Police Brutality: How Protesters Resist State Violence Around The World

By Progressive International. -

Greece has been in national lockdown on and off for the last year, with the current lockdown reaching five months. Civil liberties and freedom of movement have been considerably restricted [...]

Counter-Power And Self-Defense In Latin America

By Raúl Zibechi, Roarmag.org -

Against the backdrop of state and gang violence, some of the continent’s most affected communities have taken radical measures to defend themselves and build new social counter-powers from below. [...]

International Day Of Protest To Free Nestora

By Free Nestora, www.freenestora.org -

August 21, 2014 will be the one year anniversary of Nestora’s arrest and imprisonment. For 12 months, she has been denied the right to see her lawyers. Orders to free her by a federal judge have [...]