If Supreme Court Upholds Muslim Ban, We’ll Need Civil Resistance

By Rob Hunter, www.theguardian.com -

By Rob Hunter for The Guardian, The US supreme court announced on Monday that it will decide on the legality of Donald Trump’s travel ban. It also partially stayed injunctions against the ban, [...]

ACLU Files Lawsuits Challenging Gag Orders Silencing Victims

By Staff, www.aclu-md.org -

By Staff of ACLU - BALTIMORE AND SALISBURY, MD - In a coordinated effort to take on "gag orders" that silence victims of police abuse as a condition of resolving their cases, the American Civil [...]

Russia-gate Is No Watergate Or Iran-Contra

By Robert Parry, www.consortiumnews.com -

By Robert Parry for Consortium News - Although the historical record is still incomplete on Watergate and Iran-Contra, the available evidence indicates that both scandals originated in schemes by [...]

CA EPA Becomes First U.S. Agency To Declare Roundup Causes Cancer

By Nathan Donley, www.biologicaldiversity.org -

By Nathan Donley for Center for Biological Diversity - SACRAMENTO, Calif.— The state of California announced today that as of July 7 it will list glyphosate, the main ingredient in the pesticide [...]

The Fight To End Oil Drilling In Los Angeles

By Erick Huerta, www.scopela.org -

By Erick Huerta for SCOPE - Throughout its history, the fossil fuel industry has played a major role in the development of the City of Los Angeles. The massive oil fields and high production [...]

Georgia Town Fights Becoming Coal Ash Dumping Ground

By Georgina Gustin, www.insideclimatenews.org -

By Georgina Gustin for Inside Climate News - When news spread that Republic Services planned to dump trainloads of toxic coal ash in a local landfill, citizens, led by the local newspaper, [...]

Small Marijuana Growers Create Marijuana Coops To Scale Up

By Paul Roberts, www.leafly.com -

By Paul Roberts for Leafly - Markets, like ecosystems, respond to massive disruption with a wave of experimentation and adaptation—and that’s certainly been the story in California’s cannabis [...]

What Happened To America’s Wealth? The Rich Hid It

By Chuck Collins, www.otherwords.org -

By Chuck Collins for Other WOrds - There's actually trillions that could be used to fix our roads and schools. The wealthy just don't want you to know where it is. If you find yourself traveling [...]

Student Debt Means Fewer Public Servants — And More Bankers

By Alyssa Aquino, www.otherwords.org -

By Alyssa Aquino for Other Words - Collectively, America’s student borrowers owe $1.7 trillion. On average, each graduating senior this year is beginning their life around $37,000 in the hole. [...]

Military Recruiting And How To Confront It

By Pat Elder, www.PopularResistance.org -

By Pat Elder for Popular Resistance. The Pentagon is attempting to recruit somewhere around 227,000 troops this year, and they’re having one hell of a time finding them, even while they enjoy [...]

First Cross Border Anti-Nuclear Action

By the Intermountain West Uranium Summit, www.popularresistance.org -

By the Intermountain West Uranium Summit. ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico -- Intermountain West Uranium Summit participants are inviting affinity groups everywhere to take part on July 15-16 in our first [...]

Sen. Sanders Has His Health Priorities Backwards

By Margaret Flowers, www.healthoverprofit.org -

By Margaret Flowers for Health Over Profit. We thought that Senator Sanders was on track to introduce and advocate for a national improved Medicare for All bill, but Tuesday he stated publicly [...]

Resistance Growing As 180 Groups Call For ‘No’ Vote On FERC Nominees

By Melinda Tuhus, www.PopularResistance.org -

By Melinda Tuhus for Beyond Extreme Energy. Faced with the growing scourge of pipeline expansion nationwide, 180 groups -- including Sierra Club, Food & Water Watch, Green America, the Center for [...]

Electric Cars Tested As Power Grid Stabilizers

By Leslie Kaufman, www.insideclimatenews.org -

By Leslie Kaufman for Inside Climate News. California - In an important real-world test of whether electric vehicles could play a bigger role in backing up the green power grid of the future, a [...]

The Struggle Is Never For Nothing

By Leonard Peltier, www.counterpunch.org -

By Leonard Peltier for Counter Punch - Well, here we are, another year, another memorial. After 42-years this does not get any easier. It seems as if you get lost for words. At times I feel as if [...]