DHS Equipped 400 Police Departments With Military-Grade Sound Cannons

By Mass Private I. -

A recent article in the Mohave Valley Daily News revealed that DHS is using grant money to equip Arizona police departments with military-grade sound cannons or Long Range Acoustic Devices [...]

Court Affirms Right Of Homeless Persons To Not Be Punished For Sleeping In Public

By National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty. -

Boise, Idaho – The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed that homeless persons cannot be punished for sleeping outside in the absence of adequate alternatives in Martin v. Boise (formerly Bell v. [...]

Activists Calling For The Abolition Of ICE Blocking Seattle Streets Outside Of Homeland Security Building

Seattle, WA – Early yesterday morning, activists with Northwest Detention Center Resistance and Mijente locked down outside of 1000 2nd Avenue in downtown Seattle, Washington, calling attention [...]

Homeland Security Uses ‘Crisis Action Team’ In 1st Trump Travel Ban

By Josh Gerstein, Politico.com -

When protests and widespread confusion broke out at airports across the U.S. after President Donald Trump issued his first travel ban executive order last January, White House officials scoffed [...]

Homeland Security’s Multibillion Dollar Comedy Show

By James Bovard, Counterpunch.org -

After the 9/11 attacks, Congress and the Bush administration pretended that unlimited federal spending was one of the best ways to thwart terrorist threats. In 2002, Congress created the Homeland [...]

Climate Change, Migration, And Homeland Security

By Kevin Gosztola -

Hosts Rania Khalek and Kevin Gosztola interview journalist Todd Miller, author of Storming the Wall: Climate Change, Migration, and Homeland Security. It was published by City Lights Books in [...]

Audit Finds Detainee Abuse At Immigration Prisons

By Kevin Gosztola, mintpressnews.com -

The inspector general for the Homeland Security Department conducted unannounced inspections of six immigrant detention facilities overseen by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). It [...]

Homeland Security Plans To Collect Immigrants’ Social Media Info

By Alfred Ng and Laura Hautala, www.cnet.com -

By Alfred Ng and Laura Hautala for CNet - The US Department of Homeland Security quietly introduced a proposed amendment to its records regulations last week that would allow the agency to [...]

Newspaper Owned By Fracking Billionaire Leaks Memo Calling Pipeline Opponents Potential “Terrorists”

By Steve Horn, www.desmogblog.com -

By Steve Horn for Desmog Blog - The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has published a report titled, “Potential Domestic Terrorist Threats to Multi-State Diamond Pipeline Construction [...]

Public Opposes Spending More On MIlitary, Wants Cuts

By Peter Cary, www.philly.com -

By Peter Cary for Center for Public Integrity - Altogether, the survey looked at the 10 top areas of spending in Trump’s “Budget Blueprint” and found a gap of $139.6 billion between what the [...]

This Is A Coup: Homeland Security Takeover Of US Elections

By Jon Rappoport, www.jonrappoport.wordpress.com -

By Jon Rappoport for Jon Rappoport's Blog - This is a coup. This is equivalent to declaring a national state of emergency, including martial law: the DHS, if it deemed it necessary, could utilize [...]

200 DHS Employees Accepted Nearly $15M In Bribes

By Andrew Emett, www.ecowatch.com -

By Andrew Emett for Nation of Change - A recent New York Times investigation found that almost 200 employees and contract workers from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) were caught [...]

Trump Homeland Security General Still Believes In Failed Drug War

By Jacob Sullum, www.reason.com -

By Jacob Sullum for Reason - Like Jeff Sessions, Donald Trump's choice for attorney general, the man he wants to run the Department of Homeland Security, John F. Kelly, is an old-fashioned drug [...]

Trump’s Candidate For Homeland Security Chief Calls For Suppression Of Anti-Trump Protests

By Tom Carter, www.wsws.org -

By Tom Carter for WSWS - Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke has unleashed a series of tweets calling for a “state of emergency” to be declared and for the ongoing anti-Trump protests to be [...]

Homeland Security Orders Review Of Privatized Immigration Detention Facilities

By Jennifer Quigley, www.humanrightsfirst.org -

By Jennifer Quigley for Human Rights First - Washington, D.C. ‑ Following today’s announcement from Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Jeh Johnson directing the Homeland Security [...]

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