The UN’s Criminal Enterprise And Ecological Catastrophe In Haiti

By Jemima Pierre, Black Agenda Report. -

When we consider the current ecological threat to the earth and its inhabitants, we cannot forget the outsized place of war and empire in exacerbating climate change and enabling environmental [...]

Activists Shut Down A Pipeline — But Their Fight Isn’t Over

By Leanna First-Arai, Truthout. -

As the dust settles on their victory, the coalition of activists and community members that opposed the Byhalia Connection oil pipeline in greater Memphis, Tennessee — which developers officially [...]

Activists Withhold Gas Bill Payment To Protest National Grid Pipeline

By Kevin Duggan, Brooklyn Paper. -

Environmentalist launched a gas bill strike Tuesday, pledging to withhold money from their monthly utilities in protest of National Grid’s controversial pipeline project beneath the streets of [...]

Who’s Paying The Human Costs Of Plastic Pollution?

By Yvette Arellano and Mariana Del Valle Prieto Cervantes, Prism. -

All too often, the issue of plastic pollution is reduced to plastic straw bans led by clipboard-carrying college students, VSCO girls, and bracelets made with a promise of saving turtles. It [...]

Despite Climate Commitments, Health Concerns, States Approve Fuel Tanks

By Ingrid Lobet, Capital and Main. -

Magali Sanchez-Hall, usually in motion, pauses for a moment on the sidewalk to gaze through a chain-link fence at the massive new construction project: tanks shaped like giant tuna fish cans that [...]

Six Ways Chevron Imperils Climate, Human Rights, And Racial Justice

By Kathy Mulvey, Commondreams. -

Although we're barely one quarter into 2021, multiple forces are squeezing Chevron for the preventable harm it is inflicting on the global climate. The company is also being dragged for its [...]

Black Communities Fight Racist And Polluting Pipeline Project

By Memphis Community Against the Pipeline, Popular Resistance. -

Black communities in Memphis, TN are leading a growing opposition campaign to the Byhalia Connection Pipeline, a proposed crude oil pipeline funded by the fossil fuel corporations Valero and [...]

Groups Call For Federal Investigation Of City Over Toxic Industry

By Brett Chase, Chicago Sun Times. -

The city of Chicago’s role helping General Iron move from affluent white Lincoln Park to a majority-Latino Southeast Side neighborhood to make way for the Lincoln Yards redevelopment violated [...]

EPA Postpones Environmental Justice Training

By Rachel Frazin, The Hill. -

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will postpone training on environmental inequity faced by communities of color and low-income communities following a White House order calling for [...]

Virginia’s Energy Kingpin Could Finally Face A Reckoning Over Race

By Alexander C. Kaufman, Huffington Post. -

Anti-poverty activist Rev. William Barber II denounced the compressor station as environmental racism in 2019, Dominion started running Facebook ads featuring video from a high school essay [...]

‘Black Lives Matter’ Demonstrations Continue Long Quest For Environmental Justice

By James Bruggers, Inside Climate News. -

Kentucky—A month before thousands began marching here, day after day, to protest the police killings of George Floyd in Minneapolis and a woman here named Breonna Taylor, a professor at the [...]

Responding To Protests, Green Groups Reckon With A Racist Past

By Shannon Osaka, Grist. -

Already stressed by the threat of coronavirus and widespread unemployment, the United States has erupted into protests after the killing of George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man, by a Minneapolis [...]

EPA Finds Black Americans Face More Health-Threatening Air Pollution

By Phil McKenna, -

Black Americans are subjected to higher levels of air pollution than white Americans regardless of their wealth, researchers with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency conclude. Researchers at [...]

Report: Racial, Economic Injustice Of Pollution Trading Programs

By Staff, -

By Staff of Food & Water Watch - WASHINGTON – New analysis published today details the disproportionate burdens of air and water contamination and serious human health effects placed on [...]

Kaboom Town Burns Millions Of Pounds Of Munitions

By Abrahm Lustgarten, -

By Abrahm Lustgarten for ProPublica. A private facility in Colfax, 95 miles south, operated by Clean Harbors, a longtime Defense Department contractor and one of the largest hazardous waste [...]

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