Visionary, Defiant And Resilient: Bahrain’s Dissenting Women

By Semanur Karaman, -

By Semanur Karaman for The Huffington Post - The Gulf State of Bahrain is known for its extravagance. Gloating over multi-million dollar investments in tourism, sports and banking, the kingdom [...]

Champions For Justice: Bahrain’s Pro-Democracy Movement

Jadaliyya Reports, -

Jadaliyya Reports for Bahrain Center For Human Rights - Five years ago this week, hundreds of thousands of people rose up in support of democracy and human rights in Bahrain. After enduring [...]

Teddy Bears Face Off With Police In Bahrain

By Amira Al Hussaini, -

For the past four years, Bahrainis have been marking Valentine's Day with massive protests, which are faced with a brutal clampdown by the regime. This year is no different, except that [...]

Riot Police Disperse Anti-Govt Rally In Bahraini Capital

By RT, -

Clashes between riot police and demonstrators have erupted in Bahrain for the fifth day in a row as the activists demand the release of Sheikh Ali Salman, the head of the largest Shiite [...]

Imprisoned Bahraini Human Rights Activist Begins Hunger Strike

By Miriam Berger, -

Bahraini police arrested al-Khawaga on Aug. 30 at the airport in Manama, the capital of Bahrain, after she tried to enter the country. Police told her that she had been stripped of citizenship, [...]

Human Rights Defender’s Hunger Strike Against Arrests, Detentions

By Bahrain Center For Human Rights, -

01 September 2014 - 8th day hunger strike - Updates Abdulhadi Al-Khawaja is now in his 8th day of his hunger strike, and his health is in extreme danger. The family visited Adbulhadi [...]

Bahraini Activist Begins Hunger Strike At Airport

By Nada Akl, -

Maryam Al-Khawaja, a Bahraini citizen and the Co-Director of the Gulf Center For Human Rights, was denied entry to her country today [August 30, 2014]. According to the organisation, she was [...]

Oakland Activists Confront Police War Games

By Noura Khouri and David Judd, -

"OAKLAND HAS played host each year recently to Urban Shield, a SWAT team exercise in which law enforcement teams from around the world practice, among other things, the use of force against [...]

Thousands Protest In Bahrain Over Opposition Leader Arrest

By Staff, -

"Large crowds of Bahrainis have protested west of the country’s capital, Manama, over the arrest of a prominent opposition figure, just hours after another rally ended with clashes with police. [...]

Bahrain Declares War on the Opposition

By Emile Nakhleh, -

The special session of the Bahraini National Assembly held on Sunday Jul. 28 was a spectacle of venom, a display of vulgarity, and an unabashed nod to increased dictatorship. The 22 [...]

The Arab Spring Protests You Don’t Know About

By Yury Barmin, -

I am astonished by how little the media has covered the ongoing protests in Bahrain, Kuwait, and eastern Saudi Arabia. You would think that the oil-rich Gulf Cooperation Council states would be [...]