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Above: March in Cape Town, South Africa, March 19, 2014. From

Protests against the US and big finance-imposed neoliberal capitalism have exploded across the globe. Two weeks ago, in Pink Tide Against US Domination Rising Again In Latin America, we reviewed 12 Latin America nations that are rising up against privatization, the cutting of social programs, soaring prices and low wages. In the last week, mass protests in Chile and Bolivia have begun and Lebanon has widespread protests against debt and austerity measures. The Nonaligned Movement, which is critical of the use of illegal unilateral coercive measures by the United States to force countries to bend to its will, is meeting in Azerbaijan.

A central part of the recent rise of the Pink Tide was the mass protests in Ecuador led by indigenous peoples and the labor movement. Their actions forced President Moreno to repeal a package of laws that were demanded by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). This week, after Moreno arrested movement leaders, talks broke off and then, on Thursday, the indigenous movement convened to form a popular parliament to develop a new economic plan to avoid detrimental changes required by the IMF. The future in Ecuador is uncertain, but the people are not backing down.

Chile protesters face off with the military, October 2019. Source Yahoo News.

Chile Explodes In Long-Suppressed Rage, Government Responds With Abusive Military Force

This Friday, more than one million people took to streets in the Chilean capital of Santiago uniting in a call against extreme neoliberal capitalism. The capital was brought to a standstill after a week of widespread protests that were met by a heavy police and military force. So far, 16 people have died, over 200 have been wounded and over 1,500 have been detained, including children.

The protests began on October 14 when high school students demonstrated against a rise in transit fares from the equivalent of USD $1.12 to $ 1.16. By October 18, the protests grew to the point of shutting down all 136 stations of the Santiago metro system. Seventy stations were damaged and twenty were set on fire. The protests progressed into a nationwide uprising against the government and its unfair neoliberal policies. The metro fare hike was just the last straw in a long list of grievances against a system that has robbed working-class and middle-class people of a decent and dignified life.

The government declared a state of emergency and, for the first time since Pinochet, ordered the military with tanks and armored vehicles to patrol the streets. By Saturday, October 19, President Piñera went on television and said: “I have heard the voice of my compatriots.” He suspended the fare increase and announced he would host a roundtable to discuss the issues. He said, “The people will be heard—but the protests have to stop.” This has not deterred the people from continuing to protest

In a Sunday night address to the nation, Piñera declared: “We are at war with a powerful enemy which is prepared to use violence without limit.” But it was the 11,000 soldiers and Carabinero police who rampaged across Chile, firing live rounds at demonstrators and dragging protesters out of their homes at night. The president’s harsh response only aggravated the situation. Curfews were defied by thousands of demonstrators and, in Santiago, protesters holding pictures of victims under the Pinochet dictatorship temporarily surrounded the tanks.

Chilean journalist, Paul Walder describes how “a country that had seemed orderly and submissive last weekend, has exploded with anger, rage accumulated by generations and passed on to teenagers, as a decantation of the frustrations of their parents, siblings and grandparents.” The uprising and brutal conflict with the police and the military is a reflection of “social pain accumulated throughout the long history of Chilean neoliberalism.” The people of Chile have been subjected to economic and political violence by the state. Salaries are low and taxes on workers are high while billions of dollars have been stolen by corporations.

WSWS reported the uprising has expanded to involve workers writing, “Dockworkers marched en masse through several cities, stopping the bulk of national exports and closing 20 ports as part of a national strike. Donning yellow vests worn for work, the sea of thousands of dockworkers resembled France’s ‘yellow vests’ as they marched through the cities of Concepción, Antofagasta and San Antonio.” Further, copper miners, a historically militant section of the Chilean workers, who produce the country’s primary export, announced a national strike beginning Wednesday. Videos showed copper miners on lunch break banging plates and silverware and chanting “general strike!”

The uprising includes trade unions and student, feminist, and environmentalist groups. They are calling for a reversal of neoliberal capitalism and a new government.  Their demands are “transversal” (non-sectoral) and include “calling for Piñera’s resignation…pay rises and cheaper basic services, a forty-hour week, the restoration of union rights and sectoral collective bargaining, the nationalization of both public services and strategic energy sectors, student-debt forgiveness, the annulment of the country’s private-sector pension fund, the cancellation of the odious free market ‘water codes’ signed into law by Pinochet in 1981, progressive tax reform, and a new migration policy. Perhaps most dramatically, the demonstrators are calling for a new constitution to be drafted by the Constituent Assembly.”

The Washington Post referred to the specter of a “Latin American spring” similar to the revolutions that shook North Africa and the Middle East in 2011. Stratfor noted, “With regional economies squeezed by sluggish growth and governments still seeking to implement painful pro-market reforms, the situation is ripe for disruptive, widespread unrest.” 

The uprising in Chile is significant because prior to these protests it was described as a success of capitalism. Chile is the original and perpetual laboratory for neoliberalism, with more than forty years of economic shock policies and a steady, low-intensity war waged against the nation’s working classes. Capitalists are shocked. Brian Winters, Vice President for Policy at the Americas Society/Council of the Americas, said “Everyone following Latin America is watching this and saying, ‘Oh my god, Chile, too?’”

Bolivian protester shows support for Evo Morales outside the presidential palace in La Paz, Bolivia, on October 20, 2019. By Juan Karita, AP.

Bolivia Defends Its Democracy From A Coup

In Bolivia, President Evo Morales won re-election in the first round of voting. Morales, leader of the Movement to Socialism (MAS) Party, gained 47.07 percent of the vote, enough to put him 10 percentage points above his closest rival, Carlos Mesa, who received 36.51 percent of votes. Bolivia does not require a second round of voting if the top candidate achieves over 40 percent of the vote with a ten-point margin over the second-place finisher. This is the fourth time Morales has won the presidency in the first round of voting.

Before the results, the opposition announced it would mount a coup if Morales won re-election. After the result, Mesa called for street mobilizations that ended in violence at vote-counting stations, with some opposition protesters burning ballots and the buildings where counting was taking place. Mesa originally endorsed the results when they temporarily showed him having a slightly larger vote share but refused to recognize the results after they indicated that Morales won a first-round victory. 

“A coup is underway, carried out by the right-wing with foreign support…what are the methods of this coup attempt? They’re not recognizing or waiting for election results, they’re burning down electoral courts, they want to proclaim the second-place candidate as the winner,” Morales told journalists

Social movements organized to defend the election against the attempted violent coup. Movements declared a state of emergency and called for mobilizations in the streets to defend democracy while right-wing protesters launched numerous violent attacks across the country. Right-wing rioters blocked election materials from being delivered for the vote resulting in the count being suspended. Labor organizers joined the defense of democracy denouncing “the oligarchic and privatizing interests that hide behind these violent actions.”

The Organization of American States inflamed the opposition by questioning the results. The Center for Policy and Economic Research responded to the points raised by the OAS and urged them to retract their statement. Bolivia responded by inviting the OAS to carry out an audit of the final vote count. Secretary-General of the OAS Luis Almagro accepted the invitation to initiate an Analysis of Electoral Integrity. International observers in La Paz monitoring Bolivia’s general elections praised the legitimacy and transparency of the process, which contrasts statements by opposition leaders.

The foreign affairs ministerial conference for the countries of the Non-Aligned Movement in Baku, Azerbaijan. October 2019. Source

The Non-Aligned Movement Unites Against Illegal Unilateral Coercive Measures of the United States

The Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) is meeting in Azerbaijan this weekend. At the meeting, Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro criticized the IMF and denounced the U.S. economic and financial aggressions for being as lethal as its armies. He criticized IMF neoliberal austerity and privatization policies as an attack on the most vulnerable and a violation of human rights. He described the unilateral coercive measures of the United States as a violation of international law aimed at pressuring people to support US neoliberalism by inflicting collective punishment against the people as blackmail.

The NAM was established in 1961 as a forum for independent dialogue and cooperation among 120 developing countries that sought to ensure national independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and security of non-aligned countries. NAM represents 55 percent of the world’s population. They oppose imperialism, colonialism, neo-colonialism, racism, and all forms of foreign aggression, occupation, domination, interference or hegemony. This July, NAM held a meeting in Caracas that supported Venezuela and opposed the economic war by the United States. They released the Caracas Political Declaration.

The rising left tide in Latin America and around the world is reflected in the NAM. Popular Resistance is working with organizations and activists around the world to create a worldwide network that will work together to oppose the lawless actions of the United States, and any country that acts similarly, such as interference in the politics of other countries through open and covert regime change operations, the imposition of unilateral coercive economic measures or the threat of militarism. Sign onto the Global Appeal For Peace here

People in the United States suffer similar conditions to those around the world who are plagued by neoliberalism. As the Arab Spring inspired the Occupy Movement, will this Anti-neoliberal Autumn rekindle mass protests in the United States? This is something we need to ponder and perhaps to prepare for and organize to make happen.



  • Alan MacDonald

    Kevin and Margaret, to hope to achieve any people’s peaceful and successful “Revolution Against Empire” [Justin du Rivage] we will first have to get the media to start writing articles, columns, and Editorial Board education and ‘Exposures’ about this damn Disguised Global Crony Capitalist Empire — as I have pressured the “Times” and the “Post” to have the courage to print and put in front of the American people’s eyes and consciousness:

    BTW, Kevin thanks for quoting WSWS, which is always a accurate and honest source.

    PR is right on-target and first in covering the spreading global movements and brave protests in an expanding number of countries against the neoliberal deceit of hidden and camouflaged ‘Global EMPIRE’ — against which ‘we the citizens of our world’ are supporting the only alternative of simply ‘global democracy’.

  • Alan MacDonald

    Kevin, you might give some thought to allowing links to established newspapers — like the “Times” which already provide the security measures of only allowing fully I.D.’d and known subscribers, and filtering out any obscene language, trolls, and other unknown trouble-makers.

    I can’t remember any comments that got through the “Time’s” validity checking. They are certainly a more valid than Disqus in keeping trolls out!

    Just sayin

  • voza0db

    One of those down votes is mine!

  • Alan MacDonald

    Thanks, dB, for your support against this damn Empire.

  • Red Robbo

    ‘This is the fourth time Morales has won the presidency in the first round of voting.’

    Considering his long reign, extensive control of government and much of the media, not to mention ignoring the referendum which said no to him running for a fourth time, Morales has joined other misleaders elected by we the people, We elevated the likes J. Bolsonaro, Rodrigo Kill ’em All Duterte and Turkey’s ever power-hungry president Erdoğan as well as other odious types including the fundamentalist Islamic Salvation Front, Hitler, the Ortegas, and Trump.

  • After reviewing numerous ‘protest’ activities across the globe – both recent and back over the past few decades – I do not see where any long lasting results have been achieved.

    When it’s been civil rights – say the vote for African Americans in the 60’s – yes African Americans achieved and still have the right to vote but what good has it done? Poverty levels have increased, home ownership has decreased, incarceration rates have increased, etc. Women have earned the right to slave in corporate America vs. slave at home – Whoopie – marvelous improvement. One pipeline is stalled in one location while another is installed somewhere else. CIA personnel are prevented from going to work for a few hours then its back to business as usual. Wall Street is temporarily disrupted by Occupy and then carries on in its relentless pursuit of fleecing Joe Public.

    Anti-government protests around the world, even when using violence in the street only achieve destruction of property and the trading of one oligarch regime for another. The only real shifts have come about through armed revolution – and even then, the new leadership either becomes corrupt or is pressured, by force if necessary, to comply with neoliberal objectives.

    Am I missing something here? What are your thoughts on what needs to be done differently to actually shift this mess into something that will actually work and have staying power?

  • chetdude

    It’s ridiculous to put Morales in that list…

    He’s a completely different breed of cat… He more resembles that four time “misleader elected by we the people” in the USA, FDR…

  • voza0db

    Hello Kelly…

    NO! Not missing much… The problem with these “anti-government protests around the world” is that they are going after the Jesters in Office.

    I need to put again the simple scheme of what the ORGANIZATION of our current civilization is:

    There are so many millions of modern dumb slaves PROTECTING (and willing to die while at it) the Secular Ruling Families and Friends that nothing can be done in order to destroy the current system/organization.

    The amount of people required to engage in such a fundamental CHANGE of our system is very high, so it’s impracticable.

    On a personnel level one can have a good/balanced life. But even this is not an easy task.

    Armed revolutions. Like I’ve already said before. The land where I live. 1908 armed revolution (very tinny) to kill the royal family and switch to Republic. Worked really well. Result? A dictatorship that lasted until 1974.
    In 1974 another armed revolution (the army revolted against the government mainly because of 10+ years of wars in Africa!). Worked really well. Very few modern slaves were killed during the party and we are now still enjoying the COMA effect and don’t care too much about corruption and scoundrels. Mainly because almost the entire population acts in that way!

    So… Like I always suggest

  • D Turgeon

    The disinformation campaign has begun, I see.

  • Alan MacDonald

    Protests and Revolution all around the world — its all about confronting Empire and while “all roads lead to Rome”, all the metastasizing cancer spreads from the EMPIRE here in America.

    Yet the vast vast majority of Americans are neither out in the streets protesting EMPIRE and Emperor Trump, nor are they (we) even aware that our country is an Empire itself.

    This is the text of my commentary today to the “Washington Post”:

    With anywhere between 5% to 25% of the total population of between 6 and a dozen countries in the Middle East, South America, Asia, and the EU having continuing ‘street demonstrations’, marches, and protests —- and with the commonality that most of these rebellious events being targeted at vast economic inequalities, neoliberal capitalist unfairness, deceitful politicians, leaders who act like Emperors, and complete countries that are back-sliding from semi-democracies into non-popular governments that act like local Empires, and which seem to be following the rough/militarist dictates of inept authoritarian leaders like EMPEROR TRUMP —- it is beyond strange that ‘we the American people’ are not participating to any noticeable extent in much people’s peaceful “Political/economic & social Revolution Against Empire” here in what to any serious journalists, and to all the rest of the world, looks like a Disguised Global Crony Capitalist EMPIRE only nominally HQ’ed in, and merely ‘posing’ as, any kind of actual democratic country.

    It’s no wonder that the young millennials (and dissatisfied seniors) in; Hong Kong, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Brazil, UK, Sweden, Lebanon, Egypt, India, Pakistan, etc., etc., et al. are all going into the streets to protest what they must sense as something akin to a Global Empire expanding its militancy and economic oppression against any attempt by ‘we the citizens of the world’ to vote with our feet in the street for global democracy.

    As Gabor Maté CM (Hungarian-born January 6, 1944) Canadian physician in childhood development and trauma famously said about the childhood sensing of children born under the Nazi Empire occupied territories of WW II Europe, “all the babies were born crying all the time”.

    And as Swedish teen climate activist Greta Thunberg, who came to NYC in America to plead her case might likely say regarding the center of this global crisis — “All roads lead to Rome, but all Global EMPIRE spreads from the U.S.”

  • Alan MacDonald

    Kelly, the protesting doesn’t have a chance of working because the protesting — really the people’s peaceful “Political.economic & social Revolution Against EMPIRE” — is never actually ‘against Empire’ don’t you see?

    The Disguised Global Crony Capitalist EMPIRE is the source of all our “Issues”. larger ‘symptom problems’, and our entire “ailing social order” [Zygmunt Bauman] — but the protesting, ‘popular resistance’, and all other peoples’ actions are never a “Revolution Against Empire” [Justin du Rivage’s 2014 deeply researched and definitive history of our first and only successful one in 1776.]

    The diagnosis and strategy has to proceed and drive the solution.

  • Yes I agree that trying to effect systemic change from within a corrupt establishment that is embedded in virtually all aspects of society is at best a pointless endeavor.

    However, what I have not run across is any organization working toward a depth of transformation that necessitates systemic level change that has, in the formative stage of a revolution, developed a solid draft of a new Constitution inclusive of a Governing Structure – in other words, this has been created after the change in power wherein the ‘leaders’ of the revolutionary action are installed in a power position. Without a social contract to guide the formation and direction of the new leadership, it just forms from prior norms and naturally shares similarities to the old establishment over time if not immediately.

    A preformed social contract in solid draft stage that is accepted as a blueprint for the new structure’s formation can not only help ensure a transition to a desired outcome but can also serve as the common rallying fulcrum for those involved in the change movement. Of course to achieve the creation of such a powerful document, broad participation in its draft by the movement members would be integrally important.

    I believe that there are a few major components missing from all but perhaps a tiny few government structures, past or present, that are crucial to a true balance of power in society and provide the potential for its endurance and adaptability to unknowns…
    Legislation can only be passed with the majority approval of a nation’s citizenry (Direct Democracy), there is a non-hierarchical leadership/steering committee (no primary singular leader) that runs the business aspects of governance, all heads of departments/steering committee members (few in number) must be elected for their seats through Direct Democracy and hold that seat for a specific limited duration of time.

    I grant that to garner the numbers committed to an effort such as this, a widespread and dire need must be present. Also necessary is the element of chaos. I believe when what is brewing economically and geopolitically visibly forms, the chaos opportunity will present itself. But I feel the opportunity will not bear a fresh species of fruit unless the pre-work I’ve mentioned above is produced prior to the chaos event.
    So, you’re all a bunch of scoundrels over in Portugal? And wouldn’t have it any other way? Well if it’s a pirate’s society you like, then it’s a pirate’s society you should have 🙂

  • I replied but it was a bit lengthy. I’ll re-post it if it ends up swimming in the spam swamp 😉

  • Hi Alan,

    I see I see! 🙂 My response to dB above I think may also apply to your input. Have a gander and tell me your thoughts?

  • voza0db

    I’ll try to write less than you 😉

    Of course to achieve the creation of such a powerful document, broad participation in its draft by the movement members would be integrally important.“.

    SIZE of the Herd is of paramount importance.

    Just look at the most recent example: Iceland. After the last financial terrorist attack of 2007/8 they achieved that, they wrote a new constitution with inputs of everyone that wanted to participate. I followed the process!

    Why were they able to achieve it?

    After a certain size (+- 500.000) the task of achieving such civil deeds starts to lose practicability.

    the chaos opportunity will present itself“… the present level of degeneration in uman animals if chaos happens will only generate more divisions therefor violence and death. Unless is the GOOD kind of chaos that eliminates randomly billions of animals! Remember my ultimate solution?!

    Ending… I believe that under the current GLOBAL MAIN SYSTEM we’re all, directly and indirectly, behaving like scoundrels.

    Our problems in Portróikal aren’t different from yours!

  • Red Robbo

    You do not seem to disagree with the facts presented only their interpretation. Let’s wait and see.

  • Red Robbo

    One of no doubt many sources of ‘misinformation’: Bolivia elections: another term for Evo Morales?

  • I hadn’t followed Iceland’s process – good for them! and Thanks for the info.

    On the population participation conundrum, there may be an existing structure in the activist community that could section this up in manageable parts – to be brief, people initially come through a training gathering – after which, are formed into small affinity groups (you could also call these semi-autonomous units, who are affiliated with a hub referred to as the spoke (Spokes Council). The number of ‘Spokes’ depends on the expanse of the movement and it’s geographical footprint.

    I believe that this aforementioned structure could draw and coordinate massive members covering an extensive area. This structure would also, in my view, be ideal for an inclusive social contract development project.

    Regarding your ‘good’ kind of chaos, well if that event happens, whoever is left will be able to form whatever social scenario they want without having to think about large populations. I’m rather hoping the other chaos event occurs and not this worst case one that you’re alluding to.

    Not sure if you meant it this way but, if being a scoundrel means a person willing to work outside the system in order to achieve worthwhile goals, count me among the scoundrel bunch. I think I would rather view myself as a pirate vs. a scoundrel though – just more appealing to my renaissance tastes 😉

  • D Turgeon

    Yet more neoliberal disinformation. Blocked.

  • Red Robbo

    ‘Try this: Material World: Bolivia – Morales comes up against capitalism’ Neoliberalism-free!

  • voza0db

    About the “manageable parts”, look at what happened with the situation at GM. Not even in such a small group of modern slaves striking for adjustments – not even for CHANGE – the division ended. After all those weeks of strike the division ended up at almost 50%!

    Try to extrapolate this behavior into the areas we are talking about, and that require CHANGE (most of which will cause loss) and tell us what is your conclusion.

    And another point to consider is that in a country with 300+ million individuals the break into smaller parts/groups is in itself another form of division! Trying to CHANGE all the others will be ~∞ impossible.

    Again… On an individual level, or even at a very small family level, CHANGE is possible. And if successful the Herd cannot be aware that a small group of people is living in a different way and that they have a great life! The Herd reaction is never a positive one in cases like this.

    Expanding this CHANGE to large Herds doesn’t work.

  • k.j.noh

    Hong Kong is the exception to the above. It is not a grassroots people’s uprising but a US-sponsored color revolution. That’s why the protesters have no economic demands whatsoever, why the protester leaders meet with the highest officers of the US government (Bolton, Pence, Pompeo), why they receive unadulterated support from US right wing hawks, capitalists, the legislature, neocons, the NED. It’s also why the protests received saturation coverage by the US news and social media corporations, and why there have been histrionic denunciations of “deadly” state violence–when not a single protestor has died.
    All this while the bodies stack up like cord wood in Haiti, Chile, Iraq, West Papua, France, all over, to the shattering silence of the media, NGO’s, and so-called “humanitarian” “progressives”.

  • Alan MacDonald

    k.j. you may well be closer to the situation in Hong Kong than I am, but I would greatly appreciate your information and sources that the USG (Empire) on the “rougher-talking” neocon ‘R’ Vichy Party of this Disguised Global Crony Capitalist Empire is the side (and only side) that is employing the “highest officers”, NED (and other agencies), “the legislature”, etc., etc. is “sponsoring a color Revolution”.

    Actually, IMHO, it would seem out of character for only one side (qua Party) of the U.S. HQed DGCCEmpire to be promulgating this faux revolutionary protesting in the streets of HK, eh?

  • Concerning GM and other scenarios like it – there is a fundamental problem with the ‘demands’ most strike actions make. They focus on pay, working conditions, benefits, etc. and they place trust and or power in the union representatives which in most cases these days are in the pockets of the corporations they are employed by. Instead, they would be better served by focusing on gaining a seat at the decision making table (on the Board) and a percentage of the profits they play a large part in generating, and a reduction in the percentage of total compensation going toward Executive pay. In other words, they’re thinking too small – they’re asking for the fish, not the fishing pole.

    I disagree that smaller parts is equatable to division – the small groups are included in the whole structure and are guided by the umbrella goals and values. Everyone who chooses to join a movement – no matter at what function within the movement – first decides that the vision is one worth putting their energy toward. And I don’t believe in impossible or can’t – I do believe in won’t or impractical. I also believe that every problem has a viable solution; in order to solve a problem, the problem has to create a bad enough outcome to warrant the energy and time necessary to solve it or viewed a different way, by solving the problem, you create a positive enough outcome to justify the effort necessary to solve it.

    I’m not sure what you’re referring to in your statement “…And if successful the Herd cannot be aware that a small group of people is living in a different way and that they have a great life!” Are you referring to rule by the few? If so, that is not the ‘change’ I am advocating – quite the opposite.

  • Alan MacDonald

    Kevin and Margaret, fortunately, I am continuing to have increasing success with both the NYT and the “Post” in accepting and publishing my quite radically pro-democracy and anti-Empire commentaries about the unfortunate truth that our country is acting (particularly under Emperor Trump) like an “Empire abroad and a looting tyranny at home” [Arendt].

    However, it is only within the niche segments of “Academia”, WSWS, “Counter Punch”, “Popular Resistance”, and other sites like TD, CD, etc. that my commentaries receive or promote any column recognition that this damn DGCCEmpire needs to be better recognized, understood, ‘exposed’, and seriously confronted with a people’s peaceful and full “Political/economic & social Revolution Against Empire” — which our founders, farmers, sailors, trades people, patriots, real ‘Tea Partiers’, and revolutionaries understood with “Common Sense” in confronting that more visible, but tyrannical Empire 244 years ago.

    Anyway, here are a few recent optimistic attempts at educating and enabling more of ‘we the American people’ about the great danger of this better disguised, deceitful, and sophisticated 21st century dual-party Vichy Empire:

  • voza0db

    About GM no further comments needed… dumb modern slaves remain dumb! Moving on.

    I disagree that smaller parts is equatable to division – the small groups are included in the whole structure and are guided by the umbrella goals and values.

    We have a 300 million size Herd! You’re saying that small groups of people need to “initially come through a training gathering – after which, are formed into small affinity groups“, this is creating division. A small group will detach from the Herd and will start to engage in different behaviors and actions.

    Now to combine two replies in one about my statement you’re not sure… If the different behaviors and actions of those small groups do not interfere with the Daily Life of the Main Herd (DLMH), no problem! But as soon as those behaviors and actions start to mess up with the DLMH and starts to cause them loss, the Herd will react with force.

    Simple suggestion!

    Can you CHANGE the totality of persons that live in the same place you do into a more sustainable and balanced lifestyle? (if definition of what I mean about these two damn words is needed just say so)?

  • In response to your last question, Yes. If living a non-sustainable and unbalanced lifestyle creates a present (not far off future) threat to a comfortable existence, then the will for the majority can be swayed toward change.

  • chetdude

    I also dispute your “fake facts” regarding Morales…

  • voza0db

    How many people live in your town?

    To sway (convince) anyone to CHANGE requires that they acknowledge that their current lifestyle is unsustainable and unbalanced. If to reach a sustainable and balanced lifestyle LOSS is utterly required, I’m not able to see how one can pull that “convincing” off!!!

    “… the will for the majority can be swayed toward changeonly if that CHANGE doesn’t cause LOSS.

  • dB, things in the U.S. (and across the globe) are deteriorating at an accelerated pace. The economy in the U.S. is on its way toward a mighty crash – worse than the one in 2008. The last recession saw many many people lose their jobs, their homes, their futures.

    Because the government here made the decision to invest (bail out) in the banking system and not the real economy (where goods and services are produced) or the people (consumers) that were devastated by the malfeasance of the banking sector, the asset balloons that popped in 2008 were reinflated (not fixed). In other words the problems that caused the last recession were not solved, only kicked down the road. At this time, those problems have not only survived but grown larger and include other asset classes that were not part of the 2008 event. Most people are unaware that these floating bombs (stocks, housing, bonds, luxury market…everything) exist, much less that they are on the verge of exploding.

    The fuses have already been lit. For the few that have been watching, they have seen the junk bond market grow to almost 50% of all debt outstanding, they have seen the stocks become valued at around 30 times earnings (they should be no more than 10 to be sustainable), housing prices are at all time highs and the rents or mortgage payments are consuming up to 50% of people’s monthly income – unsustainable, the bulk of the jobs that have been created are not stable living wage jobs – they are low paying gig jobs. Because the true cost of living far exceeds the CPI (which does not include housing), people have gone further and further into debt either to just be able to purchase the basics or in an attempt to maintain a ‘middle class’ lifestyle that only exists through debt. A very high percentage of the populace do not have savings enough to see them through one month of income loss.

    The new crash has already begun. The Fed is already injecting newly printed money into the banking sector (again). A minimum of $120 Billion daily in the Repo (overnight money market) and $60 Billion a month in Treasury Short Term Bills and Mortgage Backed Securities are being added to the balance sheet – the Fed interest rate has been cut 25bp three times starting in July this year. They are in panic mode because their efforts are not producing liquidity – the gears in the financial machine are freezing up. The banks don’t want to lend to each other because they don’t trust the collateral being offered and they all know that some of these large institutions are essentially insolvent – so there is a lot of risk for default.

    To top that off, we have the Thucydides Trap playing out between the U.S. and China/Russia – history tells us that at least 75% of the time, this results in a hot war. The U.S. is well on its way to initiating this war.

    The bottom line is that it is highly likely we will see the U.S. stock market crash within the next 6 months. This will begin the process of layoffs, foreclosures, etc. Unfortunately, because of all the factors involved – including the dollar de-coupling across the globe (this is the only thing that allows the U.S. to run at such high deficits), this downturn is expected to be long and deep – a Depression.

    Now, under those circumstances, what else will people have to Lose that will prevent them from joining an effort that offers a path not only back from the abyss but to a good place?

    Could they choose to just dig in and wallow in their suffering hoping that things will get better? Sure, but that is less likely this time around because they have seen the government doesn’t care at all about them – they proved this in the last Recession. And when you have little to nothing left to lose, you are much more willing to risk what left you have if there is a reasonable chance through revolution that you can recoup your dignity, a decent livelihood, and the potential for a future not filled with misery.

    This, in a nutshell, is why I say Change is possible; IF, the proper pre-work is done to provide an exciting vision and a viable path to realize it.

  • voza0db

    I wonder how this one didn’t end up in the spam?!

    The bottom line is that it is highly likely we will see the U.S. stock market crash within the next 6 months.“… I doubt that.

    The FRS already send the signal that FREE CHEAP PAPER(ELECTRONIC)-MONEY is ALWAYS available. Today they don’t even need to ask the “government” for BAILOUTS. The printing press is always available. The situation at the REPO inter-bank market is proof of this.

    As long as they can keep this new game playing (QE/ZIRP/NIRP/and so on) there is no problem for stocks and other financial terrorist assets.

    Of course that if something happens that they can’t control it will be the dumb herd that’s going to get, once again, screwed!

    We’re starting to circle!

    The majority of the Herd is not available for CHANGE. Add to this that during a recession we already know what the majority of the herd does!

    CHANGE is always possible at an individual level, but this doesn’t mean that the individual wants to change even if the vision excites!

  • Okay dB – let’s just agree to disagree on this one.

  • voza0db

    It is clear that when it comes to the fundamental reality we’ll never agree.