How Big Businesses Got Government Loans Meant For Small Businesses

By Paul Kiel and Jack Gillum, ProPublica. -

The Paycheck Protection Program was launched to rescue the little guy, the millions of small businesses without the deep pockets needed to survive the COVID-19 shock. But among the [...]

Why The Third Quarter US Economic Rebound Will Falter

By Jack Rasmus, Predicting the Global Economic Crisis. -

All Great Recessions with an initial deep economic contraction, are typically followed by brief shallow recoveries, cut short by subsequent double dips or quarters of no growth [...]

Comparing Crises: 1929 With 2008 And The Next

By Jack Rasmus, Kyklos Productions. -

It is often said that the initial months of the 2008-09 crash set the US economy on a trajectory of collapse eerily similar to that of 1929-30. Job losses were occurring at a rate of 1 million a [...]

Newsletter: The Movement Must Respond To Racial Violence

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, -

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers. We had planned to focus on climate change this week given the contradiction between not just the science of climate change but our lived-reality of it getting [...]

Has Dalit Uprising Given Birth To A Movement?

By Mari Marcel Thekaekara, -

By Mari Marcel Thekaekara for New Internationalist Blog. While most of India was busy celebrating its 70th Independence Day, many people were trying to comprehend and make sense of a sudden Dalit [...]

11 Signs U.S. Economy Is Rapidly Deteriorating As Stock Market Soars

By Michael Snyder, -

By Michael Snyder for The Economic Collapse - We have seen this story before, and it never ends well. From mid-March until early May 2008, a vigorous stock market rally convinced many investors [...]

Transforming The Global Economy Before It’s Too Late

By Martin Kirk and Alnoor Ladha, -

By Martin Kirk and Alnoor Ladha for Truthout - Saying "everything is connected" is pretty popular these days. "Systems thinking" is the discipline du jour. Everyone, it seems, is becoming aware [...]

2016 Crash Begins – This Time Isn’t Different

By Tyler Durden, -

By Tyler Durden for Zero Hedge. The reckless herd has been in control for the last few years, but their recklessness is going to get them slaughtered. Corporate profits are plunging. Labor [...]

We Want Our $25 Trillion Back! Audit & Recoup Extracted Wealth

By David DeGraw for ExitMedia. We demand a publicly transparent commission to audit and recoup wealth that has been extracted from the US economy through corrupt practices. Preliminary [...]

WikiLeaks Releases Documents Related To Controversial TISA

By Sam Thielman and Phillip Inman, -

By Sam Thielman and Phillip Inman in The Guardian - WikiLeaks on Wednesday released 17 different documents related to the Trade in Services Agreement (Tisa), a controversial pact currently being [...]