Georgia Police Used Fake News From Militia To Plan For Nazi Rally, Emails Show

By Staff, -

Newnan, GA – Emails obtained by Unicorn Riot through a public records request to the Coweta County Sheriff suggest that law enforcement relied on false ‘alt-right’ posts in their planning for an [...]

Nazis & Opponents Clash In DC Over SF Verdict Acquitting Immigrant

By John Zangas, -

By John Zangas for DCMG - Washington, DC–White supremacist Richard Spencer and about 20 of his followers expressed hatred for immigrants at the White House Sunday afternoon while protesting the [...]

‘White Lives Matter’ Rally Canceled After Resistance In Tennessee

By Christopher Mathias, -

By Christopher Mathias for Huff Post. White supremacists, neo-Nazis and fascists descended on a Middle Tennessee town Saturday for a “White Lives Matter” rally, striking fear into communities [...]

‘Hitler’s American Model: US And Making Of Nazi Race Law’

By Bill Moyers, -

By Bill Moyers for Moyers and Company - Boy, did they ever. In fact, they saw America doing it in a more radical fashion than any of the Nazis themselves ever advocated. I mentioned earlier the [...]

The Language Of White Supremacy

By Van R. Newkirk, -

By Van R. Newkirk II for The Atlantic. Who or what is a white supremacist, exactly? The raging debate has resembled nothing so much as a classical ontological discourse on categorization. Are [...]

Seattle’s Super Secret White Nationalist Convention

By David Lewis, -

By David Lewis for The Stranger. Seattle, WA - Back in January, I e-mailed Dr. Greg Johnson, organizer of Northwest Forum, Seattle’s hottest closed-door white nationalist convention, asking for [...]

After Charlottesville, Papers Condemning Anti-Nazis And Nazis

By Adam Johnson, -

By Adam Johnson for FAIR - Since the Charlottesville attack a month ago, a review of commentary in the six top broadsheet newspapers—the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, USA Today, LA Times, [...]

African-Americans Fighting Fascism And Racism

By Matthew Delmont, -

By Matthew Delmont for The Conversation. There is a historical relationship between Nazism and white supremacy in the United States. Yet the recent resurgence of explicit racism, including the [...]

Why Nazis Are So Afraid Of These Clowns

By Sarah Freeman-Woolpert, -

By Sarah Freeman-Woolpert for Waging Nonviolence - Trolls chanted in the streets the day of a planned neo-Nazi rally in the small ski town of Whitefish, Montana earlier this year. But they were [...]

To Make Fun Of Nazis, Look To Charlie Chaplin

By Kevin Hagopian, -

By Kevin Hagopian for The Conversation. White nationalists and neo-Nazis are having their moment. Former Ku Klux Klan Imperial Wizard David Duke is back, yet again, in the media spotlight, while [...]

Nazis, IS, Antifa, The YPG, Democratic Landlords, & The Spanish Civil War

By David Rovics, -

By David Rovics in Songwriter's Notebook. The Spanish Civil War has been discussed in the media more in the past few weeks than I can remember in my lifetime. The media has said more nice things [...]

Virginia Defenders’ Report On Charlottesville And Richmond

By Phil Wilayto, -

By Phil Wilayto of The Virginia Defender. RICHMOND, VA, Aug. 14 -- News of the brutal murder of 32-year-old Heather Heyer by a white supremacist in Charlottesville, Va., along with injuries to [...]

Newsletter: The Movement Must Respond To Racial Violence

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, -

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers. We had planned to focus on climate change this week given the contradiction between not just the science of climate change but our lived-reality of it getting [...]

The Return Of Famine As A Weapon Of War

By Alex de Waal, -

By Alex de Waal for Transcend Media Service - 15 Jun 2017 – In its primary use, the verb ‘to starve’ is transitive: it’s something people do to one another, like torture or murder. Mass [...]

The Power Of Ordinary People Facing Totalitarianism

By Kathleen B. Jones, -

By Kathleen B. Jones for The Conversation. In my view, “Origins” offers both a warning and an implicit call to resistance. In today’s context, Arendt would invite her readers to question what is [...]

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