening gap between the hourly compensation of a typical (median) worker and productivity—the income [...]

Burger King Workers Resign In Protest

By Eoin Higgins, The Flashpoint. -

Burger King workers in Lincoln, Nebraska quit en masse when their general manager Rachael Flores gave her notice after months of mistreatment from higher ups. On the way out last week, Flores [...]

Chicago Amazon Workers Help Win Megacycle Pay Nationwide

By Joe DeManuelle-Hall, Labor Notes. -

In January, the company hit workers in Chicago’s DCH1 delivery station with a devastating one-two punch. First, Amazon was shutting down their workplace, so they would have to transfer to other [...]

Restaurant Workers Say They Won’t Return to Work Without a Living Wage

By Saru Jayaraman, Truthout. -

On May 20, 2021, about 50 service worker leaders at One Fair Wage, an organization I lead that brings together service workers to demand a living wage, gathered to take an official vote on [...]

Desperate For Workers, US Restaurants And Stores Raise Pay

By Christiopher Rugaber, AP News. -

Washington - U.S. restaurants and stores are rapidly raising pay in an urgent effort to attract more applicants and keep up with a flood of customers as the pandemic eases. McDonald’s, Sheetz [...]

Corporations Pumped Up CEO Pay While Their Low-Wage Workers Suffered

By Sarah Anderson, -

During the pandemic, low-wage workers have lost income, jobs, and lives. And yet many of the nation’s top-tier corporations have been fixated on protecting their wealthy CEOs, even bending their [...]

The Enormous Impact Of Eroded Collective Bargaining On Wages

By Lawrence Mishal, Economic Policy Institute. -

A major factor depressing wage growth for middle earners and driving the growth of wage inequality over the last four decades has been the erosion of collective bargaining.1 Indeed, the only [...]

Grocery Companies Denied Us Hazard Pay—So We Went Over Their Heads

By Sam Dancy and Chandra Messer, Labor Notes. -

We’d like to tell you a story of our struggles with Covid and our safety concerns—and how we ended up getting two city councils to enact hazard pay by law. As grocery store workers, we were [...]

When Rank And File Postal Workers Whipped Bosses, Union Leaders, And Richard Nixon

By Patrick Murfin, Heretic, Rebel, A Thing to Flout. -

The day after St. Patrick’s Day in New York City was often little more than an intense, city-wide hangover.  But on March 18, 1970 residents of the Big Apple awoke to more than just [...]

Garment Workers Have Won Billions In Stolen Wages

By Loretta Graceffo, Waging Nonviolence. -

In March 2020, Amanda Lee McCarty was laid off from her job. For years, she had been working in the fashion industry as a buyer and product developer. But as COVID-19 cases surged and lockdown [...]