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Government Spying

Governments Are Spying On The People Who Bring Us The News

Janine Jackson: If you don’t know the story of how a consortium of journalists revealed how countries around the world have bought spyware from an Israeli surveillance firm, supposedly to track terrorists and other criminals, well, that’s understandable. Though it is a journalist-driven effort, and is leading to calls for the resignation of officials in Hungary, for example, the Pegasus Project hasn’t really gotten the pay-attention-to-this treatment from US news media. But that emphatically does not mean that the story doesn’t concern you and your right to know. Joining us now to help connect those dots is Cindy Cohn, executive director of the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Welcome Back to CounterSpin, Cindy Cohn.

UK Judge Justifies CIA Spying On Assange

The British judge ruling in the US government’s extradition case against journalist Julian Assange justified a CIA spying operation targeting both the WikiLeaks publisher and the Ecuadorian government by pointing to debunked accusations published by CNN. Yet in a self-referential loop, the American media outlet’s dubious claims about Assange themselves originated with a security firm that was spying on Assange for the CIA – and which is now facing prosecution in Spain for illegal activity. While the UK judge ultimately decided not to extradite Assange, citing his deteriorating mental health and the likelihood of suicide in the draconian US prison system, her judgement nevertheless echoed and...

The Police Have Been Spying On Black Reporters And Activists for Years

On Aug. 20, 2018, the first day of a federal police surveillance trial, I discovered that the Memphis Police Department was spying on me. The ACLU of Tennessee had sued the MPD, alleging that the department was in violation of a 1978 consent decree barring surveillance of residents for political purposes. One of the first witnesses called to the stand: Sgt. Timothy Reynolds, who is white. To get intel on activists and organizers, including those in the Black Lives Matter movement, he’d posed on Facebook as a “man of color,” befriending people and trying to infiltrate closed circles.

How Chicago Police Infiltrated, Spied On Anti-NATO Organizers

Police here infiltrated the main anti-NATO summit organizing coalition shortly after its 2011 formation, and maintained that infiltration until shortly after the summit ended in May 2012, according to Chicago Police Department documents recently released under a Freedom of Information Act request. People who have documented how the Obama administration worked with city governments around the country, including Chicago, to use police to harass the Occupy movement out of existence. And in the run-up to the NATO conference, two CPD officers worked to entrap three young, would-be protesters on “terrorism” charges, plying them with alcohol and goading them to say reckless things on tape to “prove” their case.
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