Clock Ticking On Benefits Deadline For Uranium Workers

By Kathy Helms, Multicultural Alliance for a Safe Environment. -

Churchrock – Larry King, president of Churchrock Chapter and a former uranium worker, doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in the melting Arctic of receiving federal benefits afforded sick Navajos [...]

Take Uranium Tailings Far Away From Navajo Nation

By Arlyssa Becenti, Navajo Times. -

Window Rock - President Jonathan Nez has sent a letter stating the Nation wants radioactive mine waste disposed off of — and nowhere near — the Navajo Nation. The letter is in response to the [...]

Inaugural ‘No Uranium In Treaty Territory Summit’ Held In Rapid City

By Staff, -

Rapid City, SD – The first-ever No Uranium in Treaty Territory Summit is taking place on Oglala Sioux Tribal land to alert the local public about the current fights against mining companies and [...]

Southwestern Lakes And Rivers Are Radioactive

By Jonathan P. Thompson -

During the uranium days of the West, more than a dozen mills — all with processing capacities at least ten times larger than the one at White Canyon — sat on the banks of the Colorado River and [...]

Day 9 Of Countdown To Launch: Featuring Klee Benally

By Staff, -

By Popular Resistance. Klee Benally is a Navajo (Diné) musician, artist, film producer and activist living in Flagstaff, Arizona. He has worked on numerous campaigns to protect sacred sites and [...]

Trump Administration Targets Uranium Mining Ban Near Grand Canyon

Center for Biological Diversity, Grand Canyon Trust, Havasupai, Wildlands Network, Sierra Club and National Parks Conservation Association, -

WASHINGTON— The Trump administration wants to roll back a 20-year ban to allow uranium mining near the Grand Canyon, according to a Forest Service report formally released today. Under today’s [...]

Why We’re Investigating Grand Canyon Uranium

By John Ahni Schertow and Garet Bleir, -

By John Ahni Schertow and Garet Bleir for InterContinental Cry. In 2012, US Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar announced a twenty-year ban on mining surrounding the Grand Canyon National Park. [...]

Grand Canyon Is Our Home. Uranium Mining Has No Place Here

Carletta Tilousi, -

By Carletta Tilousi for The Guardian - The Havasupai – “people of the blue-green waters” – live in Supai Village, located at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Today our lives and water are being [...]

First Cross Border Anti-Nuclear Action

By the Intermountain West Uranium Summit, -

By the Intermountain West Uranium Summit. ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico -- Intermountain West Uranium Summit participants are inviting affinity groups everywhere to take part on July 15-16 in our first [...]

Uranium Mining In The Grand Canyon Continues Despite Resistance

By Vic Bishop, -

By Vic Bishop for Waking Times - Sad but true, the dramatic opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation in North Dakota failed to achieve the result of [...]

Haul No! Awareness And Action Tour

By Staff, -

By Haul No! Haul No! is an awareness & action tour that will be held in Spring 2017 along the proposed uranium haul route of the Canyon Mine (owned and operated by uranium production company [...]

Energy Fuels Completes Drilling Near Grand Canyon

By Klee Benally, -

By Klee Benally for Haul No! GRAND CANYON, AZ — Energy Fuels Inc. recently reported that it has completed drilling of it’s uranium mine shaft at Canyon Mine, which is located just miles from the [...]

Native American Uranium Miners & Trump Budget

By Robert Alvarez, -

By Robert Alvarez for Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists - For minimum wage or less, they blasted open seams, built wooden beam supports in the mine shafts, and dug out ore pieces with picks and [...]

Protesters’ Outcry Against Live-Fire Bombing In Hawai’i

By Shauna Krystin, -

By Shauna Krystin for The Fifth Column News. Kailua, Hawaii (TFC) – Activists on Hawai’i Island are asking for the end of live-fire bomb training at Pohakuloa Training Area. One primary concern [...]

Grand Canyon Uranium Mine Filling With Toxic Water

By Alicyn Gitlin and Leona Morgan, -

By Alicyn Gitlin and Leona Morgan for Sierra Club. TUSAYAN, Ariz. – The controversial Canyon Mine, located just six miles from Grand Canyon’s South Rim, is filling with surplus water after a wet [...]

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