Tenants Take On The ‘City’s Worst Landlord’ With Rent Strike

By Caroline Spivak, Curbed. -

Standing outside the four-story brick apartment building in Crown Heights she calls home, Jemiah Johnson took her turn with the black megaphone. “This building is literally killing us!” the [...]

Emergency Urbanism

By Ananya Roy, Public Books. -

Los Angeles is on the brink of one of the largest mass displacements in the history of the region. As eviction courts reopen, nearly half a million renter households, concentrated in Black and [...]

Nearly 1,000 Homeless People Died In LA In 2020 As 93,000 Homes Sit Vacant

By Alex Ferrer, Terra Graziani and Jacob Woocher, Truthout. -

In many major metropolitan areas across the United States, there are far more vacant homes than people experiencing homelessness. This is true in New York City, it’s true in the Bay Area, and [...]

Tenants Take On Philadelphia Gentrifier

By Doris Grass, Workers.org. -

Philadelphia–A new and rapidly growing association of residential and commercial tenants of OCF Realty was formed to demand that OCF meet the needs of its tenants during the COVID-19 crisis and [...]

Victory For DC Tenants In Catholic Church-Owned Buildings

By Yasmina Mrabet, Justicefirst.org -

Tenants across 3 separate buildings worked together to find a developer willing to purchase the buildings and ensure that the housing remains affordable. This seemed a near impossible task due to [...]

Tenants March To Stop Giveaways To Wall Street Landlords

By Aditi Katti, www.inequality.org -

By Aditi Katti for Inequality.org - It was a brutally hot and humid day in the nation’s capital and Margie Mathers needed a cane to get up to the podium, but the Florida senior had a story she [...]

Portland Declares Official Housing Emergency

By Shelby R. King, www.blogtown.portlandmercury.com -

By Shelby R. King for the Portland Mercury. Portland, OR - Portland City Council today passed an ordinance declaring an official housing emergency in the city. The commissioners unanimously [...]