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Sexual Abuse

Advocacy Groups Work To End Sexual Abuse At Women’s Prison

Sexual abuse of prisoners by guards happens daily in the U.S. – in jails, prisons and detention centers – but is rarely reported to the public. The Associated Press recently blew the whistle on a pattern of sexual abuse and harassment at the Federal Correctional Institution in Dublin, California, one of the few federal women’s prisons in the U.S. (AP, Feb. 6) FCI Dublin is known by guards and prisoners as “the rape club,” and prisoners have suffered “rampant” sexual abuse at the hands of prison guards. Prison employees who questioned the abuse have been routinely threatened or disciplined.

CIA Sex Crimes

Buzzfeed reported on Dec. 1 that over the past 14 years, the C.I.A. has amassed credible evidence, including confessions, that 10 employees and a contractor committed sex crimes against children and that only one was ever charged with a crime. The evidence the C.I.A. released to Buzzfeed in response to a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit shows that the 10 employees and one contractor committed crimes including child rape, the purchase of violent child pornography, and viewing as many as 1,400 photos of nude children on a C.I.A. computer while overseas on a work assignment. The contractor had arranged to have sex with an undercover F.B.I. agent who he thought was a child. The only C.I.A. officer prosecuted for child sex crimes had also mishandled classified information.

Pentagon Undercounts And Ignores Military Sexual Assault In Africa

All of these incidents, whether the alleged victim was a civilian or a member of the military, are supposed to be included in the Pentagon’s Defense Sexual Assault Incident Database and listed in the annual SAPRO reports to Congress. But it’s not clear whether they are. The annual reports do not tell the whole story.

Perverted Prison Justice

There are common ways in which the prisoner is stymied in his attempt to file a complaint.  The filing of every form is time sensitive.  So the warden and others will withhold their responses, backdate them, and then send the responses to you so that you only have a day or two to respond.  You can’t possibly get it done in time, so it’s dismissed as “not responsive in a timely fashion.”  You have no recourse because the federal courts have ruled that a prisoner must exhaust the “administrative complaint process” before going to the courts.  But if the complaint is dismissed by the BOP as “not responsive” because of time, you’re out of luck.  And those people who violate the Prison Rape Elimination Act get off scot free.

America’s Dirty Little Secret: Sex Trafficking Of Young Girls

Opinion — They’re called the Little Barbies. Children, young girls—some as young as 9 years old—are being bought and sold for sex in America. The average age for a young woman being sold for sex is now 13 years old. This is America’s dirty little secret. Sex trafficking—especially when it comes to the buying and selling of young girls—has become big business in America, the fastest growing business in organized crime and the second-most-lucrative commodity traded illegally after drugs and guns.

Google Workers Walk Out Over Sexual Misconduct

Google employees around the world are staging a mass walkout Thursday in protest of sexual misconduct, following a major New York Times report last week that named executives who had been accused of sexual misconduct. The walkout, “Walkout For Real Change,” involves thousands of workers taking part in the protest which began at 11 am. See the hashtag #GoogleWalkout. Below are some tweets describing the walk out.

Of Sex Abusers and Sex Offenders

By David Rosen for Counterpunch. Within the limits of a highly-structure class system, gender relations are fundamentally changing. Most attention is focused on female actors and political figures. Unfortunately, the same abuse is being perpetrated against female assembly-line workers, retail clerks and nannies. Hopefully, the celebrities will empower working women to point an accusing finger and say “No!” to sexual abuse. The once mythic male as the family bread-winner that defined the post-WW-II society of the “American Dream” is giving way to the two-income household, but with women still most often pulling most of the domestic chores (e.g., running the household, raising the family, socializing). The male sex-abuse scandals are a symptom of the transformation of gender power relations. It’s time to change the way the legal system deals with sex offenders.

‘Comfort Women’ Survivors And Advocates Distraught By ‘Healing Foundation’

By Staff of Zoom in Korea - On July 28, a dozen South Korean university students disrupted the launching of the Reconciliation and Healing Foundation – established by the South Korean government to dole out a lump-sum donation by the Japanese government to victims of sexual slavery during WWII. The students staged a protest delaying the foundation’s launch press conference for 30 minutes, after which they were forcibly removed by the police. Outside the launching ceremony, civil society organizations including the Korean Council for Women Drafted for Military Sexual Slavery by Japan (Jeongdaehyeop) rallied to protest the foundation’s launch.

Texas Cops Sexually Assault 21-Year-Old Charnesia Corley

By Mark Frauenfelder in Boing Boing - A Houston deputy who pulled over Charnesia Corley, a 21-year-old black woman on her way to the store to pick up medicine for her sick mother, thought he smelled weed in Corley's car. He searched the car and couldn't find any. He called for a female officer to come to the gas station where Corley was being held so she could have her vagina searched. They arrested Corley because she objected to having her vagina examined in a gas station parking lot. From KRTK: "She tells me to pull my pants down. I said, 'Ma'am, I don't have any underwear on.' She says, 'Well, that doesn't matter. Pull your pants down,'" Corley said. She admits hesitating. Deputies say she resisted. "I bend over and she proceeds to try to force her hand inside of me. I tell her, 'Ma'am, No. You cannot do this,'" Corley told us candidly.
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