Huge Study Of 50 Years Of Tax Cuts For The Wealthy

By Grace Dean, Business Insider. -

Large tax cuts for the rich don't lead to economic growth and employment but instead cause higher income inequality, a new study that examined tax cuts over 50 years suggested. A recent [...]

Voters Pass A Tax On The Rich To Pay Teachers More

By Austin Walker, KVOA. -

Marana, AZ - Prop 208, Invest in Ed, passed. A 3.5 percent tax increase will be applied to any individual making more than $250,000 a year or if a household makes more than $500,000 a year. [...]

How Big Corporations Are Draining The Life Out Of A Sick America

By Paul Buchheit, Commondreams. -

Our richest corporations are much to blame for the free-market "winner take all" philosophy that has caused over half of our nation to try to survive without adequate health care and life [...]

Amazon Taxed! Lessons Of The Tax Amazon Victory In Seattle

By Logan Swan, Socialist Alternative. -

The Tax Amazon movement and Seattle’s working class won a historic victory on Monday, July 6. Following a three year struggle against the richest man in the world – Jeff Bezos – and his political [...]

The US Response To Covid-19 Has Lavished Wealth On The Rich

By Miles Kampf-Lassin, In These Times. -

According to a recent report from the Institute for Policy Studies, America’s billionaires saw their wealth shoot up by $282 billion in just 23 days as the country was sheltering in lockdown. [...]

Low Income/Simple Living As War Tax Resistance

By National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee. -

There are many methods of war tax resistance. Each accomplishes a different set of goals and involves a different level of personal risk. This pamphlet explores ways to eliminate [...]

Climate Crisis, Taxes, And War

By National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee. -

U.S. military officials have stated on numerous occasions that they support renewable energy initiatives and that climate emergency threatens U.S. security. So they’re working hard to convince us [...]

Meet The New Generation Of Tax Resisters Refusing To Pay For War

By Lindsey Britt, Waging Nonviolence. -

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, the IRS has taken the unusual step of extending the tax season to July 15 — a move that gives people more time to consider using the old, but often [...]

Billionaire Bonanza 2020

By Chuck Collins, Omar Ocampo and Sophia Paslaski, -

Billionaires dominate our politics, culture, and economy. Their wealth, as this report shows, has concentrated mightily over the last four decades — even as the number of U.S. households with [...]

Israel May Ask For Double Its Usual $3.8 Billion From The US This Year

By Alison Weir, If Americans Knew. -

Breaking Defense, a digital magazine that covers military issues, reports that Israel may ask for its U.S. aid early, possibly in a lump sum that could be as high as $7.6 billion. This would [...]

Billionaire Taxes Decreased By 79% Since 1980

By Bob Lord and Chuck Collins, -

Conventional economic wisdom says a time of crisis is not the moment to enact tax increases. But, as Eric Toder at the Tax Policy Center recently pointed out: “[Tax experts] can begin to think of [...]

400 March And Rally To Tax Amazon As Momentum Grows Against Any State Ban On Taxing Big Business

By Staff, -

On Sunday March 1, 400 community members marched from the Cal Anderson Park fountain to the Amazon corporate campus as part of Seattle’s Tax Amazon movement. Against the backdrop of the Amazon [...]

To Tackle Inequality, We Need To Start Talking About Where Wealth Comes From

By Laurie Macfarlane, -

The studies, one commissioned by Trust for London and another by Tax Justice UK, explore public attitudes towards wealth based on focus groups held across England. Both found that most people are [...]

Isn’t A Wealth Tax Common Sense?

By J. Bradford DeLong, -

The wealth-tax proposals being advanced by Democratic US presidential primary contenders clearly meets the public-finance standard for an ideal form of revenue generation. So why have these plans [...]

NYC Taxpayers Spending Millions On Cyber Center With Controversial Ties To Israeli Intelligence

By Whitney Webb, -

Early last week, the city of New York launched — with little media scrutiny — one of two new massive cybersecurity centers that will be run by private Israeli firms with close ties to Israel’s [...]