I Spent 16 Months In Solitary Confinement And Now I’m Fighting To End It

By Kiana Calloway, Nationofchange.org -

I was just 17 years old when I was sent to solitary confinement in “Camp J,” one of the most severe lockdown units at one of America’s most brutal prisons, the Louisiana State Penitentiary at [...]

“No Justice. No Peace. No Private Police.”

By Staff, Aclu-md.org -

“No Justice. No Peace. No Private Police,” was a chant that rang through the Charles Village and Waverly neighborhoods last Wednesday. On the 300th “West Wednesday,” John Hopkins University [...]

ACLU Files First Amendment Challenge To South Dakota Anti-Protest Laws

By Staff, Aclusd.org -

The American Civil Liberties Union and ACLU of South Dakota filed a federal lawsuit challenging three South Dakota laws threaten criminal penalties of up to 25 years in prison and $50,000 fines [...]

Fighting For Justice: Why Cross-Movement Collaboration Is Essential, Center For Constitutional Rights

By Joe Friendly, Riseuptimes.org -

With panelists: Joo-Hyun Kang, director of Communities United for Police Reform (CPR), a campaign to end discriminatory policing practices in New York; Kayhan Irani, Emmy-award winning writer, [...]

ACLU Fears Protest Crackdowns, Surveillance Already Being Planned For Keystone XL

By Nicholas Kusnetz, Insideclimatenews.org -

The Keystone XL pipeline is expected to draw protests from indigenous and environmental activists when construction begins, and many activists are worried law enforcement agencies may be planning [...]

Amazon’s Facial “Rekognition” Mismatches 28 Lawmakers With Criminals

By Aaron Kesel, Activistpost.com -

The American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California tested Amazon’s facial Rekognition software and the program erroneously and hilariously identified 28 members of Congress as people who [...]

Judge Slams Family Separation As ‘Brutal, Offensive’ Conduct, Lawsuit Proceeds

SAN DIEGO — A federal judge ruled that the American Civil Liberties Union’s challenge to the Trump administration’s practice of forcibly separating asylum-seeking parents and young children can [...]

TSA Sued Over Searches Of Digital Devices

By Staff, Aclunc.org -

The American Civil Liberties Union Foundation of Northern California filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit today demanding government documents about Transportation Security [...]

Previously Anonymous Police Officers Named In ACLU Suit For J20 Abuses

By Baynard Woods, Therealnews.com -

In a new filing, amending a pending lawsuit against Washington D.C.’s Metropolitan Police Department, the ACLU named 27 police officers who they say violated the constitutional rights of several [...]

Farm Workers Sue North Carolina To Protect Their Union Rights

By Brian Hauss, aclu.org -

By Brian Hauss for ACLU - Dolores Huerta, the legendary civil rights icon and farmworker activist, had it right: “Organized labor is a necessary part of democracy.” Day in and day out, unions [...]

10th Amendment Center Activist Fights Against Local Gov Bullying Tactics

By Staff, www.activistpost.com -

By Staff of Activist - The American Civil Liberties Union of Kentucky will represent Tenth Amendment Center national communications director Michael Maharrey in a lawsuit filed against him by the [...]

LA Police Arresting People For Speaking 20 Seconds Over Allotted Time

By Emily C. Bell, www.alternet.org -

By Emily C. Bell for AlterNet - The tweet comes after Melanie Ochoa, a staff attorney at the ACLU of Southern California, who sent a letter Tuesday morning to Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and [...]

Facebook Accounts Face Inauguration Day Search Warrants

By Staff, www.acludc.org -

By Staff of ACLU - Two of the warrants would require Facebook to disclose to the government all information from the personal Facebook profiles of local DisruptJ20 activists Lacy MacAuley and [...]

Historic Settlement In ACLU Case On Behalf Of Three Torture Victims

By Staff, www.aclu.org -

By Staff of ACLU - NEW YORK — In a first for a case involving CIA torture, the American Civil Liberties Union announced a settlement today in the lawsuit against the two psychologists who [...]

Activists Ask Charlottesville To Drop Charges

By Lauren Berg, www.richmond.com -

By Lauren Berg for The Daily Progress - CHARLOTTESVILLE — Activists want all charges dropped against protesters arrested at the July 8 KKK rally in Charlottesville after they say police used [...]

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