What A Peaceful Build-Up That Evades Ecological Breakdown Would Look Like

By Nina Koevoets, Waging Nonviolence. -

Sooner or later other events in this transition period that we’re in will also follow, to further increase the awareness of the seriousness of the climate crisis and possible extinction of our [...]

It’s A Wage And Workers Rights Shortage

By Lane Windham, The Hill. -

As we approach Labor Day, America’s working people are deep into a protracted general strike. Millions are refusing to go back into low-wage, no-benefits jobs that require they abandon dignity [...]

After Supreme Court Ruling, A Tsunami Of Evictions Is Set Overwhelm US

By People's Dispatch. -

Following a Supreme Court ruling that ended the moratorium, evictions are resuming in the United States. Eugene Puryear talks about the impact of this judgement on millions who might face a [...]

Hotels Don’t Waste A Crisis

By Saurav Sarkar, Labor Notes. -

Javier Gonzalez used to send money every two weeks to his 85- and 90-year-old parents in his home country. He had to stop because his employer, Boston Marriott Copley Place, terminated Gonzalez [...]

Learn From The East – A Major Lesson Of The Pandemic.

By John V. Walsh, Popular Resistance. -

The world is now in the throes of another wave of Covid-19, with another surge in infections, sickness and deaths, this time due to the more infectious and apparently more lethal Delta [...]

Billions In Rent Assistance Money Withheld From Millions Facing Eviction

By Chase Lawrence, WSWS. -

Out of the $46.5 billion in funding provided for rental assistance under two bailouts enacted in December 2020 and March 2021, the vast majority has not been distributed, with only an estimated [...]

How The West Is Keeping The Covid-19 Pandemic From Ending

By Robert Scheer and Achal Prabhala, ScheerPost.com. -

Even though thousands of Covid-19 vaccines are being administered daily, the delta variant of the coronavirus is wreaking havoc around the world. This is in large part, say activists like Achal [...]

Six Months Of The Biden Administration

By Patrick Martin, WSWS. -

Six months ago, Joseph Biden was inaugurated president of the United States, under conditions of unprecedented crisis of US capitalism and the entire social and political order. His [...]

On Contact: Pandemic Two

By Chris Hedges, On Contact. -

On the show this week, in the second of a two-part interview, Chris Hedges continues his discussion with philosopher Slavoj Zizek about the social, political and psychological consequences of [...]

US Takes Advantage Of The Price Cubans Are Paying For The Blockade

By Manolo de los Santos and Vijay Prashad, Peoples Dispatch. -

Cuba, like every other country on the planet, is struggling with the impact of COVID-19. This small island of 11 million people has created five vaccine candidates and sent its medical workers [...]

Child Care Should Be Universal And Well-Paid

By Michelle Chen, Truthout. -

Queen Freelove of New Haven, Connecticut, remembers when the pandemic transformed the daycare she ran out of her home, abruptly turning the atmosphere from cozy to clinical: “Things got extremely [...]

Advocates Rally Against NYC’s Moving Homeless From Hotels To Shelters

By Dave Carlin, CBS New York. -

New York City — A march and rally against New York City’s decision to move about 8,000 homeless individuals from hotels to shelters was held Saturday. The process has been put on hold, but [...]

Women Everywhere In The World Are Squeezed Into A Tight Corner

By Vijay Prashad, Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research. -

In 1995, the delegates elected Chen Muhua (1921-2011) as the president of the UN World Conference on Women. In 1938, Chen went to Yan’an to join the communist revolution, studying at Kàngda and [...]

The Tokyo Olympics Are In Peril

By Dave Zirin, Edge of Sports. -

Ten thousand people. That’s how many Olympic volunteers quit their posts in Tokyo, with the games just 50 days away. That is one of every eight volunteers needed to pull off the 2021 (still [...]

US States Press Reopening Amid Mounting Dangers From COVID Variants

By Patrick Martin, World Socialist Website. -

The COVID-19 pandemic has killed more than 600,000 people in the United States, according to the semi-official tabulation by Johns Hopkins University. But while more people have been killed in [...]