Recycling Is Not Enough. Zero-Packaging Stores Show We Can Kick Our Plastic Addiction

By Sabrina Chakori and Ammar Abdul Aziz, -

Zero-packaging stores show, in their own small way, a viable and healthier alternative to the current system. Both for ourselves, local economies and the planet. Wrapped, sealed, boxed, [...]

Going To Jail For Recycling

By Eleanor Goldfield, -

This week on Act Out! water wars in the west are heating up – and did you know you could go to jail for more than a year for recycling? Next, Iran is on our shit list now more than ever – but [...]

Mexican Corp Turns Plastic Into Eco-Friendly, Affordable Homes

By Amanda Froelich, -

By Amanda Froelich for True Activist - There are many problems on this planet in need of remedy, two of which are plastic pollution and extreme poverty. Every year, enough plastic is thrown away [...]

New ‘Zero Waste Hierarchy’ Is For Everyone

By Zero Waste Canada, -

The Zero Waste Hierarchy describes a progression of policies and strategies to support the Zero Waste system, from highest and best to lowest use of materials. It is designed to be applicable to [...]