In Small Black Southern Towns, The Cops Remain Undaunted

By Justin L. Brooks, The American Prospect. -

Almost a year ago, the roaring chants echoed in the streets: Defund the police! Abolish the police! The tide of public opinion spurred some of the nation’s more liberal cities into action. Los [...]

Organizing In The South

By Joseph B. Atkins, Portside. -

Oxford, MI - The woman’s face still haunts me. Lined from many years of work on the farm and then in the cotton mills, she is nameless in my memory, just another “linthead” in the eyes of the [...]

Groups In The South Are Working To Fix A Broken Farm Labor System

By Jonah Goldman Kay, Facing South. -

For years, legal organizations and farmworker advocacy groups have sounded the alarm about the H-2A visa program — the most common legal route to hiring foreign agricultural workers. Faced with [...]

Organizing Rural Manufacturing Workers Matters

By Cindy Estrada and Chris Schwartz, The Forge. -

It’s no secret that the number of manufacturing jobs in the United States has steadily declined over the past few decades, replaced largely by low-wage work in the service sector. But in many [...]