Advocates Protest For Julian Assange Outside Belmarsh Prison

By Laura Tiernan, WSWS. -

A large crowd rallied outside Belmarsh Prison in London on Saturday as jailed WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange received the Gavin MacFadyen Award 2019—the only journalism prize given by [...]

UK Government Holds “Media Freedom” Conference While Imprisoning Assange

By Oscar Grenfell, -

Thursday marked three months since WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange was dragged out of the Ecuadorian embassy and into London’s Belmarsh Prison, where he is being held pending extradition to [...]

Press Freedom Under Attack After Assange Indictment, Photos Of Assange In Prison

There are two sets of laws in the United States today. One is inscribed in law books and applies to the majority of Americans. The other is a canon of privileges enjoyed by an establishment under [...]

Trump’s Charges Against Assange Are Historic Attack On Press Freedoms. Media And Obama Helped Set The Stage

By Ben Norton, -

WikiLeaks publisher and political prisoner Julian Assange is facing 17 charges under the United States Espionage Act — a draconian law that was written during World War I to imprison leftists who [...]

US Makes Top 5 In Record Year Of Killed Journalists

By Staff, -

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) says that the number of slain and detained journalists increased worldwide in 2018. For the first time in history the United States is among the top five deadliest [...]

Jim Acosta, Julian Assange And The Real US War On The Free Press

By Derek Royden, -

For the past few weeks, mainstream American television news networks, led by CNN, have been criticizing the current U.S. President in regards to his obvious disdain for anyone in the press who [...]

Corporate Media Join In Editorializing For Press Freedom…For Themselves

By Dave Lindorff, -

Some 300 newspapers, large and small, joined today in publishing, often on their front pages, editorials defending the First Amendment’s freedom of the press, often making note of their own [...]

The Intelligence Community Is Neither

By David Swanson, -

At the big “Treason Summit” “Russopocalypse” “Catastrovent” on Monday, journalist Sam Husseini tried to ask a question about banning nuclear weapons, and was physically hauled out of the room by [...]

The War On Assange Is A War On Press Freedom

By Chris Hedges, -

The failure on the part of establishment media to defend Julian Assange, who has been trapped in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London since 2012, has been denied communication with the outside world [...]

Assange Is A Journalist, Should Not Be Persecuted For Publishing The Truth

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, Popular Resistance -

Last week, rallies in support of Julian Assange were held around the world. We participated in two #AssangeUnity events seeking to #FreeAssange in Washington, DC.  This is the beginning of a [...]

Donald Trump’s Surveillance Of New York Times Reporter Is A True Declaration Of War Against The Press

Ever since he began his campaign for president, Trump has engaged in a largely rhetorical battle against the press, casting the reporters who cover him as the enemy of the average American and as [...]

Building The Iron Wall

By Chris Hedges, -

Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, along with 18 members of the House of Representatives—15 Republicans and three Democrats—has sent a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions demanding that the Qatari-run [...]

Judge Tells Jury: Informing Public May Be Criminal Conspiracy

By Jim Naureckas, -

Reporting the news can be punished as criminal conspiracy, federal Judge Lynn Leibovitz told jurors at the so-called J20 trial in Washington, DC, where journalists and protesters alike are [...]

2017 – A Year In Courage

By Staff, -

As we approach the end of a year that saw increased threats on freedom of the press, right-wing governments on both sides of the Atlantic launch attacks on civil liberties, and the continued [...]

Future If Net Neutrality Is Repealed

By David Gorodyansky, -

If you’re scared of a future America without net neutrality, I want to terrify you. The potential repeal of what should be a civic right should chill you to the bone. No, there is more than one [...]

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