“No Justice. No Peace. No Private Police.”

By Staff, Aclu-md.org -

“No Justice. No Peace. No Private Police,” was a chant that rang through the Charles Village and Waverly neighborhoods last Wednesday. On the 300th “West Wednesday,” John Hopkins University [...]

7 Arrested After Police Raid Sit-in Against Hopkins Private Police

By Jaisal Noor, Therealnews.com -

The university had warned protesters they were subject to arrest after they took over and chained themselves to the building on May 1. Just days earlier, activist Tawanda Jones, whose brother was [...]

Endless Trials

By Alice Speri, Theintercept.com -

KEITH DAVIS JR. was supposed to die. He had been on the phone with his girlfriend when four police officers cornered him into a dimly lit garage in West Baltimore. They had mistaken him for a [...]

Citing School Officials’ Campaign Contributions To Pugh, Hopkins Students Protest Private Police Plan

By Fern Shen, Baltimorebrew.com -

Occupying a campus building for nearly a week, protesters say plan is tainted by its ties to a “pay-to-play” mayor. They chant every hour, often choosing “No justice. No peace. No private [...]

Johns Hopkins’ Latest Plan For Police Force Prompts Protest From Students, Faculty, Neighbors

By Catherine Rentz, Baltimoresun.com -

Worried about over-policing in Baltimore and across the country, Johns Hopkins University students, faculty members and others on Wednesday protested the school’s efforts to establish its own [...]

City Council Approves Bill That Could Shut Down Massive Trash Incinerator

By Dharna Noor, Therealnews.com -

Baltimore City Council unanimously passed a bill on Monday that would force the city’s Wheelabrator trash incinerator to dramatically reduce its emissions of pollutants or shut down. 14 of 15 [...]

In Baltimore, Money Still Follows The Segregation Map

By Chase Hoffberger, Baltimorebrew.com -

New study shows the differences in economic activity—and access to opportunity—between neighborhoods new analysis of investment patterns in Baltimore shows the degree to which decades-old housing [...]

Baltimore Joins Global Movement, Becoming The First Major U.S. City To Ban Water Privatization

By Thomas M. Hanna, Inthesetimes.com -

On November 6, Baltimore became the first major city in the United States whose residents voted to ban water privatization. Nearly 77 percent of voters cast ballots in favor of Question E, which [...]

Baltimore Voters Stand Up To Water Privatization

By Chuck Collins, Inequality.org -

One interesting local victory on Tuesday was a vote by the citizens of Baltimore to amend the city’s charter to prohibit the privatization of their water and sewer system. In a rare instance of [...]

City To Study Use Of Fentanyl-Detecting Test Strips By Distributing Them In Exchange Vans

By Ethan McLeod, Baltimorefishbowl.com -

In its ongoing fight against a fentanyl-fueled surge in drug overdoses, the Baltimore City Health Department plans to study the efficacy of test strips that detect the potent synthetic substance [...]

“No More Racist Bosses”: Why Workers At A Suburban Target Store Are Protesting

By Bruce Vail, Inthesetimes.com -

A small group of workers at retailer Target Corporation is demanding accountability from local store managers in the Baltimore area, highlighting issues of discrimination and fair scheduling that [...]

After Latest Water Rate Hike, A Call To Pugh And Young For Help

By Fern Shen, Baltimorebrew.com -

A City Council bill to give poor residents a break on fast-rising water rates – promised a year ago by President Jack Young – is yet to be drafted As Baltimore water bills rose for the third year [...]

Stopping One Incinerator Wasn’t Enough For Baltimore Students

By Emily Nonko, Nextcity.org -

In 2010, the city of Baltimore approved a plan to build the Fairfield Renewable Energy Project, a trash incinerator that would have been the largest of its kind in the nation. Its developer, [...]

Call To Disband Baltimore Police Department In Wake Of Abuses

By Lawrence Brown, Baltimore Beat. -

After the DOJ report, the Baltimore Police Department did not fundamentally change. They continued to have a “War Room” and were found to have engaged in secret aerial surveillance, facial [...]

New Hopkins Hotel Gets Biggest Slice Of Neighborhood Grant Pie

By Mark Reutter, Baltimorebrew.com -

With today’s approval of a resolution of support by the mayor and the Board of Estimates, the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development will release another $800,000 of BRNI funds [...]