When Being White And Jewish Isn’t Enough

By Miko Peled, Mintpress News. -

Jerusalem — “I need a cell for a Jew,” the Israeli cops driving the jeep called into the jail. I was the Jew they were referring to and the jail was the infamous “Muskobia,” in the heart of West [...]

When The State Cannot Protect, Civilians Have The Responsibility To Intervene

By Mel Duncan, Waging Nonviolence. -

A few years ago, I was walking in Minneapolis, just a few miles from where George Floyd was murdered, when a panicked, young Native American man ran by me and into the street. Immediately [...]

James Baldwin And The Meaning Of Whiteness

By Chris Hedges, www.truthdig.com -

By Chris Hedges for Truth Dig - Peck’s “I Am Not Your Negro” is one of the finest documentaries I have ever seen—I would have stayed in the theater in New York to see the film again if the next [...]

How Media Transformed Right-Wing ‘Willing To Kill’ Extremists

By Staff, www.fair.org -

By Staff of FAIR - Of all extremist groups, the far right is consistently given the kindest news coverage in US corporate media. This weekend, the world witnessed a prime example of such friendly [...]

CNN: Black Protesters More Dangerous Than Armed Militia

By Carol Schaeffer, www.usuncut.com -

By Carol Schaeffer for US Uncut - CNN law enforcement analyst Art Roderick said that armed protesters who took over a federal building in Oregon did not warrant harsh law enforcement treatment [...]

Act Out! [36] – Big Banks, America’s Biggest Cash Crop & White Privilege

By Staff, www.youtube.com -

By Staff of Occupy - This week we've got a lot to cover – first up – race issues. What race issues? A brief but important little segment specifically designed for my fellow white people. Next up, [...]

Explaining White Privilege To A Broke White Person

By Gina Crosley-Corcoran, www.huffingtonpost.com -

By Gina Crosley-Corcoran in The Huffington Post - Years ago some feminist on the Internet told me I was "privileged." "THE F&CK!?!?" I said. I came from the kind of poor that people don't [...]

Seattle Protest: Stop Denying White Privilege

By Kevin Zeese, www.PopularResistance.org -

By Kevin Zeese for Popular Resistance - Bring this to your community! On August 17th during lunch hour in Westlake Park, Seattle people coming out to the downtown park for lunch saw an unusual [...]

Video: Why Do People Keep Insisting #BlackLivesMatter?

By John F. O'Donnell, www.rt.com/redacted-tonight -

By John F. O'Donnell of Redacted Tonight. The prideful limitation of white progressive allies' tolerance for the #BlackLivesMatter Movement truly rears it's ugly head when the golden boy, Bernie [...]

Newsletter: Prejudice, Racism, Privilege In The US

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, www.popularresistance.org -

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers. Black Americans, Indigenous peoples and immigrants who are standing up to highlight the injustices they suffer on a daily basis are creating a long overdue [...]