Docs Show Ajit Pai Met With AT&T Execs Right After Corp Started Paying Michael Cohen. Now Congress Needs To Overturn The FCC’s Net Neutrality Repeal And Investigate.

By Fight for the Future, -

This past week, AT&T apologized for its “serious misjudgment” in hiring U.S. President Donald Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen to provide “insights” into how the new administration would [...]

The Battle For Net Neutrality Continues

By Ilana Novick, -

“Net neutrality” laws are set to expire June 11, the Federal Communications Commission announced Thursday, and now a number of senators, mainly Democrats, are staging a last-ditch effort to save [...]

Congress Would Save Net Neutrality If They Represented The People

By Dell Cameron, -

Democrats on Wednesday officially filed a petition to force a vote in the Senate to save net neutrality. With a single Republican supporting the effort, only one vote is needed to advance a [...]

Co-Op Broadband Brightens Future Of Rural Alabama

By Cathy Cash, -

The future of tiny Brilliant, Alabama, just got brighter with a clear path to broadband. Thanks to Tombigbee Electric Cooperative, state leadership and funds from the U.S. Department of [...]

Everything You Need To Know About The Net Neutrality Resolution Coming To Congress Next Week

By Russell Brandom, -

It’s been six months since FCC chairman Ajit Pai officially began the rollback of the Title II net neutrality order — and progress has been slow. The new rules finally entered the federal [...]

How Net Neutrality Activists Are Going Face-To-Face With Members Of Congress

By Andrew Wyrich, -

Net neutrality activists hand-delivered an open letter from small business owners to members of Congress across the country on Wednesday, urging them to support an effort to undo the Federal [...]

Thousands Of Small Businesses Call On Congress To Pass CRA Resolution To Restore Net Neutrality

By Staff, -

It’s national Small Business Week, and nearly 6,000 small businesses, ranging from construction companies to tech startups are planning to deliver an open letter to Congress tomorrow Wednesday, [...]

‘Red Alert’ Protest For Net Neutrality Starts May 9

By Marguerite Reardon,   -

Net neutrality activists and websites like Etsy, Tumblr, Postmates, Foursquare and Twilio will post "red alerts" starting May 9 to protest the FCC's effort to roll back Obama-era net neutrality [...]

Net Neutrality Is Vital – So Is Rural Broadband

By Neil Ritchie, Anchorage Daily News. -

Most issues look different from rural America, but that's especially true of net neutrality. No one doubts that net neutrality policies to keep the internet open and free for all users is [...]

Pressure On For Net Neutrality Campaign

By Staff, -

Meanwhile, the quest to find one more vote to move the process forward in the Senate continues. Write Congress to aid in the search. On May 2, small businesses will deliver a letter to Congress, [...]

The Broadband Boost Small-Town America Needs

By Alex Marshall, -

They are mostly towns you’ve probably never heard of, places like Sandy, Ore., Leverett, Mass., Lafayette, La., and Longmont, Colo. Yet these smaller communities, and hundreds more like them, [...]

Intellectuals Demand Internet Access For Julian Assange

By TeleSurTV. -

A group of prominent intellectuals, social activists and artists have signed an open letter demanding Ecuador's government restore WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange's internet and phone access, [...]

Precarious Communications: Julian Assange, Internet Access And Ecuador

By Binoy Kampmark, -

Being a netizen, to use that popular term of sociological derivation, can be a difficult business. It presumes digital engagement, often of the sharper sort.  To become a fully-fledged member of [...]

How Local Governments Can Provide Network Neutrality, Privacy, And Access For All

By Staff, -

As the Federal Communications Commission in the Trump era dismantles vital rules protecting net neutrality and users’ privacy, Americans need an internet provider that they can trust and is [...]

These Maps Show All The Cities And States Now Defending Net Neutrality

By Kevin Litman-Navarro, -

As seen in the map above, 28 different states have proposed legislation to adopt net neutrality regulations. Only one state — Washington — has already passed a law in the state legislature [...]