Tax Reform’s Higher Purpose

By Thea Lee and Hunter Blair, -

Progressive tax reform needs to raise enough revenue to honor our current commitments to Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and other social insurance programs, as well as to finance [...]

Help For Struggling Millionaires Is On The Way

By Chuck Collins, -

If you're struggling to get by on $20 million, the GOP is looking out for you and your heirs. It isn’t easy being a millionaire these days, especially if you’ve got less than $20 million. [...]

Journalists Who Relayed GOP’s Deficit Moaning Owe Us Apologies

By Adam Johnson, -

Now that the Republicans’ brazen tax bill that the CBO predicts will add $1.4 trillion to the deficit has passed, yet again exposing “deficit concerns” by congressional Republicans as an empty [...]

Truth About Power And Capitalism: A Socialist Response To Tax Bill

By Richard D. Wolff,  -

In response to the passage of the GOP tax bill, many voices are now offering variations on the theme of "speak truth to power." It's true enough that tax overhaul, coming after 30 years of [...]

Before House & Senate Vote, Here’s 13 Worst Things In Tax Scam

By Staff, -

Tax experts warn the proposal prioritizes wealthiest Americans—like President Donald Trump, his billionaire cabinet, and the many millionaires in Congress—at the expense of working families with [...]

Tax Bill’s Cost Could Hit $2.2 Trillion Over Next Decade

By Joel Friedman, -

The Republican tax bill is loaded with expiring provisions and delayed tax increases that help it comply with budget rules but hide its likely real cost; if policymakers down the road don’t let [...]

Tax Bill To Preserve Critical Credits For Wind, Solar & Electric Vehicles

By Georgina Gustin -

The booming renewable energy industry is breathing a wary sigh of relief as Congress prepares to vote this week on a sweeping tax bill that preserves critical tax credits for wind energy, solar [...]

Arrested To Show Senator Collins What We Think Of Tax Bill

By Jim Betts, Sarah Bigney, Tina Marie Davidson, Erin Oberson, and Nick Paquet -

Last week, in the midst of congressional debate on the Republicans’ disastrous tax plan, we went to Senator Susan Collins’ office in Bangor to join the discussion and talk about how the bill will [...]

Tax Cut That Benefits Sen. Corker Was To Get Votes For Passage

By David Sirota -

Sen. John Cornyn of Texas, the majority whip, on Sunday said a tax provision, which could personally enrich key Republican lawmakers, was added to the final tax bill as part of an effort to [...]

Indiana Grad Students Protesting Tax Bill

By Sarah Jaffe, -

Today we bring you a conversation with Tracey Hutchings-Goetz, Edward Brudney, Justin Knight, Kathryn Lehman, Amanda Waterhouse and Liam Kingsley. They are Ph.D. candidates or graduate students [...]

Tax Bill: Stealing Money From College Education For Tax Cuts For Wealthy

By Jeff Bryant, -

New tax bills Congress just passed with zero input or support from Democrats hit higher education hard, but new legislation House Republicans are crafting will likely worsen the damage. As The [...]

Tax Bill: More Secret Campaign Cash In Elections

By Arn Pearson, -

Last week Senate Republicans passed a tax bill that hands massive tax breaks to corporations and the rich at the expense of low-income and middle-class Americans. Written behind closed doors with [...]

Media Downplay Class Warfare As ‘GOP Victory’

By Ben Norton, -

By Ben Norton for FAIR - The fallacy of “neutral,” “both sides” journalism rings loud and clear in corporate media reporting on the Republican Party’s tax plan. The GOP bill, passed by the Senate [...]

Hundreds Storm Capitol Hill Offices To Denounce GOP Tax Bill

By Julia Conley, -

By Julia Conley for Common Dreams - Outraged demonstrators arrested outside of Republican lawmakers' offices as House and Senate prepare #GOPTaxScam for conference committee. Opponents of the [...]

Tax Bill Impact: What Happens To Renewable Energy?

By Georgina Gustin, -

By Georgina Gustin for Inside Climate News - The Senate voted early Saturday to approve a major overhaul of the U.S. tax code that critics say would decimate clean energy investments while [...]