Senate Will Vote On Repeal Of FCC Net Neutrality Decision

By Staff, -

Internet users are pledging to vote out lawmakers in 2018 if they do not support Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution to restore FCC rules. Net neutrality advocates have hit an important [...]

Beyond Prisons: Crisis At McCormick Correctional Institution

By Brian Sonenstein, -

By Brian Sonenstein for Shadow Proof - Journalist Jared Ware interviewed people incarcerated at McCormick Correctional Institution in South Carolina regarding the ongoing crisis there for a [...]

To Sanders: We Can’t Begin From Position Of Compromise

By Margaret Flowers, -

By Margaret Flowers for Health Over Profit for Everyone - At the start of the August congressional recess, Senator Bernie Sanders announced that he will introduce a senate bill this September “to [...]

NYT Claims US Opposed Honduran Coup It Actually Supported

By Janine Jackson, -

By Janine Jackson for FAIR. The August 14 New York Times reported that the threat by Donald Trump to use the US military against the government of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has brought [...]

Urge Senators: End Sanctions, Negotiate Peace With North Korea

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, -

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese. On July 12, 2017, Senators Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) and Pat Toomey (R-PA) introduced legislation, called the BRINK Act, to increase sanctions against North [...]

We Need A Senate Version Of Improved Medicare For All

By Margaret Flowers, -

By Margaret Flowers. It's time to fight for a solution to the ongoing healthcare crisis in the United States. We are spending twice as much per person each year on health care than most other [...]

Tell The FCC To Protect Net Neutrality

By Staff, -

By Popular Resistance. On May 18, Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission Ajit Pai formally introduced a proposal to end net neutrality. He plans to rush the process through this summer [...]

Take Action To Protect Our Internet!

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By Popular Resistance. Tell Ajit Pai to protect net neutrality. In 2014 the people fought the Giant Telecoms to win reclassification of the Internet as a common carrier under the Obama [...]

Reject World Bank’s Enabling Business Of Agriculture Index

By Staff, -

By Staff of Oakland Institute - The Enabling the Business of Agriculture index is used to promote pro-corporate agricultural reforms around the world. In the seed sector, it rewards countries [...]

The Man Who Will Dismantle Net Neutrality ‘With A Smile’

By Marguerite Reardon, -

By Marguerite Reardon for CNET. Pai often goes out of his way to be nice. He's the kind of person who remembers co-workers' birthdays or your kids' first names. It doesn't matter if you're a [...]

We Stopped The TPP, Time To Stop TTIP & TiSA!

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By Popular Resistance. On January 23, 2017, President Trump kept his campaign promise to withdraw the United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). This action was taken because of [...]

New Tool To Build The Demand For A People’s Agenda

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By Popular Resistance. Between now and the inauguration on January 20, use this simple tool to write a letter to the editor about the importance of people taking action to change the political [...]

Open Letter: We Refuse To Be Enemies

By Omar Scott Antar, -

By Omar Scott Antar. We Refuse To Be Enemies is a coalition of Jews, Muslims, and Christians in Connecticut, committed to peace and justice, and particularly focused on the Middle East. The [...]

Stop The Bayer-Monsanto Merger

By Friends of the Earth, -

By Friends of the Earth. Our environment and food system are in trouble. Bayer the Bee-Slayer and Monsanto the Butterfly-Killer made a deal to merge into one huge corporation. And there are two [...]

Women’s Boat To Gaza Intercepted: Participants Siezed

By Veterans for Peace, -

By Veterans For Peace. At 9:58 (EST) organizers lost total contact with the Zaytouna-Oliva. The US embassy confirmed that the boat was intercepted. We do not know where our friends are. It is [...]