Against Big Tech’s Algorithmic Cancel Culture

By Ann Garrison, Black Agenda Report. -

The Critical Media Literacy Conference of the Americas , the lead organizer for that is Dr. Nolan Higdon , whom I've worked with for years on various things. And Project Censored was a co-sponsor [...]

The Trust Project: Big Media And Silicon Valley’s Weaponized Algorithms Silence Dissent

By Whitney Webb, -

Given the Trust Project’s rich-get-richer impact on the online news landscape, it is not surprising to find that it is funded by a confluence of tech oligarchs and powerful forces with a clear [...]

Stop Using Discriminatory AI, Human Rights Groups Say

By Dan Robitzski, -

When it comes to developing artificial intelligence, President Trump may want a free-market approach. But a number of experts disagree — we need guidelines to protect people from discriminatory [...]

Cowardly New World: Alternative Media Under Attack By Algorithms

By Kollibri Terre Sonnenblume, -

By Kollibri Terre Sonnenblume for Counter Punch - An insidious assault is underway against alternative media on the internet. Leftist and progressive websites have been suffering significant [...]

When Algorithms Decide What You Pay

By Julia Angwin, Terry Parris Jr. and Surya Mattu, -

By Julia Angwin, Terry Parris Jr. and Surya Mattu for ProPublica - YOU MAY NOT REALIZE IT, but every website you visit is created, literally, the moment you arrive. Each element of the page — the [...]