How The Meat Industry Is Climate-Washing Its Polluting Business Model

By Caroline Christen, DeSmog Blog. -

In February last year, the head of a leading global meat industry body gave a “pep talk” to his colleagues at an Australian agriculture conference.  “It’s a recurring theme that somehow the [...]

Solidarity Across Species

By Astra Taylor and Sunaura Taylor, Dissent Magazine. -

We are animals. While human beings often repress this basic fact, the novel coronavirus has revealed our connection to and dependence on the well-being of other creatures. In various ways, our [...]

Smithfield Sued For Misleading Consumers With False Claims Of Superior Safety

By Katherine Paul, Organic Consumers Association.   -

The Organic Consumers Association announced that it has sued Smithfield Foods for falsely advertising Smithfield pork products as the “safest” U.S. pork products. In the complaint, OCA alleges [...]

COVID-19 Reaches US Slaughterhouses

By Martha Rosenberg, Counterpunch. -

Meat giant JBS USA Holdings closed its Souderton, Pennsylvania slaughter operation. Tyson Foods closed its Columbus Junction, Iowa pork slaughterhouse. Pennsylvania-based Empire Kosher Poultry [...]

America’s Biggest Beef Eaters Responsible For Large Chunk Of Climate Emissions

By Georgina Gustin, -

The biggest eaters of burgers, steaks and ribs contribute the largest hunk of diet-related greenhouse gas emissions in the United States, according to a new study that examined individual eating [...]

48 Million Sickened Every Year By Cheap, Dirty Meat

By Katherine Paul, -

If you live in the U.S., you’re far more likely to get hit with salmonella or some other foodborne illness, than if you live in the U.K.  You can thank the factory farm industry for that. An [...]