The Curious Malaise Of The Middle Class

By Jason Hirthler, -

Passing through the vestibules of airports, one experiences the quotidian toil of modern neoliberal life. Even as one’s spirits rise at the thought of a fresh destination, or perhaps a familiar [...]

Big Gap Between Trump’s Promises To The Middle Class And His Policies

By Josh Bivens, -

By Josh Bivens for EPI - During his campaign, President-elect Donald Trump promised that he would take the side of American workers against economic elites when evaluating policy. Yet, the policy [...]

Nuit Debout: Middle Class Protests In Neoliberal France

By Laurie Wdowiak, -

By Laurie Wdowiak for LSE - Since March, France has known a wave of opposition against a labour law reform. The reform plans to further deregulate labour and decentralize bargaining, among other [...]

The Middle Class Is Shrinking In The US

By Staff, -

By Staff of Pew Research Center - The American middle class is losing ground in metropolitan areas across the country, affecting communities from Boston to Seattle and from Dallas to Milwaukee. [...]

The Revolt Of The Anxious Class

By Robert Reich, -

By Robert Reich for The Huffington Post - The great American middle class has become an anxious class -- and it's in revolt. Before I explain how that revolt is playing out, you need to [...]

Disappearing Middle Class In UK As Well

By RT, -

High property prices will wipe out the British middle class within the next 30 years, according to a UK government advisor. He says society will be left with a “tiny elite” and a “huge sprawling [...]