Over 10,000 Deere Workers Launch First Strike In 35 Years

Approximately 10,100 workers at agricultural equipment giant Deere and Company began to strike at midnight Central Time early Thursday morning. The workers are located at plants in Iowa, Illinois [...]

Auto Workers To Vote On Direct Elections For Officers

By Jonah Furman, Labor Notes. -

United Auto Workers members will soon vote in an unprecedented referendum to decide whether the union’s 400,000 working members and nearly 600,000 retirees will directly elect their top officers. [...]

Ten Thousand UAW Members Gear Up For A Strike Vote At John Deere

By Jonah Furman, Labor Notes. -

Ten thousand production and warehouse workers for the farm equipment manufacturer John Deere will take a strike authorization vote September 12 across nine Auto Workers (UAW) locals in Iowa, [...]

Opening The Door To A More Democratic UAW

By Nelson Lichtenstein, Labor Notes. -

In December the leadership of the United Auto Workers reached a settlement with the Justice Department that opens the door to election of top union officers by referendum vote of the membership. [...]

UAW’s New Dissidents Not The First To Call For One-Member, One-Vote

By Kalas Hall, The Detroit News -

Detroit — A group of dissidents in the United Auto Workers is the second in 30 years to attempt change in the democratic union they say has really been ruled by one party: the Reuther [...]

What The Chicago Teachers Union And The GM Auto Workers Strikes Teach Us

By Stansfield Smith, Popular Resistance. -

The Chicago teachers and staff, numbering 35,000, are on strike for the second time in seven years. And for a second time, the teachers' action has helped spark a social movement. This strike [...]