Arrested To Show Senator Collins What We Think Of Tax Bill

By Jim Betts, Sarah Bigney, Tina Marie Davidson, Erin Oberson, and Nick Paquet -

Last week, in the midst of congressional debate on the Republicans’ disastrous tax plan, we went to Senator Susan Collins’ office in Bangor to join the discussion and talk about how the bill will [...]

Arrested For Feeding Homeless Without Permit Before Thanksgiving

By Aaron Kesel, -

By Aaron Kesel for Activist Post - The Sunday before Thanksgiving Atlanta police handed out tickets to activists feeding the homeless in a clear display of disregard for its hungry citizens [...]

Five More Pipeline Protesters Arrested

By Steve Marroni, -

By Steve Marroni for Penn Live - Five more members of the Lancaster Against Pipelines organization were arrested on Saturday, bringing the total number of arrests to 45. The organization said on [...]

Climate Activists Arrested Deploying 3-Story Banner At JPMorgan HQ

By Staff, -

By Staff of RAN - NEW YORK – This morning, activists from Rainforest Action Network (RAN) dropped a 35 ft. banner from the headquarters of JPMorgan Chase to protest the bank’s investments in [...]

5 Arrested For Mischief Following Kinder Morgan Protest

By Chad Pawson, -

By Chad Pawson for CBC News - First Nations along with environmentalists, local politicians and residents are continuing their protest of the company's expansion of its Trans Mountain pipeline, [...]

Activists Arrested Where Nuns Are Protesting A Pennsylvania Pipeline

By Julie Zauzmer, -

By Julie Zauzmer for The Washington Post - In a dramatic showdown in a cornfield, owned by Catholic sisters of the Adorers of the Blood of Christ, 23 people stood holding hands and singing hymns [...]

23 Arrested Protesting Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline

By Marie Cusick, -

By Marie Cusick for State Impact - Twenty-three people were arrested and charged with defiant trespassing Monday after they blocked construction equipment for the Atlantic Sunrise natural gas [...]

Police Put Hoods, Earmuffs On Protesters Detained By Portland ICE Facility

By Staff, -

By Staff of The Associated Press - PORTLAND, Ore. — Authorities handcuffed several Oregon protesters who tried to block a bus from taking immigrants to a Tacoma, Washington, detention center. [...]

More Than 80 Arrested As Riot Police Break Up St. Louis Protest Over Officer’s Acquittal

By Valerie Volcovici and Kenny Bahr, -

By Valerie Volcovici and Kenny Bahr for Reuters - T. LOUIS (Reuters) - More than 80 people were arrested on Sunday night as protests in St Louis over the acquittal of a white policeman who had [...]

Four Arrested For Toppling Statue, Zero Arrested For Brutal Beating

By Jessica Corbett, -

By Jessica Corbett for Common Dreams - Harris and his friends—who helped him escape the violent attack to seek medical attention—were in the area to protest a gathering of white supremacists who [...]

22 Arrested By Massachusetts State Police At Protest Of Kinder Morgan Pipeline

By Lucas Ropek, -

By Lucas Ropek for Mass Live - SANDISFIELD - Twenty two people were arrested at a staged protest of the construction of the Kinder Morgan pipeline extension in Sandisfield Saturday morning, [...]

Two Arrested After Shutting Down Kinder Morgan Terminal

By Staff, -

By Staff of Rising Tide North America - “Our First Nations relatives are not going to allow the Trans Mountain pipeline to go through their territories in Canada,” said Pennie Opal Plant of Idle [...]

Protesters Arrested For Blocking Traffic In Downtown Grand Rapids

By Dominick Mastrangelo, -

By Dominick Mastrangelo for Michigan Live - Following several warnings, police say, a 64-year-old male, a 40-year-old male and a 49-year-old female were all arrested on charges of Impeding [...]

Women’s Strike Organizers Arrested In NY On A Day Of Protests Worldwide

By Robert Mackey, -

By Robert Mackey for The Intercept - In more than thirty countries, women will refuse to do work — any work, paid or unpaid — that they do not wish to do. They will not cook breakfast, lunch, or [...]

Law Enforcement Using Facebook And Apple To Data-Mine Accounts Of Trump Protest Arrestees

By Sarah Lazare, -

By Sarah Lazare for AlterNet - Law enforcement is compelling Apple and Facebook to hand over the personal information of users who were mass arrested at protests against the inauguration of [...]