Hundreds Of Janitors March For Better Wages, More Respect

By Homa Bash, -

A movement sweeping through Cleveland — “Justice for Janitors” has old roots but new momentum in our city. It’s a push for better wages, better healthcare, and most importantly, representatives [...]

Shutdown Exposes How Many Americans Live Paycheck To Paycheck

By William Rivers Pitt, -

Today marks the two-year anniversary of Donald Trump’s inauguration, and we have learned some hard lessons in the interval. The ongoing, historically unprecedented shutdown of the federal [...]

Federal Workers: Shutdown And Out

By Saurav Sarkar, -

What would you do if management could force you to work without pay, lock you out with no consequences, and fire you for going on strike? That’s the situation facing 800,000 federal workers—and [...]

The ‘Private Governments’ That Subjugate U.S. Workers

By Chris Hedges, -

Corporate dictatorships—which strip employees of fundamental constitutional rights, including free speech, and which increasingly rely on temp or contract employees who receive no benefits and [...]

Universal Basic Income Is Easier Than It Looks

By Staff, -

Calls for a Universal Basic Income have been increasing, most recently as part of the Green New Deal introduced by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and supported in the last month by at least [...]

The Eight Most Important Labor Stories Of 2018

By Rebecca Burns, In These Times -

In June, the Supreme Court issued its long-awaited ruling in Janus v. AFSCME—and it was just as bad as everyone feared. In a 5-to-4 decision, the court found that public-sector unions violated [...]

Real Roots Of Inequality Is Neoliberal Capitalism, Not Trade & Technology

By Jayati Ghosh, -

New findings from the International Labor Organization show that workers across many advanced and emerging economies continued to miss out on the gains from growth in 2017. Rather than trotting [...]

New Yorkers Confront Amazon Execs At City Council Meeting

By Julia Conley, Commondreams. -

After being kept in the dark about New York's $3 billion deal with Amazon, allowing the trillion-dollar corporation to build its new headquarters—complete with helicopter landing pad for CEO Jeff [...]

Council Approves Bills For ‘Fair Workweek’ And $15/hr. Wage Hike

By Juliana Feliciano Reyes, -

The 24-year-old graduate of Olney High School left his job at a Target store two weeks ago because the company couldn’t accommodate his schedule — he’s only able to work daytime hours because in [...]

Voters Overwhelmingly Choose To Raise Wages In Two Red States

By Michael Arria, -

On Tuesday, Arkansas voters overwhelmingly approved Issue 5, a ballot measure that will raise the state’s minimum wage from $8.50 to $11 by 2021. The vote is expected to raise wages for some [...]

Women Workers Bring Glasgow To A Standstill

By Conrad Landin, -

Strikers march to Glasgow Council's city chambers for a mass rally during a 48 hour strike by 8,000 GMB and Unison members over an equal pay claim. SCOTLAND’S largest city was brought to a [...]

Glasgow: Thousands Of Women To Strike Over Pay Discrimination

By Libby Brooks, -

Thousands of women council workers across Glasgow plan to bring the city to a standstill this week in what is believed to be the biggest equal pay strike seen in the UK. More than 8,000 workers, [...]

Amazon Concedes $15 Floor Wage, Bernie Sanders Plays Minor Role In Significant Victory

By Bruce A. Dixon, -

Amazon’s announcement last week that it would boost the wages of its lowest paid workers to $15 an hour in time for this year’s holiday rush, was not a generous gift from its owner Jeff Bezos, [...]

Why Labor Day Matters

By Ralph Nader, -

By Ralph Nader for The Nader Page, Labor Day is a time to celebrate America’s tradespeople―the plumbers, electricians, carpenters, painters, tailors, retail clerks and home health assistants. [...]

Real US Wages Are Essentially Back At 1974 Levels, Pew Reports

By Drew Desilver, Pew Research Center. -

On the face of it, these should be heady times for American workers. U.S. unemployment is as low as it’s been in nearly two decades (3.9% as of July) and the nation’s private-sector employers [...]