Lift The Ban On Communications! Free Julian Assange!

By James Cogan, -

June 6 will mark 10 weeks since the Ecuadorian government blocked all communication by WikiLeaks’ editor Julian Assange with the outside world, including personal visitors. Assange has been [...]

Signal Foundation

By Brian Acton, -

Long before we knew that it would be called Signal, we knew what we wanted it to be. Instead of teaching the rest of the world cryptography, we wanted to see if we could develop cryptography that [...]

Why We Should Stop Using The Word “Activist”

By Jonathan Matthew Smucker, -

By Jonathan Matthew Smucker for In These Times - One way that progressive political groups create barriers between themselves and society is through the construction of a relatively new category [...]

PR Firm Says It Ghost-Wrote Thousands Of Op-Eds In Major US Papers

By David Swanson, -

By David Swanson for FAIR - Of course, it goes without saying that organizations and political campaigns and businesses have staff ghost write or draft or assist with op-eds by their figureheads. [...]

Confidential Emails Show Close Industry Involvement In TPP

By William New, -

By William New in IP Watch - Through a US Freedom of Information Act request, Intellectual Property Watch has obtained some 400 pages of email traffic between USTR officials and industry [...]