Even Amid Give-Back Demands, Workers Can Still Safeguard Pensions

By Steve Early, LA Progressive. -

In recent decades, a top management priority has been reducing the cost of retirement benefits. The pandemic and its economic fallout have generated a new round of employer demands for pension [...]

Workers Are Funding The War On Themselves

By David Sirota, The Daily Poster. -

As the private equity industry launches ads to protect its lucrative tax preferences, we should remember that this industry is the unseen man behind the curtain driving many social ills — from [...]

Teamsters Spent Seven Years Fighting For Their Pensions

By Jeff Bollier, Green Bay Gazette. -

Green Bay, WI - For the first time in seven years, thousands of Wisconsin Teamsters don't have to worry about their pensions being cut in half.   The American Rescue Plan, which President Joe [...]

Retirement Shouldn’t Mean Poverty

By Katherine Newman, Otherwords.org -

Vivian Majors spent her life cleaning houses while her husband, Martin, worked as a carpenter. Their bodies broke down in their 60s. Martin now lives in a nursing home and has Parkinson’s [...]

Thousands Of Retired Workers In Spain Demand ‘Decent Pensions’

By Staff, Telesurenglish.net -

Thousands of retired people and supporters took over the streets in several cities in Spain on Saturday to demand “decent” pensions of at least 1,080 Euros a month, and yearly updates according, [...]

Social Security Trustees Report Shows We Should Expand Retirement Benefits

By Monique Morrissey, Epi.org -

There’s no real news in the Social Security trustees report released this afternoon. We’re now a year closer to the date the trust fund will be exhausted, 2034 (same as last year’s projection), [...]

Almost Half Of Americans Die Nearly Broke

By Maurie Backman, www.usatoday.com -

By Maurie Backman for USA Today - In a recent GoBankingRates study, 69% of adults admitted to having less than $1,000 in the bank, while 34% said they actually don't have any savings at all. But [...]

Brazil Paralyzed By Nationwide Strike Against Corruption & Impunity

By Glenn Greenwald, www.theintercept.com -

By Glenn Greenwald for the Intercept. It’s almost impossible to imagine a presidency imploding more completely and rapidly than the unelected one imposed by elites on the Brazilian population in [...]

Trump’s ‘Jobs Czar’ Defeats Workers After 105 Day Strike

By Dominic Rushe and Tom Pietrasik, www.theguardian.com -

By Dominic Rushe and Tom Pietrasik for the Guardian. Momentive’s workers are not alone in their grievances. In 2016 dollars, the average hourly wage of a high school educated worker was $18.29 in [...]

Retirement Divide: 100 CEOs V. The Rest Of Us

By Sarah Anderson, www.ips-dc.org -

By Sarah Anderson for IPS - If President-elect Donald Trump succeeds in cutting the top marginal tax rate from 39.6 percent to 33 percent, Fortune 500 CEOs would save $196 million on the income [...]

Retirees Win Round One

By Alexandra Bradbury, www.labornotes.org -

By Alexandra Bradbury for Labor Notes - Who could have predicted a year ago, as Congress-sanctioned pension cutsgathered momentum, that thousands of retired truckers self-organizing in diners and [...]

Sharing Economy Will Screw, Real Problem Retirement

By Steven Hill, www.alternet.org -

By Steven Hill for Beacon Press - Meet Howard and Jean, an older couple I know, who like so many Americans of the “greatest generation” plugged into the New Deal world that promised a secure [...]

The Reality Of Retirement Inequality In The United States

By Ben Steverman, www.bloomberg.com -

By Ben Steverman for Bloomberg - Since voluntary savings plans led by 401(k)s have largely replaced traditional pensions, it’s probably no surprise that this is the best of times for many highly [...]

Retirement Co-op Ensures Seniors Aren’t Treated As Commodities

By Sophie Chapelle, www.truthout.org -

By Sophie Chapelle (translated by Leslie Thatcher) for Truthout. Lyon, France - They didn't want to end up in a traditional retirement home. They wanted to remain the actors in their own lives. [...]

CEOs Have As Much In Retirement Assets As 41% Of American Families

By Sarah Anderson and Scott Klinger, www.ips-dc.org -

By Sarah Anderson and Scott Klinger for IPS - (Washington, D.C.) A just-released report by the Center for Effective Government and the Institute for Policy Studies, A Tale of Two Retirements, is [...]

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