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US Readies ‘Transnational Kill Chain’ For Taiwan Proxy War

In many traditions, when you paint or sculpt a Buddha, the eyes are the very last to be painted. It's only after the eyes have been completed that the sculpture is fully alive and empowered.   The US has just approved a $75 million weapons package to Taiwan province involving the sale of the Link 16 communications system.   The acquisition of Link 16 is analogous to "painting the eyes on the Buddha": a last touch, it makes Taiwan's military systems and weapons platforms live and far-seeing.  It confers deadly powers, or more prosaically, in the words of the US military, it completes Taiwan as the final, lethal link of the multilateral coalition kill chain against China.

‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 42: Communications Blackout Obscures Full Picture Of Israel’s Devastation

War rages on in Gaza, and the situation at Al-Shifa’ hospital in Gaza City continues to be at the center of attention. Palestinian news agency WAFA says thousands of medical staff, patients, and civilians who had taken refuge in the biggest medical complex in the besieged Gaza Strip have been taken “hostage” by Israeli forces, which have seized Al-Shifa’ since Wednesday over claims that the hospital lies above an underground Hamas command center. Israeli forces have encircled the hospital with tanks, bulldozers, and snipers for more than a week and have stormed the premises at least three times in as many days, reportedly forcing staff and civilians to strip naked, interrogating and detaining a number of Palestinians, many whose whereabouts are currently unknown, as well as destroying medical equipment.

Israeli Ground Attack Foiled, Gaza Genocide Goes On

Palestinian resistance have thwarted several Israeli incursions into Gaza strip, as Israeli warplanes ramped up strikes against civilians in the besieged enclave. Hamas Palestinian resistance group announced on Saturday, October 28, the failure of the Israeli ground attack, saying significant losses were inflicted upon the occupation forces. “The enemy fell into ambushes set up by the Palestinian resistance on three fronts,” Hamas announced in a statement, adding that resistance fighters used Kornet anti-tank missiles and Yassin shells against occupation forces. The Israeli occupation used helicopters to evacuate the wounded and the dead from the battlefield, Hamas stated.

‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 22: Total Blackout In Gaza

Already plunged in the dark after Israel cut electricity access at the beginning of the onslaught, Gaza has now lost nearly all of its internet connectivity, internet and cybersecurity watchdog Netblocks confirmed on Friday evening, as cell towers for Paltel, the last remaining major operator standing in Gaza, were believed to be hit. Various reports seem to indicate that access to the internet in northern Gaza is almost completely gone, while communications out of southern Gaza are severely affected. Palestinian Authority Minister of Telecommunications Ishaq Sidr confirmed on Saturday that Israeli bombardments had hit the last two points designated for international connection with the Gaza Strip.
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