Almost Half Of Americans Die Nearly Broke

By Maurie Backman, -

By Maurie Backman for USA Today - In a recent GoBankingRates study, 69% of adults admitted to having less than $1,000 in the bank, while 34% said they actually don't have any savings at all. But [...]

Brazil Paralyzed By Nationwide Strike Against Corruption & Impunity

By Glenn Greenwald, -

By Glenn Greenwald for the Intercept. It’s almost impossible to imagine a presidency imploding more completely and rapidly than the unelected one imposed by elites on the Brazilian population in [...]

Trump’s ‘Jobs Czar’ Defeats Workers After 105 Day Strike

By Dominic Rushe and Tom Pietrasik, -

By Dominic Rushe and Tom Pietrasik for the Guardian. Momentive’s workers are not alone in their grievances. In 2016 dollars, the average hourly wage of a high school educated worker was $18.29 in [...]

Retirement Divide: 100 CEOs V. The Rest Of Us

By Sarah Anderson, -

By Sarah Anderson for IPS - If President-elect Donald Trump succeeds in cutting the top marginal tax rate from 39.6 percent to 33 percent, Fortune 500 CEOs would save $196 million on the income [...]

Retirees Win Round One

By Alexandra Bradbury, -

By Alexandra Bradbury for Labor Notes - Who could have predicted a year ago, as Congress-sanctioned pension cutsgathered momentum, that thousands of retired truckers self-organizing in diners and [...]

Sharing Economy Will Screw, Real Problem Retirement

By Steven Hill, -

By Steven Hill for Beacon Press - Meet Howard and Jean, an older couple I know, who like so many Americans of the “greatest generation” plugged into the New Deal world that promised a secure [...]

The Reality Of Retirement Inequality In The United States

By Ben Steverman, -

By Ben Steverman for Bloomberg - Since voluntary savings plans led by 401(k)s have largely replaced traditional pensions, it’s probably no surprise that this is the best of times for many highly [...]

Retirement Co-op Ensures Seniors Aren’t Treated As Commodities

By Sophie Chapelle, -

By Sophie Chapelle (translated by Leslie Thatcher) for Truthout. Lyon, France - They didn't want to end up in a traditional retirement home. They wanted to remain the actors in their own lives. [...]

CEOs Have As Much In Retirement Assets As 41% Of American Families

By Sarah Anderson and Scott Klinger, -

By Sarah Anderson and Scott Klinger for IPS - (Washington, D.C.) A just-released report by the Center for Effective Government and the Institute for Policy Studies, A Tale of Two Retirements, is [...]

A Tale Of Two Retirements

By Scott Klinger and Sarah Anderson, -

By Scott Klinger and Sarah Anderson for IPS - This report, co-published by the Institute for Policy Studies and the Center for Effective Government, is the first to provide detailed statistics on [...]

Landslide Votes: Detroit Workers/Retirees Approve Pension Cuts

By Ed White, -

Pension cuts were approved in a landslide, according to results filed shortly before midnight Monday. The tally from 60 days of voting gives the city a boost as Judge Steven Rhodes determines [...]

Another Privatization Plan For Social Security

By Richard Eskow, -

For months there have been rumors that the Social Security Administration has a “secret plan” to close all of its field offices. Is it true? A little-known report commissioned by the SSA the [...]

The Battle For Social Security Is Not Over

By Steven Rosenfeld, -

Progressive organizersand blue-leaning media have been declaring victory because the Obama White House has dropped its push for using a new cost-of-living formula that would cut into future [...]

900 Weathiest Finished Paying Social Security Tax On Jan 2

By Staff, -

A small, elite group of US citizens has already met their 2014 financial obligation for Social Security two days into the New Year, and will no longer be required to contribute any of their [...]

#PensionTheft: Public Workers Under Attack in Illinois

By Jon Queally, -

A critical vote for past, current, and future public workers is set to take place in the Illinois General Assembly today and if Governor Pat Quinn gets his way and deep cuts are made to the [...]

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