Opinion: Why A Surtax On Multimillionaires’ Income Is Better Than A Wealth Tax

By Chuck Collins, Marketwatch.com -

Some business leaders may be concerned about some of the tax proposals being floated by Democratic candidates for president. But plenty of them — from JPMorgan Chase JPM, -0.36%  CEO Jamie Dimon [...]

Taxing The Rich Is Only A Start, Though It’s A Good One

By Doug Henwood, Socialistproject.ca -

It’s become near-consensus on the social democratic left that you can fund a decent welfare state by taxing the rich and shrinking the military. Sad to say that isn’t true. Those are good things [...]

How Much In ‘Inequality Tax’ Are You Paying?

By Sam Pizzigati, Inequality.org -

What nation ranks as the world’s richest? A simple question to answer, right. Well, not so much, suggests the just-released tenth annual Global Wealth Report from the banking giant Credit Suisse. [...]

Corporate Taxes Based On CEO Pay: The Public Opinion Context

By Frank Newport, News.gallup.com -

Sen. Bernie Sanders' focus on reducing what he calls "the outrageous level of inequality that exists in America today" has been a significant part of his campaign for the Democratic presidential [...]

Our Tax System Rewards Polluters

By Charlie Simmons, Otherwords.org -

Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old Swedish climate activist who sparked student protests across the globe, had this to tell the UN General Assembly in New York: “People are suffering. People are [...]

400 Richest U.S. Families Paid Lower Tax Rate Than Working Class, Study Finds

By Mary Papenfuss, Huffpost.com -

For the first time in a century, the nation’s richest billionaires are paying a lower tax rate than working-class Americans, according to an analysis in a forthcoming book. The wealthiest 400 [...]

The Wealthiest Americans Haven’t Paid Their Fair Share In Decades

By Ilana Novack, Truthdig.com -

Donald Trump tried to sell America on his 2017 tax bill by calling it a middle class tax cut, and regurgitating Reagan-era talking points about how tax cuts for the wealthy actually benefit [...]

Global Minimum Corporate Tax Needed

By Joseph E. Stiglitz, Project-syndicate.org -

NEW YORK – Globalization has gotten a bad rap in recent years, and often for good reason. But some critics, not least US President Donald Trump, place the blame in the wrong place, conjuring up a [...]

Tax The Rich Before The Rest

By Chuck Collins, Postcarbon.org -

Presidential candidates should take a pledge: The middle class should not pay one dollar more in new taxes until the super-rich pay their fair share. Already candidates are outlining ambitious [...]

Tax The Rich Before The Rest

By Chuck Collins, Otherwords.org -

Presidential candidates should take a pledge: The middle class should not pay one dollar more in new taxes until the super-rich pay their fair share. Already candidates are outlining ambitious [...]

A Wealth Tax Might Be Easier to Implement than You Think

By Steve Wamhoff, Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy -

A direct federal tax on wealth, as described in a January report from ITEP and proposed by Sen. Elizabeth Warren, could raise substantial revenue to make public investments, curb rising [...]

Nicaraguan ‘Human Rights’ Director Accused By Staff Of Massive Theft Of US Taxpayer Money, Death Toll Inflation

By Nan McCurdy, Thegrayzone.com -

A year after a US-backed coup attempt rocked Nicaragua, a major scandal is unfolding over the alleged theft of half a million dollars in US taxpayer money by an organization at the center of the [...]

The Exploitation Time Bomb

By Jayati Ghosh, Project Syndicate. -

New Delhi – Since reducing inequality became an official goal of the international community, income disparities have widened. This trend, typically blamed on trade liberalization and [...]

Let’s Establish A Wealth Tax — And Give Every Family $25,000 A Year

By John R. Talbott, Truthout.org -

Three men in the U.S. have more accumulated wealth than half of all Americans, 165 million people. Our corporations control more shareholder wealth than 99 percent of Americans combined. 90 [...]

A Bus Tour Pushes For Higher Taxes On The Rich

By Jarod Facundo, Inequality.org -

The GOP Tax Cuts and Jobs Act enacted late in 2017, the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service reported late this spring, has been a smashing success — for the U.S. corporations that have [...]