The New Congress and the Rolling Catastrophe of the US Body Politic

By Roger Harris, Popular Resistance -

The American body politic is in a deep malaise with the current administration. But Trump is the symptom, not the disease, which is the neoliberal rule. The conditions that allowed the ascendency [...]

Teachers Strikes Expected In 2019

By Staff, -

Teachers in the U.S. are getting ready for a combative 2019, as strikes have been organized to protest the same old educational issues. The new year promises new teacher strikes in the United [...]

Mountain Valley Pipeline Protested With Tree Sitter

By Jeff Sturgeon, -

Two people face removal from trees because they are blocking the Mountain Valley Pipeline project near Elliston, a pipeline attorney said in court papers. A person who said he is one of the [...]

Universal Basic Income Is Easier Than It Looks

By Staff, -

Calls for a Universal Basic Income have been increasing, most recently as part of the Green New Deal introduced by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and supported in the last month by at least [...]

Syrian Kurds Throw Americans Under The Bus

By M. K. Bhadrakumar, -

The Syrian government forces have entered the northern town of Manbij on the Turkish border earlier today. The Syrian military command announced in Damascus that the operation stemmed from the [...]

The Decade-Long U.S. Campaign To Foment Syria’s “Revolution” And Unseat Assad

By Sarah Abed, -

SYRIA — (First published in May, 2017) The fingerprints of U.S. imperialism can be found all over the manufactured insurrection in Syria, in keeping with the ultimate goal of destabilization and [...]

The United States Is First In War, But Trailing In Crucial Aspects Of Modern Civilization

By Lawrence Wittner, -

Maybe those delirious crowds chanting “USA, USA” have got something. When it comes to military power, the United States reigns supreme. Newsweek reported in March 2018: “The United States has the [...]

To Achieve Peace, It Must Not Become An Economic Matter

By Juan Gómez, -

Frequently we ask ourselves if peace is possible. Many people are disappointed thinking that it is just a delusion, an unattainable utopia. Even those who support and adhere to the peace [...]

Democratic Leadership Blocking Green New Deal

By Christopher D. Cook, -

As House Democratic leaders prepare to reclaim power this January, they are clamping down on insurgent progressive initiatives like the Green New Deal, which could be sidelined in favor of a [...]

Japan Prepares For War Alongside US, Massive Military Build-Up Targets China & Russia

By Ben McGrath, -

The cabinet of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe approved new so-called National Defense Program Guidelines (NDPG) on December 18 that will rapidly accelerate Tokyo’s remilitarization, including [...]

Movement Victory: Over Five Million Workers Will Have Higher Pay On January 1

By David Cooper, -

On January 1, 2019, 20 states will raise their minimum wages, lifting pay for 5.3 million workers across the country.1 The increases, which range from a $0.05 inflation adjustment in Alaska to a [...]

The Top 25 Censored Stories Of 2017-2018

By Staff, Project Censored -

The presentation of the Top 25 stories of 2017-2018 extends the tradition originated by Professor Carl Jensen and his Sonoma State University students in 1976, while reflecting how the expansion [...]

If LA Teachers Strike Don’t Expect It To Stay In LA

By Ricardo Cano, CalMatters -

The nation’s second largest school district is about to ring in 2019 with a teacher strike that is already reverberating in public schools across California, and could be felt by taxpayers and [...]

In North Korea, Verifying Requires Reconciling

By Leon V. Sigal, 38 North -

During the Bush years, as it had done previously, Pyongyang showed some willingness to accept verification when it saw Washington moving away from enmity but balked when it did not. In [...]

Democrats and Neocons Are the Biggest Losers of Trump’s Syria Withdrawal

By Daniel Lazare, Truthdig -

Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw them from eastern Syria has generated a rich list of winners and losers. Rarely has a strategy backfired as roundly as the Dem-neocon approach has since 2011. [...]