Pipeline Fighter Blocks Mountain Valley Pipeline Construction

By Staff, Facebook.com/appalachiansagainstpipelines/ -

Montgomery County, VA — Yesterday, pipeline fighter Phillip Flagg locked himself in the path of the Mountain Valley Pipeline near Elliston, VA. MVP has been clearing and grading this section of [...]

Virginia’s Controversial Pipelines Face Protests And Legal Hurdles

By Mason Adams, Virginiamercury.com -

FLOYD — Warm weather has brought renewed activity to the Mountain Valley Pipeline in western Virginia, but the project and its equally contentious sibling, the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, still face [...]

The Atlantic Coast Pipeline: Another Boondoggle In Virginia

By Kenneth Surin, Counterpunch.org -

Two pipelines– the Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) and the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP)—earmarked for construction in Virginia have been the source of massive controversy. In a previous [...]

“We Have Stopped It For Another Year”: MVP Tree-Sit Hits Over 156 Days

By Appalachians Against Pipelines, Itsgoingdown.org -

Today marks 156 days since the beginning of the Yellow Finch tree sits, and a lot has changed since then. The forest around us has undergone seasonal changes, the trees have shed their leaves, [...]

Cop Suspended After Anti-Fascists Expose His Affinity For White Nationalist Group

By Christopher Mathias, Huffingtonpost.com -

The Facebook account for a Virginia police sergeant shows connections to a “neo-Volkisch” white nationalist group. A Virginia police sergeant has been suspended after his apparent affinity for a [...]

Virginia Teachers Protest Low Pay At Capitol Rally

By Alan Suderman, Apnews.com -

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — Virginia teachers demanded higher pay and better working conditions during a rally Monday at the state Capitol, as educators look to match the success of similar teacher [...]

Virginia Officials Reject Dominion IRP And ACP Construction Halted

By Staff, Southernenvironment.org -

Today the Virginia State Corporation Commission issued an order rejecting Dominion Energy’s Integrated Resource Plan, which lays out the utility’s plans for meeting energy needs for years to come [...]

“Pumpkins Not Pipelines”: Activists Stage Halloween Parade Outside The Governor’s Office

By George Copeland Jr., Rvamag.com  -

Richmond residents from Broad Street to North 9th were witness to a parade of costumed protesters Wednesday, warning of “a place where the air is so polluted it causes headaches, nosebleeds and [...]

Virginians Show The Real Face Of Poverty

By Saurav Sarkar, Otherwords.org -

On a recent night in Richmond, Virginia, speaker after speaker came forward to talk about the multidimensional reality of poverty. The setting was a hearing held by the Poor People’s Campaign: A [...]

Federal Court Throws Out Another Key ACP Permit

By Staff, Sierraclub.org -

Richmond, VA — The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals today threw out the National Park Service’s permit for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline in a case argued by the Southern Environmental Law Center on [...]

Virginia State Senator In Rare Support By Politician For Assange

By Richard Black, Consortiumnews.com -

As a military officer, I was trained to strictly observe security protocols.  So when I first heard of WikiLeaks and Julian Assange, I was instinctively critical.  But upon reading his released [...]

#AbolishICE: Protesters Call Out ‘Profiteers’ And Localities Working With ICE In Virginia

By Anne Meador, Dcmediagroup.us -

About a hundred people protested at the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) field office in Fairfax County, Va. today, saying that the agency inflicts violence on immigrant families [...]

Court Orders Mountain Valley Pipeline To Stop Construction

By Staff, Sierraclub.org -

Under section 404 of the Clean Water Act, the Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) is charged with issuing a permit for the pipeline’s stream crossings that allows the project’s builders to trench [...]

Pipeline Outrage Is A Human Issue, Not A Political Issue

By Norah Vawter, Otherwords.org -

The fight against pipelines can unite progressives and libertarians, city folk and country folk. I almost cried at a press conference, watching a mother and her grown daughter explain the [...]

Woman, Daughter Who Protested In Trees On Planned Pipeline Land Come Down

By Staff, Wsls.com -

ROANOKE COUNTY, Va. - After more than a month sitting in trees protesting the Mountain Valley pipeline, Theresa "Red" Terry and her daughter, Minor, finally came down Saturday. It happened a day [...]

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