TiSA And The Threat To Public Banks

By Thomas Marois, www.tni.org -

By Thomas Marois for TNI - The Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) is an attack on the future publicness of public banking around the world. This briefing is about how the Trade in Services [...]

Newsletter: Privatization vs. The People

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers for Popular Resistance. The essence of privatization today is to turn a public good into a profit center for Wall Street. US economic policy has created a [...]

Newsletter: Protest Is Working & Growing

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers for Popular Resistance. People are recognizing that they have power to protest in a lot of areas. Some see the potential for protest at work, such as the [...]

TPP Is Not Dead: It’s Now Called Trade In Services Agreement

By Peter Dolack, www.systemicdisorder.wordpress.com -

By Peter Dolack of Systemic Disorder - Think the ideas behind the Trans-Pacific Partnership or the so-called “free trade” regime are buried? Sadly, no. Definitely, no. Some of the countries [...]

TISA Documents Leaked, Negotiators Still Have Problems

By Staff, www.bilaterals.org -

By Staff of Bilaterals - A swathe of new documents from the last round of Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) negotiations in November 2016 involving 23 parties (representing 50 countries) was [...]

We Stopped The TPP, Time To Stop TTIP & TiSA!

By Staff, www.popularresistance.org -

By Popular Resistance. On January 23, 2017, President Trump kept his campaign promise to withdraw the United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). This action was taken because of [...]

One Big Corporate Trade Deal That Still Must Be Stopped

By Deborah James, www.cepr.net -

By Deborah James for CEPR. Fair Traders who are celebrating the defeat of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) may see their hard work undone if the talks towards the proposed Trade in Services [...]

Newsletter: Time For Boldness, Clarity & Assertiveness

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers for Popular Resistance. In this moment, the movement for economic, racial and environmental justice needs be bold, clear and assertive in putting forth an [...]

Explosive Leak: Corporate Demands From The EU For TiSA

By Deborah James, www.huffingtonpost.com -

By Deborah James for Huffington Post. Today, for the first time, WikiLeaks released demands by the EU to lock in a wide list of services sectors to TISA’s privatization and deregulation [...]

Time To Rethink Approach To Trade Agreements

By Staff, www.politico.com/tipsheets/morning-trade -

By Staff for Politico Morning Trade. Trade agreements have become politically toxic. President Obama has three trade deals he has been pursuing, the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), the [...]

Wikileaks Releases Core Text Of TiSA

By Staff, www.flushthetpp.org -

By Staff of Flush The TPP - Today, Thursday, 15 September 2016, 11:00am CEST, on the eve of new negotiations, WikiLeaks releases new secret documents from the controversial Trade in Services [...]

Meet TISA, ‘Secret Privatisation Pact Posing Threat To Democracy’

By Ian Johnston, www.independent.co.uk -

By Ian Johnston for The Guardian - Government insists 'public services are under no threat whatsoever from this deal' An international trade deal being negotiated in secret is a “turbo-charged [...]

TiSA May Be Even Greater Threat Than TTIP

By Staff, www.globaljustice.org.uk -

By Staff of Global Justice Now - A global trade deal currently being negotiated in secret and involving 50 different countries could prove to be a serious threat to public services according to a [...]

Newsletter: #NoHoneymoon, A Presidency Of Protest

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers for Popular Resistance. The task of the movement for economic, racial and environmental justice is much bigger than the presidential election. Our job is to [...]

Prepare For TPP’s Big Brother: The Trade In Services Agreement

By Paola Casale, www.economyincrisis.org -

By Paola Casale for Economy In Crisis - Not much is known about the Trade in Services Agreement, otherwise known as TISA. However the little that has been made public, or the little that has been [...]

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