Baltimore’s Teachers Fight to Democratize City’s Schools

By Ryan Harvey, In These Times. -

When a photograph of bundled-up students in a frigid Baltimore classroom recently spread on social media—with temperatures in schools as low as the mid-30s—the city became a focal point of public [...]

Baltimore’s Water Cleanup Infrastructure Becomes Public Sensation

By Alastar Boone, -

When John Kellett invented the Inner Harbor Wheel to collect trash from Baltimore’s popular waterway, he never imagined it would have eyeballs. Or a Twitter account. But these features have made [...]

Baltimore’s Apartheid Schools: Students Forced To Sit In 40 Degree Classrooms

By Thandisizwe Chimurenga, MintPress News -

Baltimore, MD - Usually people – especially children – look forward to snowy days. In addition to building snow creatures and throwing snowballs, it sometimes means no school. Usually. But not in [...]

How Baltimore Prosecutors Pursued A Police Shooting Victim

By Brandon Soderberg, -

“Victory,” the Baltimore State’s Attorney’s Office tweeted in October after Keith Davis Jr. was found guilty of second-degree murder. Keith’s wife Kelly and members of the activist [...]

Lawyers For Keith Davis Jr. File Motion For New Trial

By Brandon Soderberg Baynard Woods, -

By Brandon Soderberg Baynard Woods for Baltimore Beat - Lawyers for Keith Davis Jr., a man shot by Baltimore Police in 2015 and subsequently charged with and eventually convicted of the murder of [...]

Neighborhood Lockdown After Officer’s Shooting Is Troubling

By Fern Shen, -

By Fern Shen for Baltimore Brew - Two women walking down Franklin Street to get to their cars, parked blocks away because of the lockdown, complained that they had been harassed by officers. [...]

How Ceasefire Has Changed This Organizer And Baltimore

By Lisa Snowden-McCray, -

By Lisa Snowden-McCray for Baltimore Beat. Baltimore, MD - Just a few days after the second 72-hour Baltimore Ceasefire weekend, which ran from Nov. 3-5, Erricka Bridgeford and I are sitting in [...]

Lawsuit Against Baltimore Police For Actions During #AFROMATION Protest

By Shannon Wallace, -

By Shannon Wallace for City Paper - Nine Baltimore activists have filed a class action lawsuit against the Baltimore Police Department and the state of Maryland related to last year's #AFROMATION [...]

March At Baltimore City Hall Demands Affordable Housing Funds

By Staff, -

By Staff of The Real News Network - TAYA GRAHAM: This is Taya Graham reporting for the Real News Network in Baltimore City, Maryland. Baltimore City activists have finally said enough is enough [...]

Tent City Leader Blasts Pugh As City Is Moving Homeless Group

By Fern Shen, -

By Fern Shen for Baltimore Brew - For Samantha Smith, the last straw came at the gala fundraiser for the homeless that she attended Saturday at the invitation of Mayor Catherine Pugh. Seated near [...]

Man Convicted Of Murder In Case That Covers Police Shooting

By Baynard Woods, -

By Baynard Woods for The Real News Network - A Baltimore jury convicted Keith Davis Jr. for the murder of Kevin Jones on Tuesday evening, after only a couple hours of deliberation in a case full [...]

Branch’s Closure Sparks Battle Against “Banking Deserts” In Baltimore

By Fern Shen, -

By Fern Shen for Baltimore Brew - There’s not much left of the Bank of America branch that closed at Reisterstown Road Plaza last month, just two still-working ATMs outside the building. Banks [...]

Perverse Mobility: From BaltimoreGhetto To HabanaStation

By Cliff DuRand, -

By Cliff DuRand for The Center for Global Justice. Last year’s film hit in Cuba was “HabanaStation”, directed by Ian Padron. It is the touching story of a developing friendship between two boys [...]

Drug Testing – But Still No Permanent Housing – For Tent City Protesters

By Fern Shen, -

By Fern Shen for Baltimore Brew - When Mayor Catherine Pugh persuaded homeless protesters camped outside City Hall to relocate to a building in Sandtown, she promised they would “get permanent [...]

Baltimore To Keep, Clean Defaced Francis Scott Key Statue

By Colin Campbell and Sean Welsh, -

By Colin Campbell and Sean Welsh for The Baltimore Sun - Mayor Catherine Pugh says she has no plans to remove the Francis Scott Key monument in Bolton Hill that was vandalized before dawn [...]