BDS Is Gaining Momentum With #BlockTheBoat Actions

By Yoav Litvin, Truthout. -

A community picket line in support of Palestinian rights and liberation has succeeded in delaying a vessel operated by Israel’s largest cargo shipping company from docking at the Seattle Port for [...]

Israeli Ships Not Welcome At North American Ports

By People's Dispatch. -

In a major push to hold Israel accountable for its crimes on Palestinians, activists and workers’ movements have put up picket lines on key ports in the United States and Canada to block entry [...]

Activists Aim To Block Israeli Ships From US Ports In Solidarity With Palestinians

By Umar A Farooq, Middle East Eye. -

Palestinian rights activists are aiming to block ships operated by an Israeli shipping line from unloading cargo in key US port cities as part of a campaign to pressure Israel over its numerous [...]

Truck Drivers And Workers Strike At Southern California Ports

By Kim Biggar, Splash 247. -

Truck drivers at Los Angeles and Long Beach ports, represented by the Teamsters union, started strike action against Universal Logistics Holdings (ULH) this week, adding further to extraordinary [...]

Two People Locked Themselves To Crane At Port Of Tacoma

By Sydney Brownstone, -

Two protesters have locked themselves to a crane at the construction site of a Puget Sound Energy (PSE) liquefied natural gas facility at the Port of Tacoma this morning, according to activist [...]

Labor Unrest At California Ports Continue

By David Moberg, -

By David Moberg for In These Times - The nation’s largest port—spread across parts of both Los Angeles and Long Beach, CA—is a strangely varied workplace. And after years of tenacious effort, [...]