San Diego Has Been Turned Into A Massive Chinese-Style Public Surveillance Network

By Staff, -

Can you imagine a city in the United States secretly creating a Chinese-style public surveillance network that can identify everyone? Can you imagine that same city secretly creating a [...]

US Arrests 32 At San Diego Border Demonstration

By Gregory Bull, -

U.S. authorities arrested 32 people at a demonstration Monday that was organized by a Quaker group on the border with Mexico, authorities said. Demonstrators were calling for an end to detaining [...]

Striking XPO Port Truck Drivers Rally In Los Angeles, San Diego

By Staff, -

(CALIFORNIA) – Port truck drivers for XPO Logistics Inc. who are on strike held rallies in Los Angeles and San Diego and demanded the company end the rampant day-to-day abuse of drivers. The [...]

San Diego Activists Go All In For Anti-Alec Protests

By Doug Porter, -

By Doug Porter in San Diego Free Press - A wide range of organizations, some of whom rarely get involved in non-electoral politics, are calling upon San Diegans to put on their protesting shoes [...]

San Diego Sues Monsanto For Dumping PCB’s In Bay

By Dorian Hargrove, -

The City of San Diego and San Diego Unified Port District want chemical agricultural giant Monsanto to pay for its role in polluting San Diego's bay and tidelands with polychlorinated biphenyls, [...]