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Military Intervention

Ecuador’s Pseudo-Left Candidate Yaku Pérez Echoes Call For Military Takeover

Ecuador’s third-place presidential candidate, Yaku Pérez Guartambel, has called for direct military intervention in his country’s political system, requesting a purge of electoral authorities and a nullification of the results of the February 7 election that he lost. Pérez has also demanded that Ecuador’s corrupt and undemocratic Lenín Moreno government immediately issue a legal judgment against the socialist-oriented candidate Andrés Arauz, who won the first round of the presidential election in a landslide, in an effort to disqualify him based on a debunked conspiracy alleging he received money from Colombian socialist guerrillas in the ELN. The Grayzone has documented how the Pachakutik party of Pérez has received support from the US government, and how the candidate has misleadingly portrayed himself as a progressive environmentalist while pushing for right-wing policies and US-backed coups targeting democratically elected left-wing governments across Latin America.
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