‘Catharsis On The Mall’ Promotes Healing Through Creativity And Connection

By John Zangas, dcmediagroup.us -

By John Zangas for DC Media Group - “Catharsis on the Mall” is DC’s smaller version of the Burning Man festival, held annually at the Washington Monument. With thoughtful art or theatrical [...]

Reason, Creativity And Freedom: The Communalist Model

By Eleanor Finley, www.roarmag.org -

By Eleanor Finley for ROAR Magazine - In the aftermath of Donald Trump’s election, devastating images and memories of the First and Second World Wars flood our minds. Anti-rationalism, racialized [...]

How To Change The World In 3 Easy Steps

By Nafeez Ahmed, www.medium.com -

By Nafeez Ahmed for Medium - I often get asked by people about what they can do to change things, to change the world, when each of us is just one person, in the face of so much that we cannot [...]

Snowden Statue Freed, Here’s A 3D File To Print Your Own

By Prachi Gupta, www.animalnewyork.com -

The Edward Snowden bust that was illegally affixed to a war monument in Fort Greene Park has been recovered from the NYPD. The statue, which sat on a column in the Prison Ship Martyrs Monument [...]

The Yes Men’s Plan To Crowdfund A More Creative Revolution

By Kate Aronoff, www.wagingnonviolence.org -

“Kind of like Kickstarter, but for creative direct action!” So goes an explainer on a new project from The Yes Men, a troupe of political pranksters, and Beautiful Trouble, a multimedia “toolbox [...]