School Bus Drivers Lead Protest To Safely Reopen Los Angeles Schools

By Omar Younis, Reuters. -

School bus drivers from the second largest school district in the United States led a noisy protest caravan through downtown Los Angeles on Thursday, demanding federal and state funding to help [...]

School Bus Drivers: ‘No Reopening Without Safety First!’

By USWA Local 8751, -

Boston school bus drivers say, “No school reopening without Union-planned and -designed health and safety procedures!” Teachers, nurses, bus drivers and monitors, custodians, [...]

NYC Bus Drivers Union Refuses To Transport Protesters For NYPD

By Jason Koebler, Vice. -

Workers for New York City’s MTA are refusing to transport people arrested during protests against police brutality in the aftermath of the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. A video [...]

Bus Drivers Refuse To Help Police, Prison Labor Replaces Meatpackers And More

By Mike Elk, Payday Report. -

With protests erupting all over Minneapolis over the death of George Floyd, cops are attempting to arrest protesters in mass.  However, some bus drivers in Minneapolis are refusing to use [...]

Striking Bus Drivers Steer The Way To A Better World

By Mindy Isser, In These Times. -

All eyes are on essential workers during the coronavirus pandemic, as individuals, companies and even the federal government make a point to thank them for their heroic action: working. Frontline [...]

Defying Trump’s Order, Nebraska Meatpackers Strike And More Strike News

By Mike Elk, Pay Day Report. -

Earlier today, Trump announced that he intended to use the power of the federal government and the Defense Production Act to keep meat processing plants open throughout the United States.  The [...]

Boston School Bus Drivers Win Emergency Full Pay During School Closure

By Steve Gillis, -

On March 16, elected officers of United Steelworkers Local 8751, the Boston School Bus Drivers Union, conducted mass meetings in the bus yards over loudspeakers with hundreds of drivers, [...]