Congressman Works With Business Group Benefiting From Tax Bill

By Alex Kotch, -

Congressional ethics laws appear to require lawmakers to recuse themselves from shaping or voting on laws that would financially benefit themselves, their family or their future employers. But [...]

Northam Hid Dominion Execs & Lobbyists In Transition Team

By Itai Vardi, -

By Itai Vardi for Desmog Blog - Virginia’s Democratic governor-elect, Ralph Northam, announced his transition committee this week. In a press release, his office listed 85 individuals who will [...]

Pay Off Right People And You Are No Longer A Terrorist

By Philip Giraldi, -

By Philip Giraldi for Information Clearing House - October 31, 2017 "Information Clearing House" - If you want to change a group of terrorists who have killed American overseas into something [...]

Goldman Sachs In Government Pushes Profits Of Goldman Sachs

By Marcus Stanley, -

By Marcus Stanley for Inequality - Goldman Sachs has been a conspicuous presence at the scene of one disaster after another in the past half century. The bank is a leader in a Wall Street [...]

Is Dominion’s Grip On Political Power At A Crossroads?

By Robert Zullo, -

By Robert Zullo for Richmond Times-Dispatch - Sen. David R. Suetterlein, R-Roanoke County, partnered with Sen. J. Chapman Petersen, D-Fairfax City, last session on a bill that would have repealed [...]

The ‘Monopoly Man’ Just Owned The Senate’s Equifax Hearing

By Jenna Amatulli, -

By Jenna Amatulli for The Huffington Post - Rich Uncle Pennybags apparently likes to spend his free time at Senate hearings. A person dressed up like the iconic monocled Monopoly mascot (who, in [...]

Jimmy Carter: America More An ‘Oligarchy Than Democracy’

By Staff, -

By Staff of The Associated Press - ATLANTA — Former President Jimmy Carter offered a damning indictment of U.S. foreign policy and domestic affairs Tuesday, saying money in politics makes the [...]

Google Critic Ousted From Google-Funded Think Tank

By Emily Wells, -

By Emily Wells for Truth Dig - The New York Times reported on Wednesday that the New America Foundation, an influential Washington think tank that has received $21 million from Google, fired a [...]

Trump’s New FERC Commissioner Rob Powelson Accepted Gifts From Energy Industry

By Itai Vardi, -

By Itai Vardi for Desmog Blog - Robert Powelson, President Donald Trump’s newly appointed commissioner to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), received both gifts and reimbursements [...]

The Corruption Of Mike Pence And The Privatization Of Infrastructure

By David Sirota, -

By David Sirota for IB Times - In 2015, then-Gov. Mike Pence made the controversial decision to keep the Indiana Toll Road under the control of a consortium of private corporations, which was [...]

Youngstown Residents Push To Oust Corporations From Election Campaigns

By Staff, -

By Staff of In These Times - Today, a long-standing community rights group in Youngstown, Ohio, submitted over 1,900 signatures to qualify their Youngstown Fair Election Bill of Rights initiative [...]

Politicians Take Large Contributions From Pipeline Companies

By Lorne Stockman, -

By Lorne Stockman for Oil Change International - Legislators in Virginia got 75% of the money as the state has lax campaign finance rules, with unlimited contributions from corporations and [...]

‘Gyrocopter Guy’ Still Has A Message To Deliver

By Ben Montgomery, -

By Ben Montgomery for Politico Magazine - Ruskin, Florida—Two years ago this week, Douglas Hughes, a slender, bespectacled mailman, age 61, climbed aboard a one-man flying machine called a [...]

Ryan Fundraised With Insurance Lobbyists Just Before His PowerPoint

By Lee Fang and Nick Surgey, -

By Lee Fang and Nick Surgey for The Intercept - JUST HOURS BEFORE House Speaker Paul Ryan held a press conference to sell his health care overhaul legislation — using a PowerPoint presentation [...]

Trump’s White House Counsel “Architect” Of Corrupt Big Money Politics

By Jon Schwarz, -

By Jon Schwarz for The Intercept - Jon McGahn, soon to be Donald Trump’s White House counsel, bears as much responsibility as any single person for turning America’s campaign finance system into [...]

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