Governments Are Spying On The People Who Bring Us The News

By Janine Jackson, Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting. -

Janine Jackson: If you don’t know the story of how a consortium of journalists revealed how countries around the world have bought spyware from an Israeli surveillance firm, supposedly to track [...]

UK Judge Justifies CIA Spying On Assange

By Ben Norton, The Grayzone. -

The British judge ruling in the US government’s extradition case against journalist Julian Assange justified a CIA spying operation targeting both the WikiLeaks publisher and the Ecuadorian [...]

The Police Have Been Spying On Black Reporters And Activists for Years

By Wendi C. Thomas, MLK Memphis. -

On Aug. 20, 2018, the first day of a federal police surveillance trial, I discovered that the Memphis Police Department was spying on me. The ACLU of Tennessee had sued the MPD, alleging that [...]

How Chicago Police Infiltrated, Spied On Anti-NATO Organizers

By Andy Thayer, Counterpunch -

Police here infiltrated the main anti-NATO summit organizing coalition shortly after its 2011 formation, and maintained that infiltration until shortly after the summit ended in May 2012, [...]