NSA’s Spying Power Could Soon Be Extended

By Marlee Kokotovic, Nationofchange.org -

People all over the nation are joining together to pressure Congress to uphold the Fourth Amendment. The National Security Agency’s (NSA) surveillance powers are soon up for renewal in Congress, [...]

Liberty Act: “Fake Fix” To Controversial NSA Spying Program

By Whitney Webb, blackagendareport.com -

By Whitney Webb for Mint Press News - Ever since Edward Snowden helped reveal the true extent of the National Security Agency’s (NSA) massive spying program, U.S. politicians have attempted to [...]

The Drug Exception To The Bill Of Rights Continues

By Mark Joseph Stern, www.slate.com -

By Mark Joseph Stern for The Slate - The Supreme Court issued an extraordinarily disappointing 5–3 decision on Monday in Utah v. Strieff, a Fourth Amendment case about police searches. Yet the [...]

Bush-Era DOJ Memos Gave President Power Violate 4th Amendment

By Ellen Nakashima, www.washingtonpost.com -

The Justice Department released two decade-old memos Friday night, offering the fullest public airing to date of the Bush administration’s legal justification for the warrantless wiretapping of [...]