Senate Push For Net Neutrality Reaches 50 Supporters

By Staff, -

Stunning lobbyists, net neutrality supporters are now one vote away from winning a Senate vote on a Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution to overturn the FCC’s unpopular repeal of net [...]

Restoration Of Net Neutrality Rules Hits Key Milestone In Senate

By Jon Brodkin, -

Markey's bill likely won't restore the net neutrality rules in the end, even if it passes in the Senate. Forcing a vote will be more difficult in the House, where Republicans hold a larger [...]

Senate Will Vote On Repeal Of FCC Net Neutrality Decision

By Staff, -

Internet users are pledging to vote out lawmakers in 2018 if they do not support Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution to restore FCC rules. Net neutrality advocates have hit an important [...]

Snubbing FCC, States Are Writing Their Own Net Neutrality Laws

By Sean Captain, -

For those who either hoped or feared that a December 14 vote by the FCC to scrap net neutrality regulations would settle the matter, it must feel like extra innings of a long hard-fought game. [...]

Internet Movement Will Make Net Neutrality 2018 Campaign Issue

By Klint Finley, -

Now that the Federal Communications Commission has jettisoned its rules banning internet service providers from blocking or discriminating against lawful content, the issue is heading for [...]

High-Speed Broadband Will Be A Legal Right For Homes & Businesses In UK

By Thuy Ong, -

The UK Government has announced that homes and businesses will have a legal right to high-speed broadband of at least 10 Mbps by 2020. Ofcom, the UK’s communications regulator, says that 10 Mbps [...]

Flagship Morning News Shows Covered Net Neutrality 4 Minutes

By Pam Vogel -

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) today voted to repeal net neutrality rules, which will allow internet service providers to block or slow down service and access to websites, or charge [...]

Newsletter – Creating The 21st Century Internet

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, -

Ajit Pai, the former Verizon lawyer who is chair of the FCC, went too far last Thursday in undermining the Internet when he led the dismantling of net neutrality rules. As a result, he has fueled [...]

Why Bother (Or Why I Froze My Ass Off Outside The FCC)

By Staff, -

I’m tired. I’m uncomfortable. My ass is numb and my nose is running. I could go home. Unlike the hundreds of thousands of Americans who live outside on subzero nights like this; the literal [...]

Nationalize The Networks

By Evan Malmgren, -

Today, Trump’s Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted along party lines to repeal net neutrality. In a uniquely divided political landscape, the move accomplished something remarkable: it [...]

Free Press: Today’s FCC Ruling Will Not Stand

By Timothy Karr, -

WASHINGTON — On Thursday, the Federal Communications Commission voted along party lines to approve the deceptively named “Restoring Internet Freedom Order.” The order dismantles the agency’s 2015 [...]

Head Of FCC Mocks Impending Destruction Of Internet

By Staff, -

Last week, the FCC held its annual “Telecom Prom”- an affair filled with industry executives and employees. The event has a strict no camera policy, but thanks to an anonymous spy, we have a [...]

Microbusinesses: Real Victims Of Net Neutrality Vote

By Josh Silverman, -

Imagine trying to buy your mom the perfect holiday gift from her favorite small designer’s website, only to find that you’re browsing at dial-up speeds and the images won’t load. Chances are, you [...]

Protests Intensify Before FCC Net Neutrality Vote

By John Zangas, -

Washington, DC — Over 200 Net Neutrality supporters braved bitter cold at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Wednesday to make sure Commissioners know they won’t stand by quietly if it [...]

We Saved Net Neutrality Once. We Can Do It Again

By Frances Moore Lappé and Adam Eichen, -

Democracy lives or dies on the quality of public conversation. “Were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers or newspapers without a government,” Thomas [...]