Hawaii May Become First State With Guaranteed Income

By Matthew Wright, www.dailymail.co.uk -

By Matthew Wright For Dailymail.com - It may have been the last state to join the United States, but Hawaii may trail blaze and become the first to offer guaranteed basic income. A bill was [...]

Overwhelming Evidence That A Guaranteed Income Will Work

By Paul Buchheit, www.commondreams.org -

By Paul Buchheit for Common Dreams - We'll have to do something drastically different to employ people in the future. Our jobs are disappearing. The driverless vehicle is here, destined to [...]

We’d Have Revolution If People Understood This

By Dennis Trainor, Jr., www.acronymtv.wordpress.com -

Martin Luther King, Jr. was working towards a guaranteed basic income for all when he was killed. Wealth inequality, neoliberalism, the actions of the Federal Reserve, along with the greed and [...]

Mobilizing For The Common: Some Lessons From Italy

By Jerome Roos, www.roarmag.org -

Saturday’s protest in Rome was the latest in a series of actions around a common project. What can organizers elsewhere learn from Italy’s movements? "The Italian movements may provide us with [...]

VIDEO: Class, Race, and War – Resistance Report One-Hour Pilot

Host Dennis Trainor, Jr. navigates a lively panel discussion with Nicole Carty (The Other 98%), Julianna Forlano (Absurdity Today), and Joel Northam (Resistance Report contributor). Special [...]