University Of Michigan Faces Criticism After Reprimanding Pro-BDS Professor

By Staff, -

The University of Michigan has faced an eruption of protests in recent days after reprimanding a professor, who refused to write a recommendation letter for a student wanting to study in Israel. [...]

Top Ranking Michigan Official Ordered To Go To Trial Over Flint Water Crisis

By Ashley Curtin, -

Nick Lyon will stand trial for involuntary manslaughter after a Legionnaires' disease outbreak reportedly killed 12 and sickened close to 90 people in 2014 and 2015. An investigation into the [...]

Who Owns America’s Water?

By Gina Benevento, Al Jazeera. -

Yes, water is a human right, fundamental to life - yet if you are an average American, you would be lucky to have access to it, at a price you can afford to pay and not be poisoned. Just ask [...]

Water Defenders Demand State Follow Law, Deny Permit To Nestlé

By Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation, Popular Resistance. -

We ask all our supporters to stay informed on the issues through our website We anticipate that those organizations and individuals who work as defenders of Michigan’s water [...]

State Sets Massive Precedent, Passes Law To Effectively Ban The NSA

By Rachel Blevins, -

“It hangs up a sign on Michigan’s door saying, ‘No violation of the Fourth Amendment, look elsewhere,’” Howrylak said. “Democrats, as well as Republicans, would certainly stand very strong in our [...]

Enbridge Fined For Failing To Fully Inspect Pipelines After Kalamazoo Oil Spill

By David Hasemyer, -

The Canadian oil pipeline company responsible for one of the largest inland oil spills on record has agreed to pay a $1.8 million fine for failing to thoroughly inspect its pipelines for [...]

Clashes Erupt As White Supremacist Richard Spencer Speaks At Michigan State University

By Aaron Maté, -

The white supremacist Richard Spencer spoke at Michigan State University after defeating a campaign against his appearance. The Rev. David Alexander Bullock of Change Agent Consortium says that [...]

Sysco Racks Up 79 Violations Over Union Vote

By Shandra Martinez, -

By Shandra Martinez for M Live - GRAND RAPIDS, MI -- George Brewster was making a delivery to a Northeast Side bar when he noticed his supervisor parked nearby, watching him. What Brewster didn't [...]

Bigoted, Unprofessional Police Chief Backed By Governor

By William Boardman, -

By William Boardman for Reader Supported News - This is an unsurprisingly nasty internet meme that was publicly shared by the director of the Michigan State Police on her Facebook page on Sunday, [...]

Menominee Tribe Seeks Stricter Federal Oversight In Michigan Mine Fight

By Brian Bienkowski, -

By Brian Bienkowski for Truth Out - In its continued fight against a mine near sacred waters, the Menominee Indians of Wisconsin want stronger federal regulations to apply as officials weigh the [...]

With A Michigan City Fighting Back, DHS Pushes A Controversial Deportation Forward

By Maryam Saleh, -

By Maryam Saleh for The Intercept - IN THE FACE of intense community opposition, immigration officials are vowing to push ahead with plans to deport a 20-year Ann Arbor, Michigan, resident. [...]

Commissioner Vows To Stand In Front Of Bulldozers To Stop Gas Pipeline

By Ryan Stanton, -

By Ryan Stanton for M Live - ANN ARBOR, MI - Citizens opposed to construction of the ET Rover natural gas pipeline, particularly the route it would take through lakeside areas in western [...]

Protesters Arrested For Blocking Traffic In Downtown Grand Rapids

By Dominick Mastrangelo, -

By Dominick Mastrangelo for Michigan Live - Following several warnings, police say, a 64-year-old male, a 40-year-old male and a 49-year-old female were all arrested on charges of Impeding [...]

Enbridge’s Kalamazoo River Oil Spill Settlement Greeted By Flood Of Criticism

By David Hasemyer, -

By David Hasemyer for Inside Climate News - After considering and rejecting nearly all public suggestions for penalizing Enbridge over the largest ever oil spill into an inland U.S. waterway, [...]

Michigan Pot Legalization Takes Double Blow; Vows To Fight On

By Phillip Smith, -

By Phillip Smith for AlterNet - Efforts to let Michiganders vote on legalizing marijuana this year suffered a one-two punch from the state's political establishment today, but organizers are [...]

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